Wednesday, 22 February 2017

No 11937, Wednesday 22 Feb 2017, Neyartha

1   Runway arrival line has been shortened (7,5) LANDING STRIP {LANDING} {STRIPe}
8   Notice in retreat about time to fight over the grill (7) NETWORK {T}{ROW<=} in {KEN<=}
9   Became racist while smuggling an imaging device (6) CAMERA [T]
11 Saturated hillside hazards put slim dudes in trouble (9) MUDSLIDES*
12 Moving pictures of an American songbird with the daughter brought in for the queen (5) VIDEO VI(-r+d)DEO
14 Borat's upset by the bill sent back with the meat dish (5,4) ROAST BEEF {ROAST B}*{FEE<=}
16 Does it bring one closer to the action? (4) ZOOM [CD]
18 Pitch for an attack (4) TILT [DD]
19 Informal survey to win a drinking aid in the beginning (5,4) STRAW POLL {STRAW} {POLL} Poll/Win?
21 Military serviceman edges away to find a familiar track (5) OLDIE sOLDIEr
22 Infected rat bit pie divided into two sections (9) BIPARTITE*
23 Push Oscar forward after the partner's first son misplaced the musical compositions (6) OPUSES Anno pending (Addendum - (+o)O(-s)P(-o)USE(+s)S - See comments)
25 Bleaches lace from the east secured by a careless wish (7) WHITENS {WHI{NET<=}S*}
26 Point, descriptive of the Pole on top? (12) NORTHERNMOST [CD]

2   What one might have done to save time while placing a call (11) AUTODIALLED [CD]
3   Declines to suppress impediment to getting rid of the ball with bits of moisture (8) DROPLETS {LET} in {DROoPS}
4   Send up dangerous snake's skin in an exposed state (9) NAKEDNESS {SEND<=} in {SNAKE}*
5   Belts for the cassock starched partially (5) SOCKS [T]
6   Dismiss aloof model to make way for Victor (6) REMOVE REMO(-t+v)VE
7   Make vibrant sounds for the audience in Latin through... (3) PER (~purr)
8   ...counting by the Greek character with the crumpled Roman tie (10) NUMERATION {NU}{ROMAN+TIE}*
10 Wine service managers, in 2000, met a priest with hesitation to enter an appeal (10) SOMMELIERS {MM}{ELI}{ER} in {SOS}
13 An arrangement of red rosesI do get agents that destroy offensive odours! (11) DEODORISERS*
15 French leader with authority conceals displeasure at the effectiveness of a weapon (9) FIREPOWER {Fr...h}{IRE}{POWER}
17 Bridge player employed by an ad firm's affected by a genetic abnormality (8) DWARFISM {W} in {AD+FIRMS}*
20 Part of a digital imaging device with the inspector on the radio (6) SENSOR (~censor)
22 Dutch painter to finish off the Polish soup without the king (5) BOSCH BOrSCHt
24 Find fault with a shallow metal container (3) PAN [DD]



  1. OPUSES = SPOUSE with O in front and S in the end

  2. 23 Push Oscar forward after the partner's first son misplaced the musical compositions (6) OPUSES

    SPOUSE'S [partner's]- with O pushed forward, and son shifted to the back

  3. "poll" has the sense, I think, of 'head'.
    When you head, or cap, or top, or scalp, or brain someone you probably 'win'
    Does any one find a dict./thes. ref for poll = win?

    1. poll as a verb seems to mean win or receive.


    2. Candidates in election would love this meaning!

    3. would "informal survey" (poll) qualify to be on double duty

  4. . Strangely enough I could do this through Online very early in the morning here.

    The border four long ones are superb a la Neyartha !!

  5. Nice puzzle..a bit different from the typical Neyartha puzzle..
    Thanks Neyartha