Tuesday, 2 January 2018

No 12204, Tuesday 02 Jan 2018, Incognito

Answer and annotation for 23A and 25D left for a first-time commenter till 10AM.

1   Going out around carnival, initially, is thrilling (8) EXCITING {EX{Ca...l}ITING}
5  Sailors lie back and descend at the end of a rope (6) ABSEIL {ABS}{LIE<=}
10 Private thoughts are carried by the main nerves (5) INNER [T]
11 He, who is gratified by pain, mistreats his mascot (9) MASOCHIST*
12 This emoticon was employed by the Circus, as mentioned in Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (6) SMILEY [DD]
13 Huge caper after a performance (8) GIGANTIC {GIG}{ANTIC}
15 Fuse carbon and hydrogen in a country (5) CHINA {C}{H}{IN}{A}
17 City where mother backs by a heel (9) ROTTERDAM {ROTTER}{DAM}
19 Small person's missile (9) MINUTEMAN {MINUTE}{MAN}
20 Master, after losing son, becomes more gentle (5) TAMER MAsTER*
21 Indian bread covered with minty chutney (not new) becomes a contaminant (8) IMPURITY {MInTY}* over {PURI}
23 Vegetable that is found in long bones? (6) ?A?R?? (Addendum - MARROW [DD] - See comments)
27 Break apart around old woman's inn at last and get an evening drink (9) SUNDOWNER {SUND{O}{W}{inN}ER}
28 My Spanish-French friend is in American city (5) MIAMI {MI}{AMI}
29 Latest tenancy charges around London district (6) RECENT {R{EC}ENT}
30 Loss of courage — cause/result of frost-bite? (4,4) COLD FEET [DD]

1   Some sort of spice results in great stories (5) EPICS*
2   Stipulation can modify behaviour (9) CONDITION [DD]
3   Number of musketeers hiding in undergrowth/reeds (5) THREE [T]
4   One, for example, has no hesitation to make you senseless (4) NUMB NUMBer
6   Bangalore University artist dives back into chest to get some capital (9) BUCHAREST {BU}{CH{RA<=}EST}
7   Be as a team in East Street (5) EXIST {E}{XI}{ST}
8   A person who arrives after time can be a mere clot (9) LATECOMER*
9   Helping donkey is troublesome at first in Germany (9) ASSISTING {ASS}{IS}{Tr...e}{IN}{G}
14 Making about a thousand and burning (9) CREMATING {CRE{M}ATING}
15 Russian officer found Marco misbehaving and hugging young lady (9) COMMISSAR {COM{MISS}AR*}
16 PM's time for siesta (9) AFTERNOON [CD]
18 Hesitate, with anger, and charge (9) DEMURRAGE {DEMUR}{RAGE}
22 The button to press when dad is not totally pleasant (5) PANIC {PA}{NICe} Semi &lit
24 Targeted at All India medical education director at first (5) AIMED Acrostic
25 Audibly useless area near the end of the spine (5) ??I?T (Addendum - WAIST (~waste) - See comments)
26 So, Latin ogre went back (4) ERGO <=

Bhargav's Tale

Good AFTERNOON Ladies and Gentlemen,

The RECENT news brings us EXCITING times ahead!!
Yes, it is the Jumbo Crossword that will be clued by you all.
Hey just one MINUTE MAN. No PANIC.
The only CONDITION is that only two or THREE clues will be given to those who wish to send in their entries.
No COLD FEET there. Newbies who want to hone their skills are most welcome.
It is AIMED for release on the THCC Anniversary. Don't be a LATECOMER!!
Our COMMISSAR?  Oh no. Our Colonel is eagerly awaiting your entries. Frame your
Clues, have your SUNDOWNER and send them with a SMILEY!!!


  1. 25D Sounds like Waste - Waist
    23A Marrow - Double definition

    1. oops - missed reading - first-time commenter

  2. Enjoyable as ever. Was looking for a theme, but could not find any.

  3. 15D- trying to fit in Commadore for a while, though the young lady was staring at me.

  4. Just found that commodore sounds Russian is a U.S. Navy rank.

    1. Commodore is a rank in most navies

    2. My answer to 15d is commissar who is a Russian official

  5. Can 25d be waist and 25a marrow which as per dictionery is a long gourd

    1. Yes, both are right. Marrow is a DD (double def.- vegetable as well as bone marrow)
      Pl. refer main post & Eswaran's 8.44.

  6. 12a Smiley. Nice remembrance of the circus employee for us Le Carre fans

  7. Replies
    1. DAM is a female parent of an animal. It also is and Archaic word for mother. Look it up in a dictionary

    2. Thanks Col. I (wrongly) parsed the clue as mother backs (reverses) by (beside) a heel.

  8. 15D: Was the young lady Rosie?Was Raju the guide around to save her?

  9. Immensely satisfying puzzle thanks to the clues coming in handy. There is a chance marrow can be mixed up with yarrow.Once that is cracked waist becomes easy one.Thank you sir.

  10. CGB Sir:Lovely exhortations to cluers for the Jumbo Special with the accompanying cartoon๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€