Friday, 17 February 2017

No 11933, Friday 17 Feb 2017, Gridman

The Hindu online version has goofed up again. The online version has CW No 11934!! Plus another change in the layout of the paper!!
I wonder if this is Gridman as it is a new grid, and unlike him to have so many errors!

7   Push money in port for mixture of meal and water (8) DRAMMOCK {D{RAM}{M}OCK}
8   Is male going after unhappy, cruel practice? (6) SADISM {SAD}{IS}{M}
10 Earmark a ship — I initially go north (6) ASSIGN {A}{SS}{I}{Go}{N}
11 Describing Viking of the comics (8) HORRIBLE [GK]
12 Urges you finally to lead in destruction of nasty strain (8) SUPERBUG {URGES+yoU+PB}*
13 Locating one in pain (6) SITING {S{1}TING}
14 Search engine encompasses alien initially tasking in pool activity (7) BETTING {B{ET}{Ta...g}ING}
16 Prepared bloaters forgetting a large crustacean (7) LOBSTER BLOaTERS*
19 Kind of law on the floor? (6) MOSAIC [DD]
21 Right Reverend’s away from monkey with anger — in more than a few words (8) LANGUAGE {LANGUr}{rAGE}
23 Crazy men by a day, I see, get a memory device (8) MNEMONIC {MEN}*{MON}{I}{C}
24 Unplanned money comes with mantra (6) RANDOM {RAND}{OM}
25 Regard self having this is good (6) ESTEEM [CD]
26 Smell a small measure — almost super returns in such sessions (5-3) BOOZE-UPS {BO}{OZ}{SUPEr}* Seems to be an error here. as 'almost super returns' will give EPUS See comments

1   An acupuncture practitioner may not be  soft on these targets (8,6) PRESSURE POINTS [CD]
2   Approaching the well-known, I'm replacing the Orient (8) IMMINENT {-e+im}{IMMINENT}
3   Vagrant falls over man and boy to mingle (6) HOBNOB {HOB{N}O}{B} N for Man? See comments
4   Son, extremely kinky, excited — very dear (3-4) SKY-HIGH {S}{KinkY}-{HIGH}
5   After drunken sprees, son has a round of coffee (8) ESPRESSO {SPREES}*{S}{O}
6   You may be one giving publicity to short reference work (6) ADDICT {AD}{DICT}
9   Are these breakaways chips of the old block? (8,6) SPLINTER GROUPS [CD]
15 Pinch celebrity's handle (8) NICKNAME {NICK}{NAME}
17 Second question Daren mucked up — result: waste (8) SQUANDER {S}{QU}{DAREN}*
18 Identify brother beginning to overture — this may not be a real cure (7) PLACEBO {PLACE}{B}{Ov...e}
20 Band member allowed (6) ARMLET {ARM}{LET}
22 New missile is not broad (6) NARROW {N}{ARROW}



  1. 3 Vagrant falls over man and boy to mingle (6) HOBNOB {HOB{N}O}{B} N for Man?

    N: knight (chessman)

  2. It is surprising to see that the person who is uploading the CWs does not know that 11933 comes after 11932!!

  3. returns - re-turns - undergoes anagram
    (actually a samaalification)

    1. A s(a)mall matter between friends

  4. You may be one.. as definition for addict is a bit stretched ? Watssay 😏

    1. We are solving daily..we are addicts..think def is ok

    2. We also breathe and do a lot of styff everyday.. regularity does not imply addiction...

  5. One who solves THC once every week and blogs isn't an addict?
    One who solves and blogs not only in time but also on time isn't an addict?
    One who solves every day even if one gets only a few answers isn't an addict?

  6. The last category is an addict, since I am one of that.
    What about setters?

  7. GM@ 8.58- So 11933 is def. not him. But who?
    I happily solved 11834 of Gridman and looked at the print version just now and was in for a shock until I opened the blog. TH speaks a lot today on its front page about new models, colours, presentation etc., but then why the goof up?

  8. 11A:Remembered Hagar The Horrible, the viking warrior, whose adventures I used to read in Sunday Review of TOI eons ago..dont know if it still appears

    1. It comes now in Metro Plus of The Hindu

  9. I was wondering what happened to 11933!

    1. 11933 is now available in the interactive version, they uploaded it around 10 AM or so

  10. It has been published in the print edition- at least in Chennai (It is by Gridman). I am now wondering if we will get 11944 in the print edition tomorrow or they will jump over to 11945.