Wednesday, 15 February 2017

No 11931, Wednesday 15 Feb 2017, Afterdark

9   Produce lousy serial, get some earnings (7) REALISE {SERIAL}*{Ea...s}
10 Mingle with criminal, join (7) CONFUSE {CON}{FUSE}
11 Setting nail head in bed, later removing nail head (7) CONTEXT {CO{Nail}T}{nEXT}
12 About to get into tub to gain energy or expire (7) BREATHE {B{RE}ATH}{E}
13 More certain to surround right border or to give up (9) SURRENDER {SUR{R}{END}ER}
15 Orders to hold imprisonment at the end, suspends (5) STAYS {S{i...nT}AYS}
16 Mysteries about ship bordering Crete vandalized (7) SECRETS {S{CRETE*}S}
19 Inclined to designate daughter to receive neighbour first (7) SLANTED {SLA{Ne...r}TE}{D}
20 50, a maiden, appeal and boundary (5) LIMIT {L}{1}{M}{IT}
21 These days, it’s cool to pull back after being in partnership with primarily shallow principles (9) STANDARDS {STAND}{DRAw}{Sh...w} Not sure of anno (Addendum - {STAN{RAD<=}D}{Sh...w} - See ccomments)
25 Fancy a mother getting fashionable in a period (7) IMAGINE {1}{M}{AG{IN}E}
26 Meeting at ship engulfed by noise in a frenzy (7) SESSION {SE{SS}ION*}
28 Watch out saying safety's first in playing equipment (7) SEESAWS {SEE}{SAW}{Sa...y}
29 Compass placed at the north and east vertices of triangle (7) SCALENE {SCALE}{North}{East}

1   Vehicles gather around road leading South (6) TRUCKS {T{R}UCK}{So..h}
2   Approach say, island to get pearl frequently (6) MANNER {MANN}{pEaRl}
3   Reinsmen jump every second at tower (4) RISE {ReInSmEn}
4   Held Edward on waters (6) SEATED {SEA}{TED} Held/Seated?
5   Floating masses beg rice, dirty and smelly at the outset (8) ICEBERGS {BEG+RISE}*{Sm...y}
6   Realize that without leaders, nun's stranded badly (10) UNDERSTAND {nUN}{STRANDED}* Leaders or leader (Addendum - {nUNS+sTRANDED}* - See comments)
7   Withdraw from area after reversing vehicle (8) SUBTRACT {BUS<=}{TRACT}
8   Set free animal back outside grasslands (8) RELEASED {RE{LEAS}ED<=}
14 Choose opponent, impeach victor against some charge relating to power (10) ELECTRICAL {ELECT}{RI(-v+c)CAL}
16 Most foolish to include falsifications in deposit (8) SILLIEST {SIL{LIES}T}
17 Matched friend by moving daughter 2 positions up (8) COMPARED COMPA(-d)RE(+d)D
18 Uncertainty concerning the wisdom around unique selling proposition (8) SUSPENSE {S{USP}ENSE}
22 Class is thrilled to provide help (6) ASSIST [T]
23 Collect organic seed in equal intervals (6) RAISED {oRgAnIc+SeEd}D D from? It should have been collected
24 Star's schedule in evening... (6) SUNSET [CD]
27 ...stigma created by small car crash (4) SCAR {S}{CAR} The car hasn't crashed!



  1. 24 Star's schedule in evening... (6) SUNSET
    Is this a charade SUN SET but 'schedule' should have been 'scheduled' in the clue text?

  2. Unusually four questions have been raised on clues.

  3. Replies
    1. I am not able to follow the anno. Need explanation.

    2. RAD is a slang/internet (as indicated by these days) for cool.

    3. Partnership is stand?? What about the these days bit??

    4. These days, it's cool = RAD - See the link I have put in the main post

  4. 6d is it ok to take (-n)uns (-s)tranded

  5. Could solve the grid by mere instinctive inferences and then look for the annotations !Light comes after darkness !

    1. Agree with Raju. Looks difficult to get annos. Sounds like solving a math problem after knowing the answer.

  6. 2A- Mingle is mixing or combining. Is it confuse?
    28a- Should it not be 'playing equipments to get seesaws?
    7D- Withdraw=Subtract? Take away would have been better.

  7. "Equipment' may refer to a set of articles. The 's' is not required. Equipment may refer to seesae, slide, etc. Whether 'playing equipment' leads to 'seesaws' I am not sure.

  8. Thank you. I got the point about equipment.

  9. A bland puzzle. Couldn't enjoy!

  10. Lots of Ss are there in the answers ... not able to correlate whether it means anything

    1. S for Shrikanth or Sasi?
      Secret, suspense, stay and surrender look quite topical...

  11. Did the puzzle quite early but somehow couldnt come here to mentioned by many above answers went in quite easily but annos were a huge problem..