Sunday, 21 January 2018

The Sunday Crossword No 2979, Sunday 21 Jan 2018

1   Moments to turn around fringe projects (7) SCHEMES {SECS<=} around {HEM}
5   Settlement made by prince in drama (6) HAMLET [DD]
10 Little consolation in court keeping outdated business from changing (4,7) COLD COMFORT {C{OLD}{CO}{FROM*}T}
11 Colour and flavour, not good (3) TAN TANg
12 Free almost up to end of voyage (5) UNTIE {UNTIl}{v...gE}
13 Eager bull disturbed butterfly (5,4) LARGE BLUE*
14 Past subject, consuming half of saga, to know similarly (2,3,4,5) BY THE SAME TOKEN {BY}{THE{SAga}ME}{TO}{KEN}
17 Charade may fail to shake physicist (7,7) MICHAEL FARADAY*
21 Account about popular Pacific island mostly using two languages (9) BILINGUAL {BIL{IN}{GUAm}L}
22 Hostile, dismissing a piece of poetry (5) VERSE aVERSE
24 Earlier round in casino game (3) AGO [T<=]
25 Caper involving revolutionary attack and rescue (11) DELIVERANCE {D{REVILE<=}ANCE}
26 Amount of medicine that's wise after party (6) DOSAGE {DO}{SAGE}
27 Satisfaction about costume (7) REDRESS {RE}{DRESS}

1   Yields reserves, including carbon copy, with hesitation (8) SUCCUMBS {SU{CC}{UM}BS}
2   Leave time for composer (5) HOLST {HOLS}{T}
3   Spice cut by moving the knife (7) MACHETE {MAC{THE*}E}
4   Tune you miss, all distracted at the same time (14) SIMULTANEOUSLY*
6   Traced fantastically old style of design (3,4) ART DECO {TRACED*}{O}
7   Cover, outside dry shelter, new part of connecting rod (6,3) LITTLE END {LI{TT}{LEE}{N}D}
8   Offer, not tough (6) TENDER [DD]
 Rising initially in rank with fresh face, devotee and bringer of luck (4-4,6) FOUR-LEAF CLOVER {FOU{Ri...g}L}{FACE*}{LOVER}
15 Republican, bad one among lots and lots (9) TRILLIONS {T{R}{ILL}{1}ONS}
16 Heap of combustible material observed up in mountains (8) PYRENEES {PYRE}{SEEN<=}
18 Be in suspense with boxer perhaps looking defeated (7) HANGDOG {HANG}{DOG}
19 Blushing about always being admired (7) REVERED {R{EVER}ED}
20 Sailor with stash, not hot, on ship? (6) ABOARD {AB}{hOARD}
23 Get up around noon and wash (5) RINSE {RI{N}SE}

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