Thursday, 23 February 2017

No 11938, Thursday 23 Feb 2017, Buzzer

Liked the anagrams but I don't like spoonerisms!

1   Become better taking tips from baseball into cricket perhaps (6) GAMBLE {GAM{Ba...aL}E}
5   Like a very cracking boundary (6) FAVOUR {F{A}{V}OUR}
10 Old region entirely without source of increased UV rays (5,4) OZONE HOLE {O}{ZONE} {wHOLE}
11 Not happy hour oddly for a holy man (5) SADHU {SAD}{HoUr}
12 Factor in duration and time (5) AGENT {AGE}{'N}{T}
13 At times be confused? Don’t know (2,5,2) IT BEATS ME*
14 Husband when defeated heartlessly is called a loser (3-4) HAS-BEEN {H}{AS}-{BEatEN}
16 Bird-catcher is good in going around branch (3,4) GIN TRAP {G}{IN} {PART<=}
18 Was a ruler left with no son? (7) REIGNED REsIGNED
20 Relation of Greece with Morocco (7) GRANDMA {GR}{AND}{MA}
21 Gain courage from training in the karate (4,5) TAKE HEART*
23 Personal assistant bringing in a cold drink (5) LASSI [T]
25 Appearances of unity among crew ultimately fictitious (5) MIENS {M{1}EN}{f...uS}
26 Oldest state church perhaps seen as anachronism (3,6) SAN MARINO {ANAchRONISM}* [Composite Anagram]
27 Most jobless? That is having latitude (6) IDLEST {L} in {ID EST}
28 Recently prone to fall into Old English (2,4) OF LATE {O{F LAT}E}

2   Admiration inspiring fine rose (5) AWOKE {AW{OK}E}
3   Inhale air, then be alive (7,2) BREATHE IN*
4   No one hurt in mounting destruction (7) EROSION {NO}{1}{SORE}<=
5   Run-down hotel is second standard according to Spooner (4-3) FLEA-BAG {~ b flag} ?
6   Street divided by a panorama (5) VISTA {VI{ST}A}
7   One local cherry is not sought (9) UNDESIRED {UN}{DESI}{RED}
8   Running after this room briefly (3,1,5,4) FOR A SHORT TIME*
9   Pickup ute MPH as I so neatly demonstrated is highlight (3,8,2) PUT EMPHASIS ON [T]
15 Criticism, vehemently deny is a disaster (6,3) STICKY END {STICK}{Y END*}
17 Bulk of lane rally jammed up (6,3) NEARLY ALL*
19 Certain saltwater lake bottomless tract ultimately (4,3) DEAD SET {DEAD SEa}{t..cT}
20 Upset say with colour of dress (3,4) GET INTO {EG<=}{T INT}{O}
22 Initially lacking decent speed (5) HASTE cHASTE
24 A garment to go around (5) SKIRT [DD]



  1. Spoonerism confuses me also no end- last of my favourites in clue types.
    Enjoyable fare as expected from Buzzer. Liked the way 'Prone' was used for flat in 28A.

  2. 'simply' good clue- Skirt!

    1. Now, where does the skirt go around?
      Paddy, only with 'in' at the end would a woman be wearing the skirt.

    2. I did not see a woman in it. I just took it as a DD. Garment / To go around. So has Col.

    3. Initially, I skirted around with shirt.

    4. Of course, a skirt packed in a suitcase CAN go around from Chennai tp Chandigarh.

  3. Agree with you Col on spoonerism

    1. Thanks Paddy.
      There were two weddings in the family, which kept me busy for a week. I was of course, finding time to solve in the early hours.

  4. It took me a while to understand agent for factor. Did not get the anno too.

  5. 9D- T specialist! Some time back we were discussing about T covering so many words. This would stand up for counting.

  6. Awesome puzzle!
    Loved all clues including the spoonerism and the composite anagram of San Marino
    Thanks Buzzer & Col for a superb blog

  7. Nice puzzle.
    Spoonerism clues...not my cup of tea. :(

  8. 26A - What is the deletion indicator for Ch(urch) removal? I am missing something....

    1. Sir, isnt it a composite anagram? CH+SAN MARINO=ANACHRONISM

  9. Replies
    1. Actually CA - Composite Anagram

  10. Lovely clues. 18A was my favourite!

  11. Just want to tell everyone that I've dropped my quota to one per cycle.