Friday, 13 April 2012

No 10436, Friday 13 Apr 12, Incognito

Welcome to another new setter, I'm losing track of the schedules!! 
1   - A bird chasing cat gets a hatchet (8) - TOMAHAWK {TOM}{A}{HAWK}
5   - Car hidden by an imp a lama brought (6) - IMPALA [T]
10 - Papa leaves the golf club, say (5) - UTTER pUTTER
11 - Marker advocating the dead to rest in peace (9) - TOMBSTONE [E]
12 - Good French Income Tax Officer gave us fish (6) - BONITO {BON}{ITO}
13 - Recite Om combination to describe rapid rise (8) - METEORIC*
15 - Get up, I am in Company Law Board (5) - CLIMB {CL{I'M}B}
17 - Expel from club and cut into pieces (9) - DISMEMBER {DIS}{MEMBER}
19 - Drug got when Palin did not start to follow the finger (9) - DIGITALIN {DIGIT}{pALIN}
20 - Acknowledgement that pirate flag is not jolly (5) - ROGER {jolly ROGER}
21 - Evidences of fountain pen usage on a schoolchild's visage (8) - INKBLOTS [CD]
23 - Caped crusader who had the first mobile, maybe? (6) - BATMAN [GK]
27 - Overcome soldiers for William's title (9) - CONQUEROR {CONQUER}{OR}
28 - Question a sitter (5) - POSER [DD]
29 - Saint covers ravaged isle and is most deceitful (6) - SLIEST {S{ISLE*}T}
30 - Hidden spies go round donkey to get sugary by-product (8) - MOLASSES {MOL{ASS}ES}
1   - Digit placed on one's nose for a pejorative gesture (5) - THUMB [CD]
2   - My uniting movement is revolting (9) - MUTINYING*
3   - Afghan city where heart is agitated (5) - HERAT*
4   - About 1/746 of one HP, say, what? (4) - WATT(~what)
6   - Athos, Porthos or Aramis, take your pick (9) - MUSKETEER [GK]
7   - Boundary score for a paper size (1,4) - A FOUR {A 4}
8   - Top tennis player or high achiever (3,6) - ACE SCORER [CD]
9   - Pens drama around a symbol (9) - AMPERSAND*
14 - Oar adults push around for laudators (9) - ADULATORS*
15 - Fish bits for medieval trouser accessories (9) - CODPIECES {COD}{PIECES}
16 - Palm seeds put in Indian paan (9) - BETELNUTS [CD]
18 - Two mothers-in-law is the punishment these two-timers get (9) - BIGAMISTS [CD] Will they be lucky or unlucky guys?
22 - Japanese write with these Chinese characters (5) - KANJI [GK] And we drink it here in India!!
24 - First one comes before Bravo (5) - ALPHA [DD]
25 - Northern Reds at sea become socially impaired intellectuals (5) - NERDS {N}{REDS*}
26 - Therefore, in Latin, ogre is confused (4) - ERGO*


  1. My usual welcome to Incognito:

    Josip Broz came to be called Tito,
    Il Duce was actually born Benito,
    Infamy or fame,
    What’s in a name?
    Anyway, most setters are Incognito.

    Sorry to put you in the same line as these worthies, but that is a peril you face for debuting on Friday, the 13th.

  2. Deepak

    Did you have a hand in changing the appearance of the Labels at left so that the tags are not in alphabetical order but in descending order of occurrences?

    1. Thought the two Ex-es top the list, NO.3 and 4 will cross them within a short time.

  3. Impala comes again within within a couple of days, now the car not the animal...

  4. Happy New Year to all of you.

  5. Deepak, loved the two car pictures. As you will recall the Impala was the choice car in old Hindi movies, usually owned by the heroine's father who was usually, euphemistically, in the 'import-export business'

    1. As kids we used to call the Impala 'Eyes with Kajol' as the tail lamps looked like a pair of made up eyes

  6. A Happy Tamil New Year to all solvers.

  7. 14 D LAUDATORS as an anagram also gives adulators.

