Thursday, 12 April 2018

No 12289, Thursday 12 Apr 2018, Vulcan

Answer and anno for 9D left for a first-time commenter till 10AM.

1   European in an Asian country, in Iran maybe (8) ROMANIAN {R{OMAN}IAN*}
5   Film, one that's about honey (6) AMELIE {A}{MEL}{IE}
10 Memo from peace-lover accepted (9) BORDEREAU {B{ORDER}EAU} Thanks to Google
11 Butter with rice, every other herb (5) RAMIE {RAM}{rIcE}
Boehmeria nivea 1.jpg
By (ja:Boehmeria_nivea_1.jpg), CC BY-SA 3.0, Link
12 Good story originally about English filmmaker (6) WELLES {WELL}{E}{Story}
13 Hun's sad, yearning for divorce! (7) UNHITCH {HUN}*{ITCH}
14 Model, one playing the organ (8) MELODEON*
Harmonium 20151009 (23914086965).jpg
15 Mild cloth containing cotton primarily (6) PLACID {PLA{Co...n}ID}
18 Measure brought about by church following a row (6) TIERCE {TIER}{CE}
20 Nightwear's no good, fancy being naked (2,3,3) IN THE RAW NIgHTWEAR*
22 A murder — mutilated body part (7) EARDRUM*
25 Point essential to celebrating this festival (6) EASTER {EAST}E{c...bRa...g} E from? or is it EASTER [CD]
27 Pressure to sack the leader/coach (5) TRAIN sTRAIN
28 Review their past with a psychologist (9) THERAPIST*
29 Monroe sadly is ____ (2,4) NO MORE*
30 Flag rebel leader held aboard a ship (8) STREAMER {ST{Re..l}EAMER}

1   Red polish on somebody's toe (4) RUBY {RUB}{s...dY}
2   Smaller, extremely impressive exotic French city (9) MARSEILLE {SMALLER+Im   e+Ex...c} (Correction - {SMALLER+Im   vE}* - See comments)
3   Required to host 50, annoyed (7) NEEDLED {NEED{L}ED}
4   Dislike a design (8) AVERSION {A}{VERSION}
6   Lead like it's a war, say (7) MARSHAL (~martial)
7   One large university outside the perimeter (5) LIMIT {1+L+MIT}* Outside as AInd? (Addendum - {L}{1}{MIT} - See comments}
8   Observe dog's makeup (9) EYESHADOW {EYE}{SHADOW}
9   Tutor in wig rejected by university (4) ?U?U (Addendum GURU {RUG<=}{U} - See comments)
14 Shabby mat, the one that's dirty (4-5) MOTH-EATEN*
16 Wander, admire every second species and enjoy the moment (5,4) CARPE DIEM {ADMIRE+sPeCiEs}*
17 Returns with a notice (8) INTEREST [DD?] See comments
19 Officer is the head of operations, a crook, shielded (7) CORONER {COR{Op...s}NER}
21 Old and single, guy held as prisoner (7) HOSTAGE {H{O}{STAG}E}
23 State's in absolute mess basically (5) REALM {REAL}{Mess}
24 Drug, something smuggled (4) METH [T]
26 A celebrity from Costa Rica (4) STAR [T]



  1. 17. Returns//lookout(a notice) ->interest DD.

  2. 2d exotic is anag from ImpressivE.

  3. 7d outside as polish//exotic has to be anag indicator as per wp. Large one university//outside//the perimeter could have been a Multiple def.

    1. Col.'s question is right. Perimeter is the def. As per wp it is IL outside- how did it become LI?

    2. Paddy sir, I agreed with col Q. Outside has to be anag indicator. I jus gave my view if the wp was "large one" instead of "one large" out of learners curiosity.

    3. When did the expert become 'learner'?! I was just ruling out MD. Hope I am right.
      I know you try all methods +1 to justify/ understand the clue.
      BTW- It is just Paddy, no sir etc.

  4. Had problem in NW corner. Did not get 10 & 12A.

  5. 9 d Guru
    Wig... rug & u

    Is it correct?

  6. It is correct with rejected being the reversal indicator. As per Free dic, one of the meanings of 'Rug' (slang) is given as a toupee- could be extended to wig.

  7. 7 One large university outside the perimeter (5) LIMIT

    L & MIT outside I.

  8. Nice puzzle!Cheated on Bordereau, the LOI.

  9. Nice one. Was wondering whether the extra 'a' in 18a & 19d could have been avoided.

  10. The bouncer and the dancer - Part 6

    Enjoying his STAR status as a top farmer the bouncer remained PLACID and his attitude towards life was CARPE DIEM.
    But there was a minor skirmish once with the arrival of a ROMANIAN (high on METH) to their place by TRAIN during one EASTER day.
    Years back in Las Vegas he had seen the dancer many a time looking enchanting with that EYE SHADOW, UNHITCH often and sometimes IN THE RAW too.
    He attempted to hold the dancer HOSTAGE. He had failed to recognise the bouncer (quite natural!).
    That was the LIMIT.
    The bouncer bashed him and he fell unconcious looking as if he was NO MORE. He was treated as THE RAPIST.
    Became partially deaf with a damaged EAR DRUM.
    The MARSHAL arrived and soon set things right.

  11. Turning out to be a nice serial. Keep it up- you have eager readers.