Saturday, 11 February 2017

No 11928, Saturday 11 Feb 2017, Afterdark


1 Avoids acts having routine opening (6) SKIRTS {SKI{Routine}TS}
4 Question husband's exit with hesitation, sobbing primarily with tears (6) WATERS {WhAT}{ER}{Sobbing}
8 Punished at station, following very instigative leaders ending bad (7) VISITED {Very}{Instigative} {SITE}{baD} Thanks Col.
9 Union to announce movement of new leader to the east at outfit (7) UNIFORM {U}{(+N)I(-n)FORM}
11 Lacs returned during lunch to poorest regularly and lifts (10) ESCALATORS {E{SCAL<=}AT}{pOoReSt}
12 Outdrink 50% in sporting arena (4) RINK {outdRINK}
13 Spot and trace out tenant, collect lease at last (5)  SCENE {SCEN(-t+E)}
14 Shuddered at revised order to accept husband (8) SHIVERED {S{H}IVERED*}
16 Plans for position at school (8) PROPOSES {PRO}{POSE}{S}
18 Captain of game pushed to the end of waterfronts (5) PORTS {(-s)PORT(+S)}
20 Later, get kiss inside (4) NEXT {NE{X}T}
21 Impatient boys, heartless, cruel (10)  BREATHLESS {B}{REATHLESS*}
23 Hi, why a lunatic is seen around Grand Road? (7) HIGHWAY {HI{G}HWAY*}
24 Better live healthy by having nutritious egg for starters (7) BENEFIT {BE}{Nutritious}{Egg}{FIT}
25 Worry for school bunch (6) STRESS {S}{TRESS}
26 Moms if not married will get rest (6) OTHERS {mOTHERS}


1 Drops out of queue reportedly and faces endless cases (5) SUITS {lesS}{qUITS}
2 An item at building is fake (7) IMITATE {I}{ITEM AT*} An=One=I
3 Youngsters are great, seen protesting (9) TEENAGERS {GREAT+SEEN}*
5 Relatives go on tours, out of job to begin with (5) AUNTS {jAUNTS}
6 Pressure to mend fence to safeguard gold (7) ENFORCE {FENCE*} around {OR}
7 Visitors are killers lacking love (9) STRANGERS {STRANGlERS} Love=L?
10 Had policemen get on ship to feud every second (9) POSSESSED {POSSE}{SS}{fEuD} 
13 Operations to escalate, rise dramatically (9) SURGERIES {SURGE}{RISE*}
15 Keen to meet mischievous child at one hospital ward (9) IMPATIENT {IMP}{AT}{I}{ENT}
17 Bottle, bowl and ewer is empty (7) PITCHER {PITCH}{EweR}
19 On stay against England, get help (7) RELIEVE {RE}{LIE}{V}{E}
21 Implies man will become boy having plants (5) BEANS {(+B-m)EANS}
22 Avoids sloppy kiss without passion chiefly (5) SKIPS {KISS*} around {Passion}


  1. I was also surprised by L for 'love'. Can't think of any context where we use this abbr. Is it in any recent list/dict?
    In any case, we can probably allow the use of a single word for a single letter if that single word standing for a single letter in that single context appears to be apt and passable singly. What do you think?

    1. It is used in texting: ILU ( I love you) or LOL (lots of love)

    2. I thought LOL was 'Laugh out loud'

    3. Remember in Saudagar --- Ilu Ilu IlO between the lovers?

      I have seen L for love in a similar clue of stranglers having no love for strangers !

      LOL is also an SMS abbn for Laughing Out Loud .

      Afterdark never tires of deletions and additions. seems to be his forte is arithmetic? Enjoyed deleting and adding. Thanks.

  2. Replies
    1. Chambers gives the following as synonyms for PUNISH:
      [old] justify, shend, visit, wreak

  3. Don't we expect that an abbr. must stand by itself? Does the fact that L stands for Love in LOL mean it can be used independently? That is not usually accepted by solvers yet setters resort to that. Some UK setters do. I may have done it on occasions.

    1. I feel it must stand by itself.
      Nowadays with SMSese there are abvns for almost everything