Wednesday, 8 February 2017

No 11925, Wednesday 08 Feb 2017, Skulldugger

9   They're potential rebels but abide by the rules (3,3,5,4) TOE THE PARTY LINE*
10 Core of Neptune protected by a round structure (7) ROTUNDA {nepTune} in {A+ROUND}* Semi &lit
12 Regulars save good rum (7) SURREAL REgULARS* Definition? See comments
13 Alt-right's perverse challenge to blackness (9) STARLIGHT*
14 Slaughter denier leaving edge of Ravensbruck discovers chemical compound (5) DIENE DENIEr*
15 Occupy Human Being! (7) POSSESS [CD]
18 Self-styled phenom in Allahabad circles (7) NOMINAL [T]
21 Way to halve loin cutlet (5) INLET {loIN}{cutLET}
23 Political culture that puts troth away? (4-5) POST-TRUTH*
25 Provide the means for trimming kempt bowery (7) EMPOWER {kEMPt}{bOWERy}
26 Great catch missus left? Not quite (2,5) MR RIGHT {MRs}{RIGHT}
29 An attractive elf's hideous lie (11,4) ALTERNATIVE FACT*

1   Feature in bustards (4) STAR [T]
2   Fitting encounter (4) MEET [DD]
3   Fabric from nice fashion centre tailored using revolutionary measure (8) CHENILLE {NICE+fasHion}*{ELL<=}
4   Cop bolted, gangster vaulted (6) SPRANG {SP}{RAN}{G}
5   Shocking to finally gain weight (5,3) GROSS TON {GROSS} {TO}{gaiN}
6   Cross at being ignored during birthday bash (6) HYBRID BIRtHDaY*
7   No.1 to score (8) NINETEEN [CD]
8   Politician adopts measures recklessly (4-4) PELL-MELL {MP+ELL+ELL}*
11 If this exceeds your income, your upkeep will be your downfall (5) OUTGO [CD]
15 Old, quiet doctor overwhelmed by adversary (8) PRIMEVAL {P}{RI{ME}VAL} ME for Doctor? See comments
16 Spooner's money metropolis a professional victim's indulgence (4-4) SELF-PITY (pelf-city?)
17 Lofty tree exhibits erect, even bearing (8) SUPERNAL {UP}{bEaRiNg} in {SAL}
19 Real-time deployment for military equipment (8) MATERIEL*
20 An urge that is essential for aspiration (5) AITCH {A}{ITCH}
22 Hot women housed in Sharp block (6) THWART {T{H}{W}ART}
24 Conference culmination (6) SUMMIT [DD]
27 Push for a date after work (4) GOAD {GO}{A}{D}
28 Tool they regularly carry (4) TOTE {ToOl}{ThEy}



  1. Replies
    1. Which does double duty as anag ind.

    2. Don't like these double duty clues.

  2. 15 Old, quiet doctor overwhelmed by adversary (8) PRIMEVAL {P}{RI{ME}VAL} ME for Doctor?
    ME: Medical Examiner

  3. 8 Politician adopts measures recklessly (4-4) PELL-MELL {MP+ELL+ELL}*
    Probably: P(ELL)M(ELL) measures: measure + measure

    1. I don't think so in that case it will become {ELL}+{ELL} in {PM} or{P{ELL-ELL}M}.

      Recklessly seems to be on double duty again like Rum

    2. How about:
      8 Politician adopts ell & ell recklessly (4-4) ?

    3. Assuming no indirect anagrams are used

  4. 26 Great catch missus left? Not quite (2,5) MR RIGHT {MRs}{RIGHT}

    Is a contrary clue: Missus (Mr.) Left (RIGHT)?

    1. I am not sure if "Not quite" conveys the idea that we have to look for an opposite. Would 'On the contrary" or "Just opposite" would have been more apt?

    2. Agree, but can't think of any other explanation

  5. Materiel was new to me- starting doubting my spelling! (I am prone to spelling mistakes, particularly 'a' & 'e') So was chenille, reminding about 'Bleeding Madras'!

  6. I was amused by the topicality of 9a

  7. Loved the creative definition for Nineteen. I guess setters are sometimes stuck with such words resulting from uncompromising grid fills and are forced to get creative, resulting in such innovations.

    1. I'm also tempted to think of it as a double definition - With No. as one definition and '1 to nineteen' as the other definition. Read together, it doesn't quite lead to 'Nineteen' for me.

    2. I took it as 1+19=twenty(score)

  8. You are right. It could easily be taken as DD or be interpreted as one (needed to get) score. Whichever way, very creative and enjoyable once you get it.

  9. Could get to solving the puzzle late in the evening; found it extremely enjoyable. Loved the long ones and all the clues without exception. Thanks SD & Col.