Monday, 27 February 2017

No 11941, Monday, 27 Feb 2017, Arden

Arden continues .. a hattrick today
17d remains a bit of a mystery...thanks to Bhavan for the explanation--see below
Some rather interesting points - use of  invasion as inclusion indicator in 29a is rather clever..
1d..well we thought we had seen every variation of Sudoku.. but heres a new one !
Enjoyed the use of "felt" in 7d
And well 2d is unconventionally rather pleasant..isnt it?

9. Do release force, it's affected (7) UNCTION {(-F)UNCTION}
10. Say "Rent-a-car" and Charlie goes around (7) NARRATE (RENT A CAR - C)*
11. Blocknot even once clued correctly (7) OCCLUDE (OnCe)(CLUED)*
12. City bum talked regularly (7) SEATTLE (SEAT)(TaLkEd)
13. Ran about acquiring large working capital (4,5) ULAN BATOR (RAN ABOUT L)*

15. Gum from diesel emission (5) ELEMI (T)
16. Parched by morning — drank last of the juice, rejected wine (7) MADEIRA {ARI(juicE)D)(AM)<==
19. Two styles — lacking the French humility (7) MODESTY (MODE)(STYle)
20. Rag chase? (5) TEASE (TEA = CHA)(SE)
21. Regulation to exchange Dinar in the past (9) ORDINANCE (DINAR)* in ONCE
25. Cringle as group of ministers encountered internal resistance (7) GROMMET R(RESISTANCE) in (GOM)(MET)
26. He had a drink with 60 soldiers once (7) MANIPLE NIP in MALE
28. Our intervention in turn disembarked woman traveler (7) TOURIST (OUR) in T(-W)IST
29. Striking second time there is foreign invasion (7) SALIENT ALIEN (foreign) in (Second)(Time)

1. Puzzle to solve during London to New York flight (6) SUDOKU (DO)solve in (UK) (US)<==
2. Undercurrents vital even though it's thorny (6) ACACIA (AC)(AC)(vItAl)
3. Place to sleep with you, I heard (4) LIEU (LIE)(U)
4. Thought of camping... (6) INTENT DD/CD
5.'s too close, most of the capital's under fear (8) ANGSTROM (ANGST)(ROM(-E))
6. Equip old fellow for the final conflict (10) ARMAGEDDON (ARM)(AGED)(DON)
7. Felt presence of hair on the bed (8) MATTRESS (MAT)(TRESS)
8. Hidden virtue still surfacedsuch audacity (8) TEMERITY (MERIT) in (YET)<==
14. Bishop takes the bus daily, she helps in the union (10) BRIDESMAID (B)(RIDES)(MAID)

16. Interest in a university entrance exam will help (8) MITIGATE I(interest) in (MIT)(GATE)
17. Too sick to climb, use no intermediary for talk (8) DIALOGUE (LAID UP)(GO UP)(UsE) See Comments
18. A poor nation, no choice for a renegade (8) APOSTATE (A)(POor)(STATE)
22. Check petition for some fine material (6) DAMASK (DAM)(ASK)
23. New copies left in the city (6) NAPLES (N) L in APES

24. They are held, one finally escapes (6) EVENTS (onE)(VENTS)
27. Nothing exceptional on top of the flower (4) NILE (NIL)(Exceptional)


Legend : Definition, Solution, Letters in wordplay, Indicators (of all sorts)


  1. 17. Too sick to climb, use no intermediary for talk (8) DIALOGUE (GO)(LAID)<==?? (UsE) Not sure here ??

    Too sick = laid up
    to climb = go up

  2. Not sure of 26a..with does not seem to be an inclusion indicator

    'had' is the containment indicator MALE had NIP

  3. Arden at his beguiling best. GROMMET and MANIPLE took the best part of my solving time being words rarely seen in crosswords. Had done the Online version which shows up earlier for me and I was waiting for 830am IST.

    Missed active participation yesterday as I couldn't wait up till late midnight here. Did it today at 11 am and enjoyed it totally. Thanks , Bruno Balaji.

    The Hindu cryptic genre is something unique and not the usual straight thinking ones of the UK and elsewhere. Even a noodle or spaghetti can be unravelled but not the Hindu crosswords. As though they all set in a pattern so very arcane,especially the addition, deletion kinds . The UK ones seem to be more on DCs and CCs and anagrams. Currently completing a book of Daily Telegraph crossies- am on the 21th one our of 250 of the 80s era.

    Can the Hindu compilers not produce a Book of crosswords from their archives for posterity and wider reach across the oceans?.

    1. Yes.. and i was telling a friend about IXL.. and how it is largely Indian diaspora.. but with some should include all crossword enthusiasts .. shouldnt it?

  4. Yes, I like Arden's cluing style. And I want more

  5. 26. He had a drink with 60 soldiers once (7) MANIPLE NIP in MALE

    Am not getting .... 60 soldiers once.... part please!

  6. MANIPLE may indeed be a rare word as Raju says but may I tell him the word was clued in THC 11783 and 11251.

  7. Superb puzzle!Could get to solving in the evening. Was bowled over by the superb clues!
    The blog too was very impressive.
    Thanks Arden and Srividya.

  8. 14D where does maid come from? The B and the rides I get it..

    1. For example...Our daily comes daily but not on Sundays! It is a day of rest for her!! :)

    2. wow! ok - tks mukundala!