Saturday, 25 February 2017

No 11940, Saturday 25 Feb 2017, Arden


1. Tense, in agony under a coat (6) PATINA {PA{T}IN}{A}
4. Skip the feast (8) PASSOVER {PASS}{OVER}
9. My hand breaks a banker (4,2) DEAR ME {DE{AR M}E}
10. After college, two choices which allow free passage (8) CORRIDOR {C}{OR}{RID}{OR}
12. Understood stock market involvement it could be cosmetic (8) CLEANSER {CLEA{NSE}R}
13. Lives reviewed, solicitor will recuse (3,3) SIT OUT {SI<=}{T OUT}
15. Calls for internal resistance, watches scene from the top (5,3,4) BIRDS EYE VIEW {BI{R}DS} {EYE} {VIEW}
18. Mountaineers correct tallies (12) ENUMERATIONS {MOUNTAINEERS}*
21. Not for keeping empty vase in the back (6) AVERSE {A{VasE}RSE}
22. Chemicals in a liquid state (8) ACETATES {ACE}{STATE*} Ace from A
24. 21 in other words — a port for a womaniser (8) LOTHARIO {LOTH}{A}{RIO}
25. It's novel to see tail wagging (6) LOLITA {LO}{TAIL*}
26. After many years, not only absent but effete (8)  DECADENT {DECADE}{NoT}
27. Hey Presto! — the missing cuckoo bird (6) OSPREY {HEY+PRESTO-THE}*


1. Go up half way with basic transport rickshaws (8) PEDICABS {DEPart<=}{BASIC*}
2. Betrayer damaged a plant (8) TEABERRY {BETRAYER*}
3. Saw man on Indian lass, panting... (2,3,2,2,6) NO MAN IS AN ISLAND {MAN ON INDIAN LASS}*
5. ... over promoting anti-terror law (4) ATOP {POTA<=}
6. Keeps supporting the mass as they provide the gas (7,8) SERVICE STATIONS {SERVICE}{STATIONS}
7. See very big tapes (6) VIDEOS {VIDE}{OS}
8. Try air force, once in a while (6) RARITY {TRY+AIR}*
11. Make out without relying regularly on preaching the Gospel (7) KERYGMA  {MAKE}* around {RelYinG} New word for me
14. Ordering caviare is sin (7)  AVARICE {CAVIARE}*
16. It's dearer because pound is deposited in bank (8) COSTLIER {COS}{T{L}IER}
17. Geological equilibrium is zero, stays in order (8) ISOSTASY{IS}{O}{STAYS*}
19. Given about two lakhs initially all white (6) PALLID {PA{Lakhs}{Lakhs}ID}
20. Doctor inspected endlessly it's infected (6) SEPTIC {InSPECTed}* See comments Endlessly seems to indicate NSPECTE
23. Strange to give up a right (4) LIEN {aLIEN}

Tense=T, College=C, Resistance=R, A=Ace, Port=Rio, Only=O
See=Vide, Very big=OS, Because=Cos, Pound=L, Zero=O

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  1. Replies
    1. 4A is Cryptic & Double Definition
      Skip= pass over
      the feast = passover

  2. Thanks. Fixed 20D. Can't find any dictionary that gives passover as skip. Pass over(4,4) is skip not passover (8)

  3. Replies
    1. 'Saw' also means a saying- proverb like. Here it is NMIAI.

  4. Agree with 11DN.
    Not a fan of Gospel truths, really!

  5. "Saw man on Indian lass, panting... "
    Who was left panting - the man or the lass?

  6. Liked 23D for its simplicity and the surface reading.
    27A- 'Cuckoo' as anind? First time? But fits in nicely.

  7. Forgot to thank you Ramesh for the nice blog.

  8. One of the meanings of cuckoo is foolish or crazy. So it fits in.

  9. Replies
    1. Yes these flowers have banks on either side

  10. Quite an unusual puzzle.. or so it seemed to me while solving

  11. Couldnt get to solve the puzzle..peaked in here..looks like a nice puzzle