Monday, 20 February 2017

No 11935, Monday, 20 Feb 2017, Gridman

As you all get ready to crack open the is a nice one from Gridman to possibly help ya along the way..
Wonder what he wants us to see..a few Look related clues here - Look Into, Blind date, Look-see, Purview - made me search the grid for Ninas..but i fail to spot any !

1  Topic in Communist manifesto has section of students facing difficulty (5,8) CLASS STRUGGLE
8  Leading youth engaged to identify creature (4) YETI Youth Engaged To Identify
9  Set-out direct, clever combination is worthy of praise (10) CREDITABLE (DIRECT)* (ABLE)
10 Vain to have record about Union Territory (6) FUTILE UT in FILE
11 Toilet stuck at rear, not one moving to investigate (4,4) LOOK INTO (LOO)(K)(NOT I)*
12 Yet this romantic arrangement may open one's eyes (5,4)  BLIND DATE (CD)
 14 Father takes seconds to make the grade (4) PASS (PA)(S)(S)
15 Feeble wordplay by Yankee (4) PUNY (PUN)(Y)
16 The woman, educated, leaves alien protected (9) SHELTERED (SHE)(LETTERED - ET)
20 Excited Goras begin making it completely pleasurable (8) ORGASMIC (GORAS)*(Making)(It)(Completely)
21 Gentleman loses his head, with no start to good workplace (6) OFFICE (TOFF)(NICE)
23 In circus they partake of something very hot (4-6) FIRE-EATERS (CD)

24 Tiny bit reclaimed from Australia to India (4) IOTA (REV T)
25 Tell crew speed, properly handled, is admired to a high degree (4-9) WELL-RESPECTED (TELL CREW SPEED)*

1  Dateless college girl not completely fit to be true partner (7) COEQUAL (COED-D)(QUALified) (Addendum - (COEd)(eQUAL) - See comments)
2  A political group has primarily inadmissible defence (5) ALIBI (A)(LIB)(Inadmissible)
3  Follow and make good (7) SUCCEED (DD)
4  Skip the tenth col. carelesslythe story becomes interesting! (3,4,8) THE PLOT THICKENS (SKIP THE TENTH COL)*
5  Not ending one melody in togetherness (6) UNISON (UNIT)(SONG)
6  Life in great disarray? Settle down! (9) GRAVITATE VITA in (GREAT)*
7  Hostile scattering of stone chips (7) EOLITHS (HOSTILE)*
13 Matchless iron panel fabricated (9) NONPAREIL (IRON PANEL)*
15 Scope of almost simple opinion (7) PURVIEW (PURE)(VIEW)
17 Dekko, dekko, dekko (4-3) LOOK-SEE The two words separately and together mean the same :)
18 Animated old edict's redeveloped (7) EXCITED (EX)(EDICT)*
19 Undermine one politician with look (6) IMPAIR (I)(MP)(AIR)
22 Pretend to attack but pass out, reportedly (5) FEINT ~ FAINT

Legend : Words in word play, Indicator (Anagram, addition/subtraction, inclusion etc), Definition, Solution (watch out for the hyperlinks in some words)


  1. Replies
    1. I am talking about the Arabian fruit. You see I am fond of that.

    2. I think the def is just try partner. Fit means equal. The E removed since it is not complete.

    3. 'true' added so the partner is equal in all respects

    4. Party ner may be more apt 😀

    5. So is the anno {COE(-d)}{(-e)QUAL} ?

  2. Was anyone reminded of the Hindi film song of yesteryear:
    (my memories of Hindi film songs go back to the Sixties and of Tami songs probably to Nineties)

    1. Was that supposed to be a theme?

    2. Honestly, no 'theme' was planned.
      Moreover, for a theme I may want to have at least one-third of total no. of words.
      Repetition of 'look' could have been avoided but I didn't check grid fills from that angle.

    3. I think CV Sir is refering to 17D..the 3 dekhos
      I was reminded of the Shammi Kapoor song..Bar bar DEKHO..hazar bar DEKHO..
      Or to the classical
      DEKHO ruta na karo
      Baat nazaron ki suno..

    4. Haha padmanabhan.. is that with or without chemical thickeners ?? 😀

    5. Dekho dekho dekho got me to An Evening in Paris

    6. @Suresh..+1..missed out on the title song of An Evening In Paris

    7. CV Sir's dateless girl sings Dekho Mera Dil Machal Gaya! ...on seeing him, perhaps!

    8. But he is talking about seedless date!

    9. Thanks for the song from An Evening in Paris - which too is from the times when I heard Hindi film songs.

  3. I was not equal to the task of cracking 1D, but otherwise an enjoyable full house without much difficulty.

  4. Wah wah vasant.. kudos.. what is worthy of hazaar baar looking I wonder ..

    1. You are wondering one week too late!

    2. What .. is the operation word 😀

  5. With CV's cluing, it is 10 across to LOOK for 20 across satisfaction when you are on a 12 across ! One would be too 18 acoss to make any 14 across. One has to wait until the 4 down. If you have been looking for a theme in this crossie, you will never 3down. Only CV & I know the 22 down that he puts up in his cryptic games on our minds !!! Right CV?

    1. Very nice composition, Raju. Congrats.

  6. Coequal is a new word for me

  7. How very nice to have the crossword back to what it was! Very enjoyable one from Gridman/Chaturvasi sir!