Wednesday, 17 January 2018

No 12216, Wednesday 17 Jan 2018, Aspartame

Answer and annotation of 19A left for a rookie commenter till 10 AM

6    British revolutionary eats one, then second loaf of bread (7) BRIOCHE {BR}{1}{lOaf}{CHE}
7    Let's try to buy stuffing of unprepared pastry (7) STRUDEL {ST{cRUDe}EL*}
9    Come close to disrobed girl being shielded (5) NUDGE {NUD{G}E}
10 Dishonest editor's withdrawal requires authorisation (9) DESIGNING {ED<=}{SIGNING}
11 Grapes for a concubine (7) SULTANA [DD]
13 Fuss about king being guarded by individuals of martial art (6) AIKIDO {A}{I}{K}{I}DO}
15 Thong curled in another thong, maybe (13) UNDERCLOTHING*
19 Deceased leader of gang gets buried at first by religious person (6) O?L?T? (Addendum - OBLATE {mOB}{LATE} - See comments)
20 Small crate of ice-cream midway exported is returned, being illicit (7) BOOTLEG Anno pending (Addendum - {BOx}{GELaTO<=} - See comments)
23 Displaying jewellery with elaborate decor (9) RECORDING {R{DECOR*}ING}
24 Inert liquid is in three parts (5) TRINE*
26 Sprite affects girl and men (7) GREMLIN*
27 Information often needs to be checked for recency (7) NEWNESS {NEW{NeEdS}S}

1    Pestles broke shell to reveal skin (4) RIND gRINDs
2    Dined on Meze with little chili, got a skin infection (6) ECZEMA {E{Ch..i}ZEM*}{A} Dined as Anagrind?
3    Solemn music that can occur in a zombie movie (4,5) DEAD MARCH [CD]
4    Ill-mannered king imprisoned being narrow-minded (8) PRIGGISH {P{R}IGGISH}
5    Notice by district inspector: Lot kidnapped one criminal more (10) ADDITIONAL {AD}{DI}{T{1}ON}{AL}
6    Dismiss bachelor with auditor's job (6) BANISH {BA}{NISH}(~niche)
7    Miso soup is somewhat average (2-2) SO-SO [T]
8    Army division executes leader for money (6) LEGION (-r+l)LEGION
12 Lines of code written to describe king of Mongolia, say (10) LANDLOCKED {L}{AND}{L}{OC{K}ED*}
14 Banishing worry being sad (9) WOEBEGONE {WOE}{BEGONE}
16 Totally, ten robbed one bank (8) ENTIRELY {TEN*}{1}{RELY} Robbed as Anagrind?
17 Engineers got time filling in for idiot (6) TOERAG {ERA} in {GOT}*
18 Leave English exam getting highest sectional scores (6) EGRESS {E}{GRE}{Se...l}{Sc...s}
21 Terracotta wagons smuggled into city (6) OTTAWA [T]
22 Family purchases large oven (4) KILN {KI{L}N}
25 Frozen dice are thawed (4) ICED*



  1. 20A Small crate = BOOT, ice-cream midway=gel (not yet formed) <= returned =LEG.

  2. Small crate:Bo(-x)
    Ice cream: gelato midway:a removed gelato ≤- otleg
    Bo otleg

  3. 19A OBLATE , Diceased = LATE, Leader of Gang = BOss , buried ( reversal indicator may be ) ; OB +LATE

    1. O (=lead letter of 'of')+b (=first letter of 'buried')+late (=deceased) = OBLATE
      The word 'gang' stands for arranging together - an indicator.
      This is my understanding.

  4. 16DN Since rob is rip off, it might work as anagrind

    1. May be but certainly not in standard usage. And cannot see 'dined on' as anagram ind by any stretch of the imagination.

  5. Tough puzzle; didnt get TOERAG and couldnt parse BOOTLEG.
    Thought 3D was D&CD with the second def being cryptic.

  6. Many Happy returns of the day CV.

  7. 19 A oblate
    Deceased leader of gang mob - m = ob + late

  8. CV : Happy birthday to you and many happy snruter of the day ! May The Almighty keep you in good health and spirits . Sapna & Raju

  9. Thanks all for your HBD wishes.