Sunday, 14 January 2018

The Sunday Crossword No 2978, Sunday 14 Jan 2018

1   Strong resistance with nothing broken (6) ROBUST {R}{O}{BUST}
4   Inspector's crony securing very large sale (8) DISPOSAL {DIS}{P{OS}AL}
9   Controlling worries, going back into loose scrum (9) MASTERFUL {FRETS<=} in {MAUL}
11 Love nearly new dress (5) ADORN {ADORe}{N}
12 Fashion outlet, bit lame? You're not wrong (4,2,5,2) TELL ME ABOUT IT*
14 Modify early theory at regular intervals (5) ALTER {eArLy+ThEoRy}
16 Phoney reproduction hard to return with ceremony (9) HYPOCRITE {COPY}{H}<={RITE}
17 Church retreat changed talkative type (9) CHATTERER {CH}{RETREAT*}
19 Quiet, absorbed by case, lacking time to make Japanese dish (5) SUSHI {SU{SH}It}
20 Recreational facility in America that is large, brought about by modern engineers (7,6) LEISURE CENTRE {US}{IE}{L}<={RECENT}{RE}
23 Belief in alien reflected by trap (5) TENET {ET<=}{NET}
24 Gel in appropriate phase prepared (4,5) TAKE SHAPE {TAKE} {PHASE}*
25 Large number before year's end in city inn (8) HOSTELRY {HOST}{EL{yeaR}Y}
26 Section of paint entirely absorbed (6) INTENT [T]

1   Payment, in brief hypnotic state, not right (10) REMITTANCE {REMIT}{TrANCE}
2   Herb with some lamb as illustrated (5) BASIL [T]
3   Guide about a medium item of cookware (7) STEAMER {STE{A}{M}ER}
5   Seek for public ground in Dorset area (4,2,7) ISLE OF PURBECK*
6   Fake photograph? Continue to go into it (7) PLASTIC {P{LAST}IC}
7   Flings involving debatable charmers (9) SMOOTHIES {S{MOOT}HIES}
8   Solitary advance reported (4) LONE (~loan)
10 Brush with fame's beginning with time with crowd, united in festival (7,6) FEATHER DUSTER {Fame}{EA{T}{HERD}{U}STER}
13 Perfection about penalty shoot-out finally getting people involved (10) REFINEMENT {RE}{FINE}{MEN}{s...uT}
15 Markings on court order for men's trial (9) TRAMLINES*
18 Prickly plant in varied list in article (7) THISTLE {TH{LIST*}E}
19 Saint manages without grand hat (7) STETSON {ST}{gETS ON}
21 Switch craft (5) TRADE [DD]
22 State a breaking point? Not so (4) UTAH {soUT{A}H}



  1. Col.
    No paper announcement in Chennai edition. Maybe same for others as well. Any special tom.?

    1. If there is no paper then we will have a special by KKR

  2. Today's special at 10:30 by Dr Satyen.

  3. How can one learn to solve these

  4. Can some one help me with 4a. Cannot understand how it is constructed.

  5. Got diverted by 6d ...
    Wrote cognito..meaning fake. Thought it was ( c go into ) . After that it was all uphill.