Saturday, 13 January 2018

No 12214, Saturday 13 Jan 2018, KrisKross


1. Bank in Paris — it's extremely inexpensive (8) CHEAPEST {C'{HEAP}EST}
5. Assistants bottling many chemicals (6) AMIDES {A{M}IDES}
9. Audio guides in another country (8) OVERSEAS {~OVERSEES}
10. Blue doing miserably after impressive beginning (6) INDIGO {Impressive}{DOING*}
12. Losing head in panic is wrong (5) ERROR {tERROR}
13. Translated top poetry, for example (9) PROTOTYPE {TOP+POETRY*}
14. Substitute horse belonging to rider in Germany (6) RINGER (T)
16. Ship's doctor is in luck (7) FRIGATE {F{RIG}ATE}
19. Leo sadly leaves ruined college in general state of disuse (7) NEGLECT {ColLeGE}* IN {NET} General=net? See comments
21. Tour regularly to study an architectural style (6) TUSCAN {ToUr}{SCAN}
23. Common to cut with new saw (9) HACKNEYED {HACK}{N}{EYED}
25. A fraction of it is described by article (5) TITHE {T{IT}HE}
26. Mackerels essentially dying in floor of river (6) AMAZON Anno pending See comments
27. Freedom of speech? (8) GLIBNESS (CD)
28. He could travel through snow to enter round shelter, not hot (6) ESKIMO {hE}{SKIM}{O} &lit   {E{SKI{MOh<=} See comments
29. Divers like to dress mostly in a casual fashion (8) ASSORTED {AS}{TO+DRESs}*


1. Prepared well to crack cryptic code (6) COOKED {CODE}* around {OK}
2. New mode of education through programming, in general (1,8) E LEARNING {IN+GENERAL*} semi-&lit
3. Question a model (5) POSER (DD)
4. Mark a run (7) SCARPER {SCAR}{PER}
6. Takes care of painting old, surprisingly popular instruments (9) MANDOLINS {MAN}{{OLD*}{IN}S}
7. Maid: One welcomed by lady in trouble (5) DAILY {LADY}* around {I}
8. You and I visited the beach close to England and had a bath (8) SHOWERED {SHO{WE}RE}{englanD}
11. Upbeat game? (4) GOLF {FLOG<=}
15. Recycling area in the theatre? (5,4)  GREEN ROOM (CD)
17. Are old folks housed in suitable place to stay? (9) APARTMENT {AP{ART}{MEN}T}
18. Beginning to move slowly, fractured a toe (8) INCHOATE {INCH}{A+TOE*}
20. They give delight to many kids, ultimately (4) TOYS {TO}{manY}{kidS} semi-&lit
21. Takes baby steps to start driving modern sled (7) TODDLES {TO}{Driving}{SLED*}
22. Let out from pound, relaxed (6) LEASED {L}{EASED}
24. First-class joke (5) CRACK (DD)
25. Excessive drinking at bar, to start with, is not allowed (5) TABOO {T{At}{Bar}OO}

Reference List
Paris it=C'est, Many=M (Thousand), New=N, Article=The, Hot=H, Like=As
A=Per, Popular=In, One=I, You and I=We, Are old=Art, Pound=L

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Bhargav's Tale


The ESKIMO kid's knowledge came through E-LEARNING.
But his DAILY life was rather boring wihout TOYS.
The kid's father worked in a company which LEASED a defunct FRIGATE and repaired it.
On the trial run the kid went along OVERSEAS with his father and stayed in a service APARTMENT.
He COOKED up a CRACK plan to get some ASSORTED toys. He made a list and typed it using a GOLF -ball printer.
Wonder what he did next?

He ordered the toys from AMAZON!!


  1. 26. Mackerels essentially dying in floor of river (6) AMAZON Anno pending

    'in' in the clue should have been 'on' so the anno becomes AMAZe + ON. E from mackErels

    1. Floor: AMAZE. Sorry maybe 'of' should read as 'on'

    2. Amaze -e is visible in the clue. Of/on!!!

    3. Mariann Webster online dictionary lists "on" as archiac meaning of of. So it's amaz(-e) on

    4. Yes. AMAZE(floor) -E (mackErels essentially dying) + ON (of) was the anno I had in mind.
      of = on to mean "about, regarding" etc. Chambers also lists it. e.g. I am going to speak of Kalidasa. I am going to speak on Kalidasa.

  2. Replies
    1. E (ski) Mo (-h). He is the definition. Not lit in my understanding.

    2. +1 for the anno. SKI though HOME reversed - H

    3. It's (ski in home) reversed with h deleted.

    4. Prasad's anno is what I had in mind.
      It is not an &lit since "He could be" is not part of the wordplay. But I intended it to be an extended def clue, with the whole clue defining Eskimo.

  3. 17D- Where do we get 'Art' from?

    1. Are Old(old form of are=art)(Thou art more lovely and temperate-sonnet 18, Shakespeare)

    2. Thou art indeed correct, Vasant! :)

  4. Crisp clues as usual from Kriskross. A few clarifications needed,though.

  5. 17a "in general" as "on the whole" is net of.

  6. 17D. In Shakespearan English, 'are' used today was known as 'art' thou art indeed Lord,

  7. TABOO, APARTMENT, COOKED,E LEARNING amongst some well written clues.

  8. 19A Net (posting from Chambers Crossword Dictionary)

    2 overall, general, broad, total, inclusive, final, ultimate

  9. E-LEARNING is a novel clue-- a departure from the usual standard clues and in keeping with modern technical language. I liked it immensely and is an addition to our glossary in cryptic solving. We must gwt on to such innovations more.

    Oversees as guides ? I thought it meant only to supervise and guides' may be a bit out?

    CHEAPEST i alos a nice wordplay of c'est with Heap= Bank?

    HACK+N+EYED for saw is clever wordplay but simple to deduce, if one didn't fall for the decoy meaning of SAW+ proverb or adage ! .

    A very refreshing gird from Kriss-Kross ! Encoe KK !!
    This is where I feel that the Indian minds are surpassing the British compilers

  10. Thanks. Picture was drawn by my grandson Vyasa...!!

    1. GreatπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  11. So, according to CGB, Amazon has reached the Eskimo as well!
    Nice picture by your grandson. Kudos to him.

  12. Found it a little tough today! Could not get Cooked, Ringer, Scarper, Amazon and Assorted...

    Many lovely clues.. my fav picks are Cheapest, Frigate, Hackneyed, eLearning, Mandolins and Apartment...

    Enjoyed the grid Ramki! Thanks for the fun..