Thursday, 9 February 2017

No 11926, Thursday 09 Feb 2017, Vulcan

1   Work in hit film (8) WHIPLASH {W}{HIP}{LASH}
5   Silence thus broken, it's over (4,2) SHUT UP {THUS}* {UP}
10 Crippling movement in big island (9) DISABLING*
11 It's purplish and little peachy in the centre (5) LILAC {LI'L}{peAChy}
12 Cut a hole right in the slab (6) PIERCE {PIE{R}CE}
13 Thorough investigation initially by department in New Hampshire (2-5) IN-DEPTH {In...n}{N-{DEPT}H}
14 Extend another case that's delayed (8) ESCALATE {CASE}*{LATE}
15 Enjoys terrifically plated seafood (6) OYSTER [T]
18 Landlord's house in the eastern end — large place to stay in (6) HOSTEL {HOST}{housE}{L}
20 Observe token being distributed during tea breaks (4,4) TAKE NOTE {TOKEN}* in {TEA}*
22 Mark is independent and perfect to hold top positions in public relations (7) IMPRINT {I}{M{Pu..c}{Re...s}INT}
25 Hate this machine, there's nothing in it (6) LOATHE {L{O}ATHE}
27 American law enforcers caught one with heroin, a foreigner (5) IRISH {IR{1}S}{H}
28 Proved, our doctors too arrogant (9) OVERPROUD*
29 Agreed, definitely not a clean place to make bread! (6) YEASTY {YEA}{STY} Semi&lit
30 What's observed shortly in the middle of stretches and so on (2,6) ET CETERA {strETChes}

1   Full of new ideas (4) WIDE [T]
2   In seconds, can cats avoid death essentially using these? (9) INSTINCTS {IN}{S}{TIN}{CaTS} &lit
3   Second Indian leader goes missing in this African country, on the 3rd of July, a left-winger (7) LIBERAL {LIBERiA}{juLy}
4   It's something that helps in climbing over the top, climbing shoe (8) STILETTO {STILE}{OTT<=}
6   Festival time, you may not have to work during it (7) HOLIDAY {HOLI}{DAY} &lit
7   Plant in heart of Kentucky, say (5) TULIP {kenTUcky}{LIP}
8   Creature, Ram, near rocky shore (9) PACKHORSE {PACK}{SHORE}*
9   Fruit that's unattractive, say (4) UGLI (~ugly)
14 Cultural affiliation in the exotic town (9) ETHNICITY {IN+THE}*{CITY}
16 To cook some hot sweet (9) TOOTHSOME {TO}{SOME+HOT}*
17 Oldest European realist possibly (8) EARLIEST {E}{REALIST}*
19 Ambassador sharing English Prime Minister's name (7) EPITHET {E}{PIT{HE}T}
21 Model, old and rich (7) EXAMPLE {EX}{AMPLE}
23 Coin, one found in an Italian town (5) PAISA {P{A}ISA}
24 Something that's lifted, lifted with a device (4) TOOL <=
26 Plan is perfect for the most part (4) IDEA IDEAl



  1. 4D- I got 'stile', but the other half?

    1. OTT = Over the top. See the link

    2. Sorry Col. I thought there is only one link. I did not see the secong one.

  2. Work in hit film . WHIPLASH {W}{HIP}{LASH} --- Was WHIPLASH a film? again, a bit of expansion in the parsing will help-

    I got ETHNICITY- exotic town+ City?


    1. See the links and annotations in the main post

    2. I have reproduced the annotations given in the main post. hit= lash , yes; but HIP? Please elucidate.
      again: How does a exotic town become a city?

    3. W=work
      Exotic is anagram indicator for IN THE giving ethni; town=city

    4. In=popular =hip
      Exotic is the anagrind, town=city

  3. Thanks, Kishore and Vasant. My brain is getting addled by so much of crossword solving that I miss the obvious. Very clever cluing by Vulcan. Good night ( midnight here !)