Friday, 10 February 2017

No 11927, Friday 10 Feb 2017, Aspartame

6   Fish eggs near reed eaten by animal (3,4) ROE DEER {ROE} {REED}*
7   Animal is macho? Probably (7) CHAMOIS*
9   Children start to yell once gun is fired (5) YOUNG {Yell}{O+GUN}*
10 It's a rule to choreograph dance in shorts heartily (9) ORDINANCE {DANCE+IN+shORts}*
11 Trainer woman and student got trapped (7) HANDLER {H{AND}{L}ER}
13 Pets in ground dancing together (2,4) IN STEP*
15 Just 1-Propenol burning can make vehicles move (3,10) JET PROPULSION*
19 Will deputy dance without restraint? (6) WILDLY {WILL+DY}*
20 Head teacher's key substitution at school meet (7) CONVENE CONVEN(-t+e)E
23 Idiot is getting little temperamental with worker who helps out (9) ASSISTANT {ASS}{IS}{Te...l}{ANT}
24 We have to start hauling a large fish (5) WHALE {W{Have}{A}{L}E}
26 Solid part of a solution (7) SOLVENT [DD]
27 Art hidden to rig a mission (7) ORIGAMI [T]

1   Curtsy reporter's boyfriend (4) BEAU (~bow)
2   Live with northern girl in east India (6) BENGAL {BE}{N}{GAL}
3   Plant weapon to gain privileged control (9) ARROWROOT {ARROW}{ROOT}
4   Accessories king gave away to Pole as salary (8) EARNINGS EAR(-r+n)NINGS
5   Networks do create movement (10) DOWNSTROKE*
6   Note those people sang in a recurring sequence (6) RHYTHM (~re them)
7   Concluding remark a doctor somewhat counters (4) CODA {A}{DOC}<=
8   Spot general going in being drowsy (6) SLEEPY {S{LEE}PY}
12 Pokes Sally often without a reason (10) NEEDLESSLY {NEEDLES}{SaLlY}
14 Explosive weapon on bed not detonated (9) GUNCOTTON {GUN}{COT}{NOT*}
16 Surveyor backs work on students’ rest patterns (8) POLLSTER {OP<=}{LL}{REST*}
17 Heats slowly and releases moisture (6) SWEATS [DD]
18 The old people belong to one Middle-Eastern community (6) YEMENI {YE}{MEN}{1}
21 Learner in web designing takes basic course (6) NEWBIE {c...sE} in {IN+WEB}*
22 Country finally stopped making drink (4) MALT MALTa
25 A method to be apart (4) AWAY {A}{WAY}



  1. Nice enjoyable CW flowing easily with several good clues and surfaces. Liked Jet propulsion & newbie.
    A doubt about 26A- DD? Solvent is a liquid and not a solid.

    1. Solid can also mean that one is financially sound or solvent

    2. Oh! Yes, I forgot that angle. In fact, that is the first meaning given in Free Dic.

  2. 14DN: I took NOT as reverse on the assumption that detonate=blow up.

  3. Some photographs of a mini get-together at Bangalore have been posted in the THCC Families blog. Link given below


  4. Is Aspartame a science student? Plants and animals and all the rest. Dulcet smooth. Thanks .

  5. I have added some snaps from the Golden Jubilee of my class in the THCC Families blog. Those interested may see

    Golden Jubilee Class of 67

    1. Very nice, Deepak. I cannot recall any of the names, except Roy and Ravi Kuruvilla.

  6. Congrats, Col. Quite a big gathering, esp. better halves. All of you must have had a nostalgic meet after God knows how long. I used to feel that internet and email ( and now facebook & what's app) plays a large part for keeping in touch. In earlier times it used to be next to impossible to contact so many people.

    1. Very true Paddy. Quite a few amongst the above were found through Facebook which included one found in Malawi and one in Australia

  7. Lovely puzzle from Aspartame. Liked Jet Propulsion..downstroke..wildly..guncotton..thanks Aspartame