Tuesday, 16 January 2018

No 12215, Tuesday 16 Jan 2018, Skulldugger

Answer and annotation of 7D left for a irregular commenter till 10AM.

9   Assembly impeaches Rob for violation of union vow (6,2,7) BREACH OF PROMISE*
10 Bonny greeting invading British soldiers gave Australian girls! (7) SHEILAS {S{HEIL}AS}
12 Souchong season or Macha moment that's part of the afternoon (7) TEATIME {TEA}{TIME}
13 Nice caretaker in building coercing Egyptian (9) CONCIERGE {COERCING}*{E}
14 Get away from Steve, Dave going West (5) EVADE [T<=]
15 Need cordial knight to leave, in short (7) LACONIC {LACk+tONIC}
18 Marijuana in the main sushi ingredient! (7) SEAWEED {SEA}{WEED}
21 An alternative television anchor debuts on the bloody tube! (5) AORTA {A}{OR}{Te...n}{An...r}
23 Amber ales can be sort of light in small quantity (5,4) LASER BEAM*
25 Slight disturbance after Henry escapes nuthouse (7) TENUOUS NUThOUSE*
26 Pink wine partner downed regularly (7) ROSEATE {ROSE}{pArTnEr}
29 Expectant mother’s expectation: thousand silly, snickering sons (7,8) MORNING SICKNESS {M}{SNICKERING+SONS}*

1   Japanese sashes with robe Lisa uncovered (4) OBIS {rOBe+lISa}
2   Shoetree irregularly used at this point (4) HERE sHoEtReE
3   Boy about to choose a dishwasher (8) SCULLION {S{CULL}{I}ON}
4   Efficient Tom, doctor, finds addict (6) MOUSER {MO}{USER}
5   Immaculate, unlike a leopard (8) SPOTLESS [DD]
 Move round gallery on comeback tour regularly (6) ROTATE {tOuR<=}{TATE}
7   Spruce up notes by order of Lawrence (8) ?I?I?A?E (Addendum - TITIVATE {TI}{TI}{VA}{TE} - See comments)
8   Clergyman always bridges divide (8) REVEREND {R{EVER}END}
11 Uproar after question reportedly led to expression of suspicion (3-2) HOO-HA {~who}{HOO}-{HA}
15 Interval between start and finish of Bedlamite's decapitation and mutilation (4,4) LEAD TIME {bEDLAMITE}*
16 When miserable, carry on embracing love that's hearty! (8) CORONARY {CARRY+ON}* over {O}
17 Mysteriously collapsing after killing op, what a pilot responds to (4,4) CALL SIGN CoLLApSING*
19 Half smooch a crush before alpine social (5-3) APRES-SKI {A}{PRESS}{KIss}
20 Demand right (5) EXACT [DD]
22 Anonymous Spanish gentleman is quite the looker (6) ADONIS {A}{DON}{IS}
24 Sally, that is beyond kind (6) SORTIE {SORT}{IE}
27 Encourage excellent punt (4) ABET {A}{BET}
28 Effortlessness displayed in striptease (4) EASE [T]



  1. Fairly straight forward and easy, except for a couple of new words.

  2. Replies
    1. Karthikeyan, anybody can spell out the answer. Please provide the annotation as well as mentioned in the opening comment of the blog

  3. Notes - TI-TI
    Order of Lawrence - VATE

    1. Notes=TI TI
      Order=VA(Order of Protection)

    2. VA might also be Victoria & Albert Order

  4. A puzzle set very intelligently. The long phrases are a delight to decipher and are very appropriate !

  5. Replies
    1. I am with Vasant, Col.
      VA= Royal Order of Victoria and Albert
      TE= Thomas Edward Lawrence
      Though it looks difficult to annotate, this is nearest, I think.

  6. Liked this puzzle a lot. Could do it now only. Liked the two long ones(Breach of Promise and Morning Sickness). Spotless was nicely clued. Titivate and Sheilas were new words for me.

  7. If I remember right, we have come across Sheila in THC earlier. I remember it since it sounds so Indianish.

  8. Sheila is the name used for Aussie girls --( Bhavan to clarify ) like lassie amongst the Scots and Colleen amongst the Irish.

    SHeila met the Concierge during her Lead time and had a tenuous and tumultuous afternoon with him during teatime as he was quite the irresistible Adonis. This resulted in a morning sickness bout for Sheila and despite repeated request for an early wedding, the Concierge indulged in evasive action and was accused of a breach of promise.For him, oit was just a sortie with ease. This led Sheila to an aortic coronary disaster and she , alas succumbed to it !! Sad, isn't it ?

  9. Alas!
    The news about the lass turned out to be false.
    It must be mentioned HERE that her character was SPOTLESS. It was strong, not TENUOUS.
    She was indeed one who could EVADE any ADONIS with EASE.
    But these days there are many who want to create a HOO-HA. And there are any number of channels to ABET them.
    We are in Kali-yug and that could be the EXACT reason for all this nonsense!!

  10. Thanks CGB: The blog was missing your stories and hence I stood in for you ! I succeeded in luring you back !

  11. Raju's story at 1:16 and CGB's at 3:05 if studied by a psychologist at the Army Service Selection board would have got CGB selected and Raju rejected