Sunday, 7 January 2018

The Sunday Crossword No 2977, Sunday 07 Jan 2018

1   Stopped after bad upset (8) OFFENDED {OFF}{ENDED}
6   Time beside stream making tremulous sound (5) TRILL {T}{RILL}
9   Personnel murmur nervously near informants (5,9) HUMAN RESOURCES {HUM}{NEAR*}{SOURCES}
11 Check praise, omitting line with appeal (5) AUDIT {lAUD}{IT}
12 Tapering object outside study, small telescope (8) CONDENSE {CON{DEN}{S}E}
14 Values cherished by democrat especially (5) RATES [T]
16 Instrument in place for playing arrangement (8) RECORDER {REC}{ORDER}
17 Doctor, traveller around east also (8) MOREOVER {MO}{RO{E}VER}
18 Complete expression of distaste for money (5) DOUGH {DO}{UGH}
21 Sweet not well covered with marzipan? (8) PASTILLE {PAST{ILL}E}
22 Formerly storing uranium, tiny amount (5) OUNCE {O{U}NCE}
24 Composer from south in going here grew excited (6,8) GEORGE GERSHWIN {S} in {GOING+HERE+GREW}*
25 People in revolution breaking heart of fogeyish opponent (5) ENEMY {MEN<=} in {fogEYish}
26 Spirit in amusing prelude to announcement of winner (4,4) DRUM ROLL {D{RUM}ROLL}

2   Located article, one among many with sound structural basis (10,5) FOUNDATION STONE {FOUND}{A}{T{1}ONS}{TONE}
3   Precise demand (5) EXACT [DD]
4   Challenge lawyer on limits of role (4) DARE {DA}{RolE}
5   Throw party before noon? Sure thing (10) DISCONCERT {DISCO}{N}{CERT}
6   Number filled with energy supporting team initially roared (9) THUNDERED {Team}{HUND{E}RED}
7   Online scan quite absurdly trivial (15) INCONSEQUENTIAL*
8   Speaker's moral decline (6) LESSEN (~lesson)
10 Trade show's objective (4) FAIR [DD]
13 Translation of Virgil, deep and rich (10) PRIVILEGED*
15 Meet and mix endlessly over year, apparently (9) SEEMINGLY {SEE}{MINGLe}{Y}
19 Command given to dog in list (4) HEEL [DD]
20 Top mimic capturing monster, right away (6) APOGEE {AP{OGrE}E}
22 More trouble with book out (5) OTHER bOTHER
23 Language used by chauffeur dutifully (4) URDU [T]



  1. Special at 10:30 will have both the CWs used at the on stage round of the IXL Finals

  2. The link to the Sunday Crossword in the online paper appears under 'Society-Faith-History&Culture' !!!

    1. This may be new. But I saw the link through the regular route, as before, Today's Paper/Sunday Magazine/The Sunday Crossword No. 2977

  3. 11a - I got the answer, but couldn't reconcile that appeal = it.

  4. 11a- got the answer , but couldn't reconcile that appeal=it

    1. Appeal=Sex Appeal=it..a common crossword usage