Tuesday, 7 February 2017

No 11924, Tuesday 07 Feb 2017, Scintillator

1   Ten children crossing river that's deep (6) TRENCH {T{R}EN}{CH} We have shallow trenches also
4   Great shooter, partner of one of the Waugh brothers (8) MARKSMAN {MARK'S MAN}
9   Terrible smells from fat, obstinate dons (6) ODOURS {O{DOUR}S}
10 Start attacking with gun in Hearth (4,4) OPEN FIRE {OPEN} {FIRE}
12 Low rank officers not public servants originally (8) PRIVATES {PRIVATE}{Se...s} Privates are not officers
13 Seamen relax and descend down a rope (6) ABSEIL {ABS}{LIE<=}
15 Raita with okra oddly served from behind in course (4) ROTI Anno pending (Addendum - ROTA - {rAiTa+OkRa}<= - See comments)
16 Cut friendship due to foul bursts during holidays (5,5) BREAK RANKS {RANK} in {BREAKS}
19 Avoid inner deity providing sanctuary to partly common man with love (2,8) GO COMMANDO {GO {COMmon}{MAN}D}{O}
20 Seen in premier locations, at these money's stored (1,1,1,1) ATMS Acrostic Semi &lit We see them at obscure locations as well
23 Admiral No. 111? (6) NELSON [DD]
25 A lunatic at sea connecting with sailors (8) NAUTICAL*
27 Choice building changes hands (8) ELECTION E(-r+l)LECTION
28 Influential people with firm flipping hat (6) OCTOPI {CO<=}{TOPI}
29 Rajarajan, amongst seniors, and graduate students ... (8) SCHOLARS {S{CHOLA}RS}
30 ... frame hostel student killing acting principal (6) BORDER BOaRDER

1   Foul-mouthed man in the army? (7) TROOPER [DD]
2   Superior cities got refurbished (9) EGOTISTIC*
3   Modern times calling for very simple breakfast (6) CEREAL {CE}{REAL}
5   Fault, pass, featuring regularly in European mountains (4) ALPS {fAuLt+PaSs}
6   High flier riding bike that's not rugged (8) KINGBIRD {RIDING+BiKe}*
7   Key eastern state in the US (5) MAINE {MAIN}{E}
8   Sharp pointers largely unnecessary (7) NEEDLES NEEDLESs
11 Don't go ahead with retirement (7) RETREAT [E]
14 Possibly automatic circulation of acid in the heart (7) CARDIAC {CAR}{ACID}*
17 Denounce sensitive area? — That takes some spine! (9) N?T?C?O?D  (Addendum - NOTOCHORD {NO TO}{CHORD} - See comments)
18 Evil spirit terminally enters, having conquered termination (8) IMMORTAL Anno pending (Addendum - {IMMOR{s...iT}AL} - See comments)
19 Arsenal players expert in lame, minor games towards the end (7) GUNNERS {GUN}{iN}{lamE}{m..oR}{g..eS}
21 Recruit one recruited by binding agent (7) SOLDIER {SOLD{1}ER}
22 Regressive wounds not under care of plaster (6) STUCCO {CUTS<=}{CO} What is the role of 'not under'?
24 Bloody parasite seeking shelter and central heating (5) LEECH {LEE}{CH}
26 Rise rapidly from wounded state (4) SOAR (~sore)



  1. 18 Evil spirit terminally enters, having conquered termination (8) IMMOR(spiriT}AL

  2. 15a rAiTa OkRa -> ATOR -> ROTA, Golf course rota

  3. Attention !!! Scintillator titillates us today fully armed with soldier, Trooper , arsenal, marksman, trench,privates,open fire -Border, break ranks Go Commando ----- Almost broke my spine by Notochord and Octopi . still surviving after the onslaught on the cranium.

    1. I got it last with the help of adjoining clues. I had also recalled a similar clue from one of my book collections. I usually note down separately unusual words and phrases. Thus it it struck a chord !

      To DENOUNCE is to proclaim publicly but to say NO TO is a mere refusal or denial. But then, this is a cryptic crossword and there is nothing like : This is not cricket: here. I also have a list of portmanteau words. Late night solving helps !

  4. News in headlines

    Wonder act
    by Raju in NYC
    Late night find
    NYC- Mr Raju Uma-

  5. Is there any occasion/celebration now to remember the Armed Forces?

    1. A theme need not necessarily have an occasion. An occasion often goes without thematic crossword.

  6. Today's puzzle was fifty fifty scintilating( Mark's Man, Nelson); fifty fifty tough(Notochord,Stucco, Gunners).Two consecutive toughies in a row..

  7. 50-50 on toughies. I was able to get stucco with the help of crossings. I did easier half earlier and went out. Just logged to clear up.

  8. Raita with okra oddly served from behind ....
    Shouldn't it be 'evenly' as we are taking every second letter from end in reverse?
    Or is 'served' in some way meaning deletion (of odd letters)?