Monday, 22 January 2018

No 12220, Monday 22 Jan 2018, Gridman

Answer and annotation for 20A left for a rookie commenter till 10 AM.

1   Agree icon is acting harmfully to the said team (8) COINCIDE {ICON*}{CIDE}(~side)
5   Both move around to find you in French jacuzzi (3,3) HOT TUB {TU} in {BOTH}*
10 Father returns to Mumbai neighbourhood for dress (7) APPAREL {PA<=}{PAREL}
11 Compelled army to get wine (7) MADEIRA {MADE}{IRA}
12 Good fight: Lok Sabha makes unpleasant sounds (6) GROWLS {G}{ROW}{LS}
13 Story told to support what prevents one's prompt arrival by road (8) TAILBACK (~tale){TAIL}{BACK}
15 Spirit shown in short race (4) DASH [DD]
16 A Samaritan wandering in US city (5,5) SANTA MARIA*
18 Nominal chief F? (10) FIGUREHEAD F is head of Figure. How do we classify this clue? Rebus?
20 Madly, team took away dirty tote in a raid (4) ?M?K (Addendum - AMOK {teAM}{toOK} - See comments))
23 Marginal shift is causing concern (8) ALARMING*
24 Son and men starting late to gain fanfare (6) SENNET {S}{mEN}{NET}
26 Engineer's plan abruptly stops a learner in dislodgement (7) REMOVAL {RE}{MOVe}{L}
27 I, Sue, managed to have oil put to good use (7) UTILISE {TIL} in {I+SUE}*
28 Go up and down the Supreme Court list (6) SCROLL {SC}{ROLL}
29 Wishes to give up first year's wages (8) EARNINGS yEARNINGS

1   Diplomat accused of romantic escapades (6,9) CHARGE D'AFFAIRES {CHARGED}{AFFAIRES}
2   Wicked rogue with debts (7) IMPIOUS {IMP}{IOUS}
3   Get round to a group (6) CIRCLE [DD]
4   Tedious leaders of Delhi University lying low (4) DULL Acrostic
6   Ex slamming male fold (3,5) OLD FLAME*
7   A vanishing point that is atop a high mountain (4,3) THIN AIR [DD]
8   These dishonest businessmen might deal in white goods too (5,10) BLACK MARKETEERS [CD]
9   Being fair, one man's taking first section to a learner (9) IMPARTIAL {1}{M}{PART 1}{A}{L}
14 Rough up scholar and composer by an account (9) MANHANDLE {MA}{'N}{HANDLE}(~Handel)
17 First in time, grotesque vampire draws a number (8) PRIMEVAL {VAMPIRE*}{A}{L}
19 Indian mother steeped in good rules — set of language rules (7) GRAMMAR {G}{R}{AMMA}{R}
21 Say, say fellows avoid (7) MENTION (~men shun)
22 Again approve surrender (6) RESIGN {RE}{SIGN}
25 A top-grade artist's glow (4) AURA {A}{U}{RA}

Bhargav's Tale

With prices shooting up at an ALARMING rate,
What will happen to citizen's fate?
The old boy in the HOT TUB wondering how to UTILISE
His meagre income and his dreams realise?
The CHARGE DAFFAIRES waiting for the approval,
For some adjustments and some REMOVAL.
The FM the draft budget does SCROLL
Wanting to be IMPARTIAL on the whole.
For welcome news newsmen will DASH
They don't want stocks to CRASH!!


  1. Col,
    1D is CHARGE D'AFFAIRES (not AFFAIRS). Please correct.
    In that case, the anno does not work as a charade correct? Needs a homophone ind?

    1. Yes, I was trying to fill in 'affairs' and found a square more.

    2. I thought so too. But then, I thought that it is Gridman and such an error is unlikely and looked at a Dictionary and realised that Gridman was right again.

    3. Yes - checked and found it. Didn't know it was also used in English. You're right - Gridman's clue constructions will never have such problems!
      So the clue works as a charade

    4. Thanks for comments, clarifications, corrections and compliments. This increases my responsibility as a setter and I hope I live up to the expectations. Please do raise questions if you have the slightest reservation.

  2. Yes, I think 18A can be classified as a rebus clue.

    1. +1 dd. Wouldn't rebus be just F?.

    2. I meant a double def with one of the def's being rebus (in this case, F)

    3. I think it is a clue defined by Nominal and chief F is the wordplay.

  3. 27A- Is til oil or just a seed/ plant? We say til oil.

    1. Sesame/semsem is the root for oil. The first known oil(the only known for a long time) in this part of Eurasia.

  4. Replies
    1. Amok is the Sol.
      WP- (team+took-tote)*
      Def.? It has to be raid or is it madly?

    2. Since it's past 10. Madly, amuck/amok is the def.

    3. You mean madly is the def. & amok is the solution?
      Amok cannot be def. since it is not part of the clue.

    4. Yes. Madly (meaning a muck /amok) is the def and amok is the solution. Imho.

  5. Sennet was new tome. Remembered Santa Maria more as Columbus' ship.
    Another smooth sailing CW.

  6. Wow,CGB!!
    You seem to be improving by the day.

    1. You do mean improvising, don't you?😀
      Tale in Rhyme!

  7. Improvising and getting better & better- more interesting,innovative.
    I did not mean it was not interesting earlier.

  8. hi,this is Raj,i'm new to crossword. I didnot get 11A

  9. Woderful x'ie. Immensely satisfying & nicely clued.1d&5d worth special mention.5d with the simple clue'not white'we could crack.This apart 'black & marketeers' -a usual collocation and becomes all the more gettable. A typical puzzle carrying all the GM norms. Thank you sir.