Thursday, 16 February 2017

No 11932, Thursday 16 Feb 2017, Spinner,

1   Clean up some petroleum oil spilt close to Madras North (6) POLISH {Pe...m}{OIL*}{m...aS}{n..tH}
4   Engineer hiding inside empty moat when the day ends (8) MIDNIGHT {HIDING}* in {MoaT}
10 Cleaner to drive away a politician standing in the way (7) SHAMPOO {SH{A}{MP}OO}
11 Bungalow reportedly held revolving gate (7) COTTAGE (~caught){COT}{GATE}*
12 Tenders forged by political head resulting in fakes (8) PRETENDS {Po...l}{TENDERS}*
13 Amount of oleum displaced by tip of venturi (6) VOLUME {Ve...i}{OLEUM}*
15 Sailor returns to second informers (4) RATS {TAR<=}{S}
17 Programme in a chamber, one without accompaniment (1,8) A CAPPELLA {A} {C{APP}ELL}{A}

20 Paper vehicle finally approved by committee (9) CARDBOARD {CAR}{a...eD}{BOARD}
21 Kind, yet failing to keep poise! (4) TYPE {{TY{P}E*}
24 Stand on one's own feet to avoid punishment from partner (6) FRIEND {F{RI}END}
25 Plain small, figure-hugging dress for introduction of ravishing actress (8) STRAIGHT {S}{T{Ra...g}{Ac...s}IGHT}
28 Batting first, tail collapses to provide opening (7) INITIAL {IN}{1}{TAIL}*
29 Twist is due to surface! (7) OUTSIDE*
30 Doctor in agony about terminal condition that's troublesome (8) ANNOYING {IN+AGONY}* over {c...oN}
31 English is part of student's classes (6) GRADES {GRAD{E}S}

1   Ticket to Pennsylvania to be at Phillies' last game! (8) PASSPORT {PA}{p...eS}{SPORT}
2   Start to split on leader's expiry (5) LEAVE cLEAVE
3   Drink before a meal (6) SUPPER {SUP}{PER}
5   Zinc hydride's constituent unit (4) INCH [T]
6   Wacky ringtone's a major part of the atmosphere (8) NITROGEN*
7   Hint surrounding compliment lifted student pursuing girl continuously (9) GRADUALLY {G}{RA{DUAL<=}{L}Y}
8   Newspaper primarily employs Spinner to get extremely hilarious setting, not once, but many times! (6) THEMES {TH}{Em...s}{ME}{h...uS}
9   Croon medley featuring passage by maestro (9) CONDUCTOR {CON{DUCT}OR*}
14 Working on musical form, beginning to improve in abundance! (9) OPERATION {OPERA}{T{Im...e}ON}
16 Established practice is converting it to Dinar (9) TRADITION*
18 Setter initially doubts individual's character (8) IDENTITY {I}{Do...s}{ENTITY}
19 Achievements overshadowing that woman's achievements (8) FEATHERS {FEAT{HER}S}
22 A fair model catches cold in tropical continent (6) AFRICA {A}{FRI{C}A*}
23 He serves liquid with a bit of ice (6) WAITER {WA{Ice}TER}
26 At heart, Spinner overwhelmed by crossword strain (5) GRIND {GRI{spiNner}D}
27 Idea is to sleep with leading lady from the South (4) PLAN {P{Lady}AN<=} You must be joking!



  1. Loved the way Spinner has tackled the Madras oil spill

    1. Spinner will have to come to Bangalore for that

    2. I am sure this not the first time Spinner has bowled a maiden over

    3. I did not say that was my idea. It could be anyone's.

    4. But the plan is woth making!

  2. As usual,Enjoyable, nicely spun from Spinner.
    Even a 'straight' one was ravishing!

  3. Col., one P missing in 'cappella'.

  4. Sharing something here which I had shared with a few via e-mail

    For our wordsmith... A brilliantly written piece...

    So Funny, This Human Anatomy
    Where can a man buy a cap for his knee,
    Or the key to a lock of his hair?
    Can his eyes be called an academy?
    Because there are pupils there?

    In the crown of your head can jewels be found?
    Who crosses the bridge of your nose?
    If you wanted to shingle the roof of your mouth,
    Would you use the nails on your toes?

    Can you sit in the shade of the palm of your hand,
    Or beat on the drum of your ear?
    Can the calf in your leg eat the corn off your toe?
    Then why not grow corn on the ear?

    Can the crook in your elbow be sent to jail?
    If so, just what did he do?
    How can you sharpen your shoulder blades?

    For English language lovers

    1. Nice one Col. Very very apt.Enjoyed it. Thank you.

    2. Nice one Col..☺😀😁😃

  5. Particularly enjoyed the video shared.. thanks

  6. Thanks for the comments. Looks like 2D turned out to be pretty topical.

  7. Lovely puzzle..a new grid..super wp & some super smooth surfaces
    Thanx Spinner

  8. Surfaces make it more enjoyable. Very smooth and meaningful. No wonder 2D came out timely.

  9. Thanks for the comments Vasant. Means a lot.

  10. 10a is topical too , if you know what I mean

  11. What if it is unclean even after driving away what stands in the way?

  12. Enjoyable crossie. Some very nice clues

    1. Wow Sir!Such comments from you would greatly encourage young & super setters like Spinner..

    2. Just seeing this comment. Gratifying :)