Friday, 3 February 2017

No 11921, Friday 03 Feb 2017, Anon

1   Grant immunity to former secretary from beginning to end (6) EXEMPT {EX}{(-t)EMP(+t)T}
4   Understands market index almost with final lessons (6) SENSES {SENSEx}{l...nS}
9   Chooses to stop at sea (4) OPTS*
10 Feint roars disquieted wet woodland (10) RAINFOREST*
11 Plant extract in Decatur nipa (6) TURNIP [T]
12 A model caring for auditor (8) ATTENDER {A}{T}{TENDER} What's the definition? See comments
13 Bill to embark on escapade (9) ADVENTURE {AD}{VENTURE}
15 Initially step in to thump animal (5) BEAST {BEA{Step}T}
16 Walks from back to front of room (5) SPACE (+s)SPACE(-s)
18 Let a broth cook at engagement (9) BETROTHAL*
22 Be put into exhibition of Eden (8) PARADISE {PARAD{IS}E}
23 Penalize press protecting Northern Ireland (6) PUNISH {PU{NI}SH}
25 Sets up academies (10) INSTITUTES [DD]
26 Fish returns from practice (4) CARP [T<=]
27 Creeps relax in ship (6) SIDLES {S{IDLE}S}
28 Fishes in southern corners (6) SNOOKS {S}{NOOKS}

1   Analyse currency once before (7) EXPOUND {EX}{POUND}
2   Missing island, monster returns to German city (5) ESSEN NESSiE <=
3   Correspondence with a favourite guard (7) PARAPET {PARA}{PET} (Addendum - {PAR}{A}{PET} - See comments)
5   Corrupt heartless gremlin at carnival (6) EFFETE {ElF}{FETE}
6   Uncompromising patron to ring specialist (9) STRINGENT {ST}{RING}{ENT}
7   Siblings have subtle RSS ties (7) SISTERS*
8   Ratings seemed to cause arguments (13) DISAGREEMENTS*
14 Spellbound, two Englishmen shout at editor (9) ENCHANTED {ENg...n}{CHANT}{ED}
17 Laments one getting into factories (7) PLAINTS {PLA{1}NTS}
19 Lures to moor for crime, ... (5,2) ROPES IN {ROPE}{S IN}
20 ...draws into sailors’ circles (7) ABSORBS {ABS}{ORBS}
21 Shred last document in office (6) TITTLE {d...nT} in {TITLE}
24 Cognac holder has chip (5) NACHO [T]


  1. 12AC :AUDITOR is the def.
    I too didn't know he is attender too till I verified Chambers!

  2. 3DN: Anno should read: PAR A PET
    PAR is correspondence

  3. To attend means to hear. From the root we prob have words like attendance, attentive, etc.
    Auditor is one who hears. Cf. auditorium, auditory, audible.

  4. 6DN: Had a doubt:
    ENT = I always thought it as SPECIALTY rather than specialist

    1. That is true. ENT is a med dept, not a doc from that speciality.

    2. We do say ENT specialist, Eye Specialist etc

  5. The online version in TH is yet to show up.

  6. Tomorrow the regular blog will be posted at 7 AM and there will be special at 8 AM for the 8th anniversary of the blog

  7. Replies
    1. I wish I could have made one like that 😁

    2. Advance greetings on the occasion of Octennial celebrations!

  8. An ENT specialist is called Otorhinolaryngologist.