Tuesday, 14 February 2017

No 11930, Tuesday 14 Feb 2017, Incognito

Question posed by Incognito, yesterday, has gone unanswered!

7   Thoroughly enjoy cloves after loss of skin (4) LOVE cLOVEs
8   Even Latin is translated for Saint associated with February festivities (9) VALENTINE*
10 Dines? Starves without energy (6) FEASTS {F{E}ASTS}
11 Where VAT is modified for anything (8) WHATEVER*
12 Member/worker has a resting place (8) ARMCHAIR {ARM}{CHA{1}R}
14 54 in Rome have, in the beginning, excellent regimental yellow uniform (6) LIVERY {LIV}{Ex...t}{Re...l}{Ye...w}
16 Ran, holding Washington Post initially, and exchanged (7) SWAPPED {S{WA}{Post}PED}
18 Court Italian capitalist's church (7) ROMANCE {ROMAN}{CE}
21 Robber, I hear, prohibited sex (6) BANDIT (¬ banned){BAND}{IT}
23 Airs crushed oilseeds endlessly after starting to mould (8) MELODIES {Mo..d}{OILSEEDs}*
25 Fibrous food is unpleasant with time (8) ROUGHAGE {ROUGH}{AGE}
27 Fixing time for courting (6) DATING [DD]
29 Strong liking for activity — hugging couple of females with excitement, to begin with (9) AFFECTION {A{FF}{Ex...t}CTION}
30 Character's vehicle's displayed initially (4) CARD {CAR}{Di...d}

1   Half moon reflected in Israeli moonshine (4-4) HOME-BREW {H{MOon<=}EBREW}
2   For starters, Garnet, Emerald, Moonstone, Sapphire, ... (4) GEMS Acrostic
3   Religious book found in Mojave station (6) AVESTA [T]
4   Moos under feminine blooms (7) FLOWERS {F}{LOWERS}
5   Oil giant formulated a printing technique (8) INTAGLIO*
6   At first, President Eisenhower’s fish spear (4) PIKE {Pr...t}{IKE}
9   Extreme eremite possesses a ruler (5) EMEER [T]
13 Trophy with bits of intricate design for Eros (5) CUPID {CUP}{In...e}{De...n}
15 One in vehicle gets dates at first for food (5) VIAND {V{1}AN}{Dates}
17 Transport portal (8) ENTRANCE [DD]
19 Money launderers may ruin you by taking you to them (8) CLEANERS [CD]
20 Forgetfulness of men wandering in the largest continent (7) AMNESIA {A{MEN*}SIA}
22 Smell a Roman endlessly (5) AROMA {A}{ROMAn}
24 Cargo boy has gin cocktail (6) LADING {LAD}{GIN}*
26 Present soldier with a small measure (4) GIFT {GI}{FT}
28 Mark's insect (4) TICK [DD]



  1. maradnusro says elsewhere that he completed this puzzle before 7-30 a.m.

    1. That comment and your response is pasted below as I am deleting it from that post

      maradnusro 7:58 am GMT+ 5:30
      I don't know if OPS will celebrate or Sasikala. I have cause to do as I cracked today's puzzle by 7.30 AM
      Thanks incognito

      Chaturvasi8:10 am GMT+5:30
      Would you want it to be a quickie or a long, extended session that is thrilling during the process and pleasurable in the end?

    2. IT all depends upon the Court(iers) CV !!

      IT may even be CI !!

  2. Yes, like Col. says though love is around question remains unanswered- wait till next round?

    1. Wondering if incognito even knows who the message was for... or it was a shot in the dark 😀 me say the one who spotted the nina first deserves it hehe?

    2. And that was not me 😀

  3. Regarding the Colonel's remark, sufficient to say that I plan to paint the town red today

  4. Replies
    1. Pike is a fish and a spear

    2. Initially I had used only fish as the defintion and even uploaded a photo of a Pike. But having spear alongside made me change the definition to encompass both

    3. Actually meant to be a md, but fish spear can be a definition too

  5. My remark @ 8.39 is w.r.to the CW and not answer to CV's query!

  6. Looks like Kishore's proposal got accepted. Have a great day

  7. Watch Aeroindia 2017 Inauguration live on DD India/DD Bharati and DD Chandana. Starts at 9 AM

  8. Kishore will paint Bangalore red? Or Both the victor and/or the vanquished will shed red in Madras?

    Incognito has left every one free with an easy crossie today ! to watch the Jallikattu !!

  9. Some more theme words are lurking

  10. As promised by CV Sir elsewhere & Kishore's confession above..both of them are going to be naughty today

  11. SWAPPED greetings
    wore GEMS
    sang MELODY
    enjoyed AROMA
    Heard heart TICK
    went to the hotel for FEASTS
    mmm ENTRANCE

    1. Feasts, in the plural, is too much for one day, no?

  12. Here's a way you can join me in painting the town red


  13. just a try.

    Emeer love cupid, valentine
    swapped rough age dating
    to affectionate romance
    melodies, flowers, aroma intaglio his Card

    Armchair bandit pike in Livery
    gets Amnesia Gifting gems
    feasts whatever homebrew, Viand
    Lading cleaners entrance.

    1. Nice one!Cupid striking many on Valentine's day.

  14. A twist to the above post....

    A boy praising his Valentine....

    You’re like my asthma – you take my breath away. Like dandruff – I can’t get you off my head. Like my car – you drive me crazy. Like dentures – I can’t smile without you.

  15. We are having a different kind of V day here in TN.

    1. Yeah, the supreme courtship between Vicks and Oops

    2. ☺😊😀😁

  16. Has Bangalore started getting the red tint or later in the day?

  17. Thanks for participating. Good night all, ... Time to pick up my paintbrush