Sunday, 12 February 2017

The Sunday Crossword, Sunday 12 Feb 2017

1   Rambling hikers miss engagements (10) SKIRMISHES*
6   Race about in south of France (4) SCUD {S{C}UD}
9   Blemish covered by mother with a cosmetic (7) MASCARA {MA}{SCAR}{A}
10 Bear followed by timid animals endlessly symbolic (7) TOTEMIC {TOTE}{MICe}
12 Wander in crowd, having day off (4) ROVE dROVE
13 Criticised copy, hurt (10) REPROACHED {REPRO}{ACHED}
15 Horrid to fans, our side lost enthusiasm (3,3,2,5) RAN OUT OF STEAM {TO+FANS+OUR}*{TEAM}
18 Important step from fellow in ballet that he adapted (4,3,6) HALF THE BATTLE {F} in {BALLET+THAT+HE}*
20 Level with trade union colleague in the end (10) EVENTUALLY {EVEN}{TU}{ALLY}
22 Genuine regret after time (4) TRUE {T}{RUE}
24 Further loan (7) ADVANCE [DD]
25 New cadet or old soldier? (7) REDCOAT*
26 Clear about nitrogen outside (4) RIND {RI{N}D}
27 Stamp designed by flower expert (4,6) PAST MASTER {STAMP}*{ASTER}

1   Gloomy busker's ending with nothing in hat (8) SOMBRERO {SOMBRE}{b...eR}{O}
2   Jubilant hearts lift after start of seasonal occasion in pub (2,7,6) IN SEVENTH HEAVEN {IN{Se...l}{EVENT}{H} {HEAVE}N}
3   Average spell (4) MEAN [DD]
4   One made to take blame in a case got badly broken by pressure (9) SCAPEGOAT {A+CASE+GOT}* over {P}
5   Record in moment erased (5) ENTER [T]
7   Some more chat, too confused, had adverse consequences (4,4,2,5) CAME HOME TO ROOST*
8   Cut up, start to exhibit resolve (6) DECIDE {DICED<=}{Ex...t}
11 Old, upset, taken in by trick producing negative balance (5,3) TRADE GAP {TRA{DE GA<=}P}
14 Report slug at home (8) BULLETIN {BULLET}{IN}
16 Suspect something is wrong with lines in defamation followed by rising cheers (5,1,3) SMELL A RAT {SME{LL} A R}{TA<=}
17 Renegade erred, set adrift (8) DESERTER*
19 Agent bearing remedy (6) REPAIR {REP}{AIR}
21 Stadium in China renamed (5) ARENA [T]
23 Theory supplied by assistant, first to last (4) IDEA (-a)IDE(+a)A



  1. Nice and easy, but I missed 2 half words in 13A & 11D and could not decide about 8D. Col. cleared them.

  2. Too many of the long anagrams..