Thursday, 23 February 2017

No 11938, Thursday 23 Feb 2017, Buzzer

Liked the anagrams but I don't like spoonerisms!

1   Become better taking tips from baseball into cricket perhaps (6) GAMBLE {GAM{Ba...aL}E}
5   Like a very cracking boundary (6) FAVOUR {F{A}{V}OUR}
10 Old region entirely without source of increased UV rays (5,4) OZONE HOLE {O}{ZONE} {wHOLE}
11 Not happy hour oddly for a holy man (5) SADHU {SAD}{HoUr}
12 Factor in duration and time (5) AGENT {AGE}{'N}{T}
13 At times be confused? Don’t know (2,5,2) IT BEATS ME*
14 Husband when defeated heartlessly is called a loser (3-4) HAS-BEEN {H}{AS}-{BEatEN}
16 Bird-catcher is good in going around branch (3,4) GIN TRAP {G}{IN} {PART<=}
18 Was a ruler left with no son? (7) REIGNED REsIGNED
20 Relation of Greece with Morocco (7) GRANDMA {GR}{AND}{MA}
21 Gain courage from training in the karate (4,5) TAKE HEART*
23 Personal assistant bringing in a cold drink (5) LASSI [T]
25 Appearances of unity among crew ultimately fictitious (5) MIENS {M{1}EN}{f...uS}
26 Oldest state church perhaps seen as anachronism (3,6) SAN MARINO {ANAchRONISM}* [Composite Anagram]
27 Most jobless? That is having latitude (6) IDLEST {L} in {ID EST}
28 Recently prone to fall into Old English (2,4) OF LATE {O{F LAT}E}

2   Admiration inspiring fine rose (5) AWOKE {AW{OK}E}
3   Inhale air, then be alive (7,2) BREATHE IN*
4   No one hurt in mounting destruction (7) EROSION {NO}{1}{SORE}<=
5   Run-down hotel is second standard according to Spooner (4-3) FLEA-BAG {~ b flag} ?
6   Street divided by a panorama (5) VISTA {VI{ST}A}
7   One local cherry is not sought (9) UNDESIRED {UN}{DESI}{RED}
8   Running after this room briefly (3,1,5,4) FOR A SHORT TIME*
9   Pickup ute MPH as I so neatly demonstrated is highlight (3,8,2) PUT EMPHASIS ON [T]
15 Criticism, vehemently deny is a disaster (6,3) STICKY END {STICK}{Y END*}
17 Bulk of lane rally jammed up (6,3) NEARLY ALL*
19 Certain saltwater lake bottomless tract ultimately (4,3) DEAD SET {DEAD SEa}{t..cT}
20 Upset say with colour of dress (3,4) GET INTO {EG<=}{T INT}{O}
22 Initially lacking decent speed (5) HASTE cHASTE
24 A garment to go around (5) SKIRT [DD]



  1. Spoonerism confuses me also no end- last of my favourites in clue types.
    Enjoyable fare as expected from Buzzer. Liked the way 'Prone' was used for flat in 28A.

  2. Replies
    1. Now, where does the skirt go around?
      Paddy, only with 'in' at the end would a woman be wearing the skirt.

    2. I did not see a woman in it. I just took it as a DD. Garment / To go around. So has Col.

    3. Initially, I skirted around with shirt.

    4. Of course, a skirt packed in a suitcase CAN go around from Chennai tp Chandigarh.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Paddy.
      There were two weddings in the family, which kept me busy for a week. I was of course, finding time to solve in the early hours.

  4. It took me a while to understand agent for factor. Did not get the anno too.

  5. 9D- T specialist! Some time back we were discussing about T covering so many words. This would stand up for counting.

  6. Awesome puzzle!
    Loved all clues including the spoonerism and the composite anagram of San Marino
    Thanks Buzzer & Col for a superb blog

  7. Nice puzzle.
    Spoonerism clues...not my cup of tea. :(

  8. 26A - What is the deletion indicator for Ch(urch) removal? I am missing something....

    1. Sir, isnt it a composite anagram? CH+SAN MARINO=ANACHRONISM

  9. Lovely clues. 18A was my favourite!

  10. Just want to tell everyone that I've dropped my quota to one per cycle.