Tuesday, 28 February 2017

No 11942, Tuesday 28 Feb 2017, Arden

What a big goof up at the 23's yesterday!

1   PM's constrained, bandicoots totally reject his popularity (7) STARDOM {MODi}{RATS}<=
5   Winch able to check past rewinding (7) CAPSTAN {PAST}* in {CAN}
9   Amusement turned out to be not same, not realised yet (5) UNMET amUseMENT*
10 New one and old — having consumed food felt like throwing up (9) NAUSEATED {N}{A}{USE{ATE}D}
11 Original native voice, in case of a dialect (9) CANTONESE {CA{Na...e}{TONE}SE}
12 Choose a negative entity, reject boy (5) ELECT ELECTron
13 It could be dead give away (4) WILL [CD]
15 Everyone will check out, back at the capital (8) VALLETTA {V{ALL}ET}{AT<=}
18 Box train joins others right away... (3,5) TEA CHEST {TEA CH}{rEST}
19 ...can't rob? (4) LOOT {tool over} (Addendum - LOO'T - See comments)
22 Face the other way — it's high time (5) EPOCH {COPE<=}{H}
24 Enforcer leaving it in a mess (9) VIGILANTE*
26 Like to be sure to establish (9) ASCERTAIN {AS}{CERTAIN}
27 Animal will take the wheel (5) STEER [DD]
28 Studied at regular speed on land (7) PERUSED {PERU}{SpEeD}
29 Cancel score (7) SCRATCH [DD]

1   Gate opens finally, I clue it differently (6) SLUICE {o..nS}{I+CLUE}*
2   Stone him — in denial perhaps... (9) ALMANDINE {MAN} in {DENIAL}*
3   ...same time do it correctly (5) DITTO {T+DO+IT}*
4   Evasive action works (9) MANOEUVRE [CD]
5   Make sauce? (5) CAUSE*
6   It's eaten before and after church, little at a time (9) PIECEMEAL {PIE}{CE}{MEAL}
7   Birdman used to be paid once (5) TITHE {TIT}{HE}
8   Full monty possible in duty (6) NUDITY*
14 Get into a tiff with hair shorn off (4,5) LOCK HORNS {LOCK} {SHORN}*
16 They fight when drunk, and one thousand workers support (9) LITIGANTS {LIT}{1}{G}{ANTS}
17 Wild rhino held in check — most difficult to handle (9) THORNIEST {T{RHINO*}EST}
20 Run for a month at half current (6) DECAMP {DEC}{AMPere}
21 It often gets hot high above ground (6) HEARTH {H}{EARTH}
23 Prize for a stretch limousine, perhaps (5) OSCAR {OS}{CAR}
24 Food comes through New Delhi (5) VIAND {VIA}{ND}
25 His resolve improved a bit, but he wasn't successful (5) LOSER [T<=]



  1. Sorry, I don't see what the preamble above means. Help!

    1. They initially announced the wrong movie winning the Oscar

    2. Oh, that's it?
      I was hoping some wardrobe malfunction!!!

    3. Think that happens usually, so it's not a 'big' goof up!

    4. Ha ha! I never considered wardrobe malfunctions as accidental slips. They were intended perhaps to get cheap and free publicity.

    5. Raghu @ 8:55, announcing the wrong movie as best picture, I don't think that has ever happened before

    6. I had known about the goofup yesterday itself or in the wee hours today. But as I took in only the clue and did not see the answer at the end, I couldn't connect. Moonlight in La La Land!

    7. Col, I replied to KKR that wardrobe malfunction these days is not considered a 'big' goof up and not about the announcement which as you write has never happened before, so certainly it does qualify as a goof up of astronomical proportions. I think the Oscar was also handed over the director/producer and then taken back?

    8. With readymade dhotis wardrobe malfunctions have dropped significantly

    9. Suresh, who is interested in dhoti drops?

    10. You will have to learn to think bisexually! What is good for the goose may not be good for the gander.

    11. One man's meat is another man's poison!

    12. Cue for Mrs PP to tut-tut

  2. Col, did we miss something in Oscar awards show?

  3. 19 ...can't rob? (4) LOOT {tool over} or:


  4. Hat trick by Arden. Two more unusual words today in a somewhat tricky crossie.ALMONDINE & VALLETTA. Otherwise one could complete the grid easily today.

    Dead give away is wll thought out and crafted

  5. Last year also there was some goof up at the Oscars, if I remember right.

  6. Quite a few types of clues today, I think.

  7. 4D:thought it was a charade

  8. Can someone explain the OS in the OSCAR 23D? Understand limousine for car, does stretch mean os? tks! Everything else made sense and yes was easier than yesterday!

    1. Stretch limousine=big car; big=OS=Outsize

    2. thanks - that is a stretch ;-)