Saturday, 6 January 2018

No 12208, Saturday 06 Jan 2018, Neyartha

Answer and annotation for 7D, the theme of this crossword & the theme words are left for  rookie commenters till 10 AM.


1. Exalted star welcomes salesman sent back by a gangster (8) SUPERNAL {SU{PER<=}N}{AL}
5. Sour extract from the Honduran cider (6) RANCID (T)
9. Yet to be moulded dean? Push training with.. (8) UNSHAPED {DEAN+PUSH}*
10. bat // from a plant // making a machine for the textile industry (6) WILLOW (MD)
11. Ones indulging in audible throwing? (14) VENTRILOQUISTS (CD)
14. Overactive monarch's behind the excessive promotion (5) HYPER {HYPE}{R}
16. Watch Suzi in disguise at a site of Nazi atrocities (9) AUSCHWITZ {WATCH+SUZI}*
17. Parliamentarian considering irregular urea use to fit the bill (7,2) MEASURE UP {MP} around {UREA+USE*}
19. Student (one dismounting from a horse after commencement) gets a sharp hooked claw (5) TALON {sTALliON}
20. The nature of some clues in this puzzle? (14) ANAGRAMMATICAL (E)
23. Summit success makes Henry go back to following a Buddhist doctrine (6) ZENITH {ZEN}{(-h)IT(+H)}
24. Catastrophic upset breaks drunk Mani at the summit (8) MERIDIAN {MANI*} around {DIRE<=}
25. Scramble to get some of the frozen cod entree (6) ENCODE (T)
26. Power-usurping Libyan leader with ability to get a reading from a plane's cockpit (8) ALTITUDE {A(-p+Libyan)TITUDE}


1. Shoot // a Gulf War weapon (4) SCUD (DD)
2. Part-time peacekeepers seize ship sailing away (5) POSSE {POSSEss}
3. Fast breeder, one delivering power efficiently? (7) REACTOR (CD?) (DD) See comments
4. Bedlam is regularly ignored after troubled marine goes around California to get an ornamental tree (8,3) AMERICAN ELM {MARINE*} around {CA}+ bEdLaM}
6. Astrolabe reading made in the Arizona hut's messed up after a short online message creeps in (7) AZIMUTH {AZ}+{HUT*} around {IM}
7. Heavenly resin from the south kept outside the quarter in order to avoid the Irish leader (9) C?L?S?I?L CELESTIAL {C{E}{LEST}{Irish}AL<=} See comments
8. Slimming dingo wins mysteriously after reception of the last letter (10) DOWNSIZING {DINGO+WINS}* around {Z}
12. Model left to tape hog's aloe treatment related to the gullet (11) OESOPHAGEAL {tAPE+HOGS+ALOE}*
13. Primate's bell entertains the old man (attached to New Zealand) and Edward (10) CHIMPANZEE {CHIM{PA}{NZ}{E}E}

15. Anchor Pai's strange writing related to some ancient Egyptian rulers (9) PHARAONIC {ANCHOR+PAI}*
18. Chronologically ambiguous document, initially cleared by the king, is yet to be censored (7) UNRATED {UN(-document+R)ATED}
19. The named thing turns up after absorbing bismuth, lithium, and sulphur in a Georgian city (7) TBILISI {T{BI}{LI}{S}I<=}
21. A privilege for the auditor to make a farewell remark (5) ADIEU {A}{~DUE}
22. Singles in conversation at the start of a story? (4) ONCE {~ONES}

Reference List
Star=Sun, Salesman=Rep, Gangster=Al, Monarch=R, Parliamentarian=MP, Student=L, One=I, Henry=H, Power=P
Ship=SS, California=CA, Arizona=AZ, Short online message=IM, Resin=Lac, Quarter=E, Last letter=Z, Model=T, Old man=Pa, New Zealand=NZ, Edward=E, King=R, The named thing=It, Bismuth=Bi, Lithium=Li, Sulphur=S

Colour/Font Scheme

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  1. 3d, DcD? Fast breeder, a nuclear reactor. In electrical reactors consume reactive power of ac cycle and improve the load factor.

  2. Thanks. Updated the annotation

  3. The theme today is Science (Zoology: oesophagal, talon, chimpanzee; Botony: Willow, Elm; Physics: Reactor, Azimuth, Chemistry: Bismuth, Lithium )

    The solution for 7D should be CELESTIAL which means Heavenly; but not able to connect with resin or quarter.

    1. I think theme is a bit different.

    2. There is no point in just listing out the answer without attempting to annotate it

  4. 7D CELESTIAL resin from south CAL quarter=SETTLE avoid T (the) + I Irish leader

    1. Jacob:I think anno needs revision

    2. +1
      Resin from south lac<-
      Quarter Settle in order to avoid the settle* (-t)
      Irish leader i
      C (elest)(I)al

  5. C(ELESTI)AL<-
    That is resin from the south kept outside
    Rest of the anno to be worked out...

  6. 7D CELESTIAL = Heavenly : CEL from CELTS ( Irish Leader ) quarter= SE ( South East), LAIT = milk (of tree)= resin , from south - reversal indicator CEL+ (SE <-- ) + (LAIT <--)

    1. Chandrasekhar, you have quite a vivid imagination

    2. Thanks for commenting on a rookie like me. Mine was purely reverse engineering attempt.

  7. C(E LEST I)AL
    Quarter is E
    Avoid is LEST
    I Iis Irish leader
    E LEST I order

  8. 7D: I took it as
    Resin= Lac
    In order to avoid=Lest
    Irish leader=I

    1. If "quarter in order" as phrase indicates E, which may be. As opposed to just quarter leading to E.

    2. On checking, I found quarter could be any of the 4 directions- E,W,N or S. Sounds logical.

  9. HEAVENLY / resin from the south kept outside / the quarter / to avoid /
    the Irish leader.

  10. I thought the theme was related to geographical heights:
    Supernal, Measure Up, Meridian, Altitude, Azimuth, Celestial(?)

    1. With chimpanzee, talon, I took it as space travel

  11. I took astronomy as the theme

  12. Let us confirm through dictionary meanings if all these words indeed relate to geographical height:
    Supernal:of coming from or being in the sky or high above
    Measure up: meaning clear enough
    Meridian:(Astronomy):A great circle passing through the two poles of the celestial sphere and the zenith of a given observer. This also gives the other two theme words Zenith and celestial
    Altitude:meaning clear enough
    Zenith:The point on the celestial sphere that is directly above the observer

  13. Very interesting and absorbing puzzle. Except 1d & 1A I could crack all.Though most of the words are not in my active vocab. I could travel thus far thro' contextual inferences tallying across the grid. 11,20A 12,15D much appealing. Thank you very much for the thematic puzzle.