    Did we have any such words before?

    1. I give below a few, though they might not have appeared in crossies:


      Maybe we can call them SYNOGRAMS or ANANYMS, both being portmanteau..

    2. Oh, I missed:


      which I am sure has come in crossies.

  8. Nice debut. Do you want to remain incognito?

  9. I have posted a detailed analysis of his crossword here:

  10. hi. thanks to you. i am hooked to crossword. i am able to solve most of them but for unsolved ones, i peek in at around 9 o clock. great going. thanks and happy tamil new year

    1. You're welcome, Unknown. It would be better though if we knew you!

  11. 2 incognitos on the same day?

    A belated Tamil New Year Wishes to all !

  12. Happy Tamil New Year Folks!! Another new Setter!! Its so easy to loose track of the Number of Setters!!

  13. Happy Tamil New Year ! Doubly glad that I was able to finish in 15-20 minutes flat.

  14. Commencing with dedicating the crossword to:

    the armed forces represented by

    the Admiral, the Colonel and any others that may lurk here from the other forces, IAF,BSF,CG, TA,

    and the unripe*,

    the civilians represented by

    the GM; Eve, the First Lady of Indian crosswords, other setters and solvers

    *persons who inhabit the grey area between the armed forces and the civilians, the persons who live in the shadowy world of cloak and dagger, who shy away from the fame or notoriety they may rightly or wrongly deserve, who remain nameless and...Incognito...

    A small Heads-up here: Till stocks last, all Incognito crossword puzzles will have at least one alternative name, alter ego, pseudonym or appellation of a person, entity, place or character either self-assumed or bestowed.Eg: Today, Batman is the alter ego of Bruce Wayne.

    Thanks to the Colonel for a great blog and to all solvers who tried this puzzle. I hope you enjoyed it.

    1. Thanks Incognito,

      So I was not off the mark when I was searcing for a Batman picture for 15D

  15. Regarding the Friday 13th and the Tamil New Year:

    shreyascha preyascha manushyametastau
    samparitya vivinakti dhirah /
    shreyo hi dhiro’bhipreyaso vrinite
    preyo mando yogakshemād vrinite //
    - Kathopanishad, 1/2/2

    So all the best to all of you for the New Year

    1. Interpetation of the above quote:

      The majority of the people, because they do not believe in re-birth,
      do not feel the necessity of enquiring into Shreya and Preya, and thus they become deeply attached to worldly pleasures, and they ruin this precious (human) body which even the gods rare to get, in animal-like sense-gratification. On the other hand, the wise and steady persons (dhira) who believe in re-birth
      and the other world, they attempt to thoroughly understand the pros and cons of both Preya and Shreya and like the discriminating swan, they accept Shreya rejecting Preya.

      - Interprtation by Sonaram Chutiya)

    2. With a surname like that he would have been the butt of jokes

    3. Shri Suresh above:-

      >With a surname like that he would have been the butt of jokes

      Well, not exactly. 'Chutiya' (pronounced 'Soo-ti-yaa') is a perfectly valid surname in Assam. Moreover, why would you stoop so low as to disregard the thought of an individual and look only into his/her surname!

      The interpreter of the above quote, Shri Sonaram Chutiya, is a respected Vaisnava scholar of Assam.

  16. To understand those terms I had to go to the Internet again:

    Sreyas = Acquiring possessions by Dharmic or rightful means for spiritual development. The prosperity an individual enjoys, when all around him also prosper. This is good and preferable.

    Preyas = Acquiring possessions by rightful means for worldly enjoyment (pleasure) which is materialistic.
    - taken from

  17. I appreciate the mission statement above by Incog.

    1. I think he missed out on descendants of the servicemen ;-)

  18. Thanks, CV, for translating that. Nice discovery by DS.

    Deepak, I was tickled by your rock polo cartoon.