Saturday, 20 January 2018

No 12219, Saturday 20 Jan 2018, Gridman

Answer and annotation for 5D left for a first time commenter till 10 AM

 Sort of personality a langur presents (7) ANGULAR*
5   Caught back with no-soft go (6) DEPART TRAPpED<=
9   Skimpy clothing item — if royal gets into it, there will be a crowd (5) THONG {THrONG}
10 Unexpected hazard by waving green wand (3,6) NEW DANGER*
11 Criticise a church academician producing a cure-all (7) PANACEA {PAN}{A}{CE}{A}
12 Enamoured of small hand covering (7) SMITTEN {S}{MITTEN}
13 Fend off the agent giving finishing touches to the deal (5) REPEL {REP}{thE}{deaL}
14 Late on transplanting a tree but free from blame (9) EXONERATE {EX}{ON}{A+TREE}*
16 Indicate I will finally make a pattern with dots (9) POINTILLE {POINT}{I'LL}{makE}
19 Analyse composition of pears (5) PARSE*
21 Criticise Left's emotional bond (7) RAPPORT {RAP}{PORT}
23 A model in that place — entertainment venue (7) THEATRE {THE{A}{T}RE}
24 Make a beastly noise with boy — our next-door fellow (9) NEIGHBOUR {NEIGH}{B}{OUR}
25 Boredom of central agency genuine (5) ENNUI {agENcy}{geNUIne}
26 Indian woman on Thailand thoroughfare (6) STREET {STREE}{T}
27 Sena's operation over dead society causes grief (7) SADNESS {SA{D}NES*}{S}

1   This gives you "no sweats" (14) ANTIPERSPIRANT [CD]
2   N, W or G have changed and are rebelliousquite big! (5-2) GROWN-UP {N W OR G}<=
3   Sound record — one about criminal (7) LOGICAL {LOG}{1}{C}{AL}
4   What a visitor at the front door might do — does it arouse memory? (4,1,4) RING A BELL [DD]
5   What a children's game gives in hills (5) D?W?S (Addendum - DOWNS [DD] - See comments)
6   Pair disheartened by a business in confection (7) PRALINE {PaiR}{A}{LINE}
7   Rashly target a boat race (7) REGATTA*
8   Perks you will not want to fall over the edge (6,8) FRINGE BENEFITS [CD]
15 Upsets open vessels (9) OVERTURNS {OVERT}{URNS}
17 Mark Public Relations in one plant (7) IMPRINT {1}{M{PR}INT}
18 You once grabbed big bird's foot (7) TROCHEE {T{ROC}HEE}
19 Fake it before nurse? (7) PRETEND {PRE}{TEND}
20 Unite in a rush on first train (7) RETINUE {RE}{UNITE*}
22 Advocate holding river fish (5) TROUT {T{R}OUT}

Reference List
Soft = P, Church = CE, Agent = REP, Late = EX, Criminal = AL

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Bhargav's Tale

SMITTEN with a desire to drive away his ENNUI Jack left home with a jill mood after spraying himself with some ANTIPRESPIRANT lest he REPEL someone close to him.
He stepped into the STREET and walked towards the nearby ANGULAR THEATRE.
His LOGICAL thinking: " After all I am a GROWN UP."
The PANACEA soon was sighted by him.
Poster of a dancer in a THONG.
He looked around to check that no NEIGHBOUR was around.
He sees his dad near the counter.
Poor Jack's mood SADDENS as he had
quickly DEPART.


  1. Children's game / gives the hills ( The hills have slopes or downs)

  2. Absolutely smooth flowing and most enjoyable CW. Thank you Gridman. The 2 long vertical CD's were so very nicely worded that there could be no doubts.
    The only difficulty were in a couple of clues where I got the solutions first and worked back the anno.
    Thank you Col. for Ramesh-like blog.

  3. What a children's game gives
    What see-saw gives - DOWNS (along with UPS, of course)

  4. Enjoyed the crossword today CV sir..