Sunday, 19 February 2017

The Sunday Crossword, Sunday 19 Feb 2017

1   Bishop managed church department (6) BRANCH {B}{RAN}{CH}
4   Taste article, soft and dainty (8) APPETITE {A}{P}{PETITE}
9   Share speech, omitting nothing (6) RATION oRATION
10 Prompt start of medication with iodine in present (8) REMINDER {RE{Me...n}{I}NDER}
12 Airman, quiet during praise for achievement (14) ACCOMPLISHMENT {AC}{COMPLI{SH}MENT}
14 Deliberate deception by minor communist (10) CONSIDERED {CON}{SIDE}{RED}
16 Passage without a key? (4) ISLE aISLE
18 Wrong weight in your answer, on reflection (4) AWRY {W} in {YR}{A}<=
19 Catch in complicated test we love (10) SWEETHEART {HEAR} in {TEST+WE}*
21 Banter about disturbance thus followed by anger in film (8,2,4) CHARIOTS OF FIRE {CHA{RIOT}{S O}F F}{IRE}

24 Appeal occurs during tea with mother (8) CHARISMA {CHAR}{IS}{MA}
25 Clubs with permission split (6) CLEAVE {C}{LEAVE}
26 Establish communication finally in alien language without force (8) ENTRENCH {E{c...oN}T}{fRENCH}
27 Notice opening time before Christmas (6) ADVENT {AD}{VENT}

1   Official objection about a cure mixed with radium (10) BUREAUCRAT {BUT} around {A+CURE}*{RA}
2   Cheers up with mark of approval mostly for loft (5) ATTIC {TA<=}{TICk}
3   Peculiar whim once resulting in dish with noodles (4,4) CHOW MEIN*
5   Public statement with force concerning rent (5,7) PRESS RELEASE {PRESS} {RE}{LEASE}
6   Mystery unravelled in game (6) ENIGMA*
7   Popular ideas on changing nation (9) INDONESIA {IN}{IDEAS+ON}*
8   Make name following attention (4) EARN {EAR}{N}
11 Band foolish to welcome fad (9,3) FLEETWOOD MAC*
13 Hamlet? Singular part, enthralling time after time (10) SETTLEMENT {S}{E{TT}LEMENT}
15 Direction from another wayward saint (5-4) NORTH-EAST {ANOTHER}*{ST}
17 Mixed signals, initially, bad mood caused (8) SHUFFLED {Si...s}{HUFF}{LED}
20 Cook book put up (6) BRAISE {B}{RAISE}
22 Silly part of screen animation coming up (5) INANE [T<=]
23 Time to go north around cold area (4) ACRE {C} in {ERA<=}


  1. Avtaar after a long time...he writes outstanding clues in 1A & CCS..looking forward to the puzzle

  2. 21A:Superb vdo & ofcourse the music!

  3. The cartoon next to the puzzle in the print edition matches the answer for 1a