Monday, 13 February 2017

No 11929, Monday 13 Feb 2017, Incognito

Incognito goes rather exotic today and casts his net wide with references from across the globe...:) with Military, secret police, generals, wardens and guards .. :)
Lots of GK .. Across : 12, 14, 21, 23, 27  Down : 6, 13, 15, 17, 20, 22
With the exotic letters was wondering if a Pangram was intended.. but i cannot find all the letters

7. Ring friend for a precious stone (4) OPAL (O)(PAL)
8. Rebelling National Guard releases cranky gran and gets lots of praise (9)  ADULATION  (NATIONAL GUARD)*
10. Ute boy is confused? Certainly! (3,3) YOU BET (UTE BOY) *
11. Stun, intoxicated beadle holding last letter, a couple of times (8) BEDAZZLE ZZ in (BEADLE)*
12. The French king's weird source for the Niagara falls (4,4) LAKE ERIE (LA)(K)(EERIE)

14. Monitor lizard found by Ann in Indian state (6) GOANNA ANN in GOA

16. 'Cos, alien model appears in convoluted clue (7) LETTUCE (ET)(T) in (CLUE)*
18. Modified rapiers for an ambitious person (7) ASPIRER (RAPIERS)*
21. I, a famous Soviet security chief, get Portugal and Spain (6) IBERIA (I)(BERIA)
23. Russian leader's military upgrade cut short for consuming slaughtered hen after some zakuska (8) BREZHNEV (HEN)*(Zakuska) in (BREVE) Not sure about the military upgrade ?

25. Who bawls irritatedly for lavabo? (8) WASHBOWL (WHO BAWLS)*
27. On edge, Mao's worried about benign tumour (6) LIPOMA (LIP)(MAO)*
29. Criminal female joins European secret police’s elite section, initially, and comes clean (9) CONFESSES (CON)(F)(E)(SS)(ES)
30. Lug novice to nobleman (4) EARL (EAR)(L) Incognito pulls up Scottish slang on this

1. Contemporary pout is awkward on romantic encounter (2-2-4) UP-TO-DATE (POUT)*(DATE)
2. Robert takes possession of left sphere (4) BLOB L in BOB
3. Orient queen for festival (6) EASTER (EAST)(ER)
4. Spoke in low and inarticulate voice,"Mother lost blood" (7) MUMBLED (MUM)(BLED)
5. Quantities of compounds containing silver with a bit of europium (8) YARDAGES (AG)(Europium) in YARDS
6. Explorer encountered during India-Zanzibar voyage (4) DIAZ (T)

9. For starters, new yellow lingerie's on tough elastic material (5) NYLON (New)(Yellow)(Lingerie)(ON)
13. Yeomen Warders have no complaints for consumer (5) EATER (BEEF EATER - BEEF)

15. His ma converted some followers of Christianity (5) AMISH (HIS MA)*

17. No agency can make a toxic compound (8) CYANOGEN (NO AGENCY)*
19. Ere mover moves in for good (8) EVERMORE (ERE MOVER)*
20. Dishevelled ibis lit in capital city (7) TBILISI (IBIS LIT)*

22. Famous voice actor's established network between Bunny and Coyote, to start with (5) BLANC (Bunny)(LAN)(Coyote)

24. Sign up for silent revolution (6) ENLIST (SILENT)*
26. Sharpen gardening tool without strain at last (4) HONE N in HOE
28. Hammer part, possibly manufactured by end of June in prison (4) PEEN (junE) in PEN


  1. Incognito has posed a question today!

    1. Haha yes .. but a bit early..

    2. Advance reservation is important. Fishing tomorrow morning may be too late

    3. if he waits till the last minute he may have no date. Experience teaches him to start early

    4. I wonder if I will get any bites? ;)

  2. 23a i took it as military upgrade -> brevet -> cut short -> brev

  3. NYLON occurs frequently in crosswords. Only, London, NY, etc. often figure as components. Incog has given a fresh treatment to the word and I appreciate it.

  4. Which is better- the 'all encompassing' CW or the wonderful picturesque informative blogging? I am unable to decide- it is a toss up! Thank you Incognito & Srividya. You can't ask for a better combination.

  5. Replies
    1. Our old 'sutti' was sometimes called a ball-peen hammer

    2. I thought Peen had been used earlier. But a search of the posts on my blog says it has not been used earler

    3. Yes,ball- peen is familiar, but 'peen' by itself?

    4. Peen is a Hammer part isn't it, so nothing wrong there

    5. Search showed "Peen" is defined in a list of words posted by Col. on 24th may 2012.

  6. If it is new for CV.......what about lesser mortals?

  7. Paddy: You have hammered the nail on the head ! PEEN has never been seen before in crosswords.

    Who's GOANNA look for CYANOGEN in Tamilnadu this Week?ASPIRER ?or will it be a NYLON kairu for someone? LETTUCE wait and see.
    YOU BET, we'all will be DAZZLED !

    Thanks , Kishore for a meaningful cluing.

  8. Incognito's question is appropriately timed..with the message posted in fb it was not dofficult to fathom the hidden message..a wonderful cocktail of Russian,military, references
    Thanks Incognito & Srividya for an informative blog

  9. Just wondering whether there will be an ANSWER in tomorrow's crossword.

    1. I posed the q. A will have to come from the party of the other part.

    2. Nazar uThaayi to poochoonga Isha ka anjaam,
      Nazar jhukaayi to khaali salaam kar loonga

    3. Wah!Bahut khoob!
      Ishq ki dastaan hain pyare
      Apni apni zuban hain pyare

  10. Thanks all, for solving and participating in the discussion.