Monday, 23 April 2018

No 12298, Monday 23 Apr 2018, Arden

Answer and anno for 20D left for a rookie commenter till 10 AM.

1   After naked confrontation, passed out — it was on top of the deck (3,2,6) ACE OF SPADES {fACE OFf} {PASSSED}*
7   Vegetable price reduced (3) COS COSt
9   Goat like reflection, try out (5) SATYR {AS<=}{TRY*}
Satyros Cdm Paris DeRidder509.jpg
By English: Epiktetos (signed) - User:Bibi Saint-Pol, own work, 2007-10-27, Public Domain, Link
10 Complaint again rule broken (9) NEURALGIA*
11 Romanised version, do it any which way (9) RANDOMISE*
12 Search most of the day for the animal (5) PANDA {PAN}{DAy}
13 Shackles broken by Greek in rage (7) CHAGRIN {CHA{GR}IN}
15 Wrote a book, essentially about God (4) THOR {auTHORed}
18 Keep complaining about instrument (4) HARP [DD]
20 It's not even delivered, weird! (7) ODDBALL {ODD}{BALL}
23 Floor to support the branches (5) STUMP [DD]
24 Give a conservative collection (9) OFFERTORY {OFFER}{TORY}
26 Man and woman just got married, one is from Northern islands (9) HEBRIDEAN {HE}{BRIDE}{AN}
27 She finds drug in the city (5) NIECE {NI{E}CE}
28 Tool used reportedly for everything (3) AWL (~all)
29 Harry sent in on board for a game (5,6) TABLE TENNIS {TABLE} {SENT+IN}*

1   A basis for vacating the land, not easily explained (8) ABSTRACT {A}{BasiS}{TRACT}
2   European school admitted one from English school (8) ESTONIAN {E{S}TONIAN}
 Give up because of a game (5) FORGO {FOR}{GO}
4   Place to stay and money for a retiree (7) PENSION [DD]
5   Work with union leader, others get extremely sullen (7) DOUREST {DO}{Un..n}{REST}
6   Refuse to enter, disgraced and cleaned up (9) SHAMPOOED {SHAM{POO}ED}
7   Businessman is persuasive (6) COGENT {CO}{GENT}
8   Quiet morning, one is in touch with spirits (6) SHAMAN {SH}{AM}{AN}
14 Gather on the dot — put one on the job again (9) REAPPOINT {REAP}{POINT}
16 One put up stake on a leader once (8) NAPOLEON {AN<=}{POLE}{ON}
Portrait of Napoleon in his forties, in high-ranking white and dark blue military dress uniform. In the original image He stands amid rich 18th-century furniture laden with papers, and gazes at the viewer. His hair is Brutus style, cropped close but with a short fringe in front, and his right hand is tucked in his waistcoat.
By Jacques-Louis David - zQEbF0AA9NhCXQ at Google Cultural Institute , Public Domain, Link
17 Script writers find these in nursery schools (8) PLAYPENS {PLAY}{PENS}
19 Saw perhaps affirmative action (7) PROVERB {PRO}{VERB}
20 Forces Spain to invade before attack (7) O?F?N?E (Addendum - OFFENCE {O{FF}See comments)
21 Complaint about a way to cook ham (6) ASTHMA {A}{ST}{HAM*}
22 Horny creature repeatedly calling the bird (6) BULBUL (~bullbull)
Brown-eared Bulbul 1.jpg
CC BY-SA 2.0, Link
25 Resin used as part of the washing cycle (5) RINSE*



  1. Needed help. Shaman was new to me. Knew it as seance.
    Playpen,proverb,Hebridean were enjoyable.

    1. Offertory,hebridean,dourest,shaman:new words but got them from wp. Didn't need to lookup any. Gave up on STUMP (even though floor led me there). All in all a nice Monday morning exercise.

  2. Ace of spades to be added to the list.

  3. 'cos' is not cabbage, as we call it? Free dic. calls it lettuce.

    1. Botanically also cos/romaine is a lettuce. Cabbage is brassica. Mustard family!!!

    2. Thank you. I am rather weak in botany.

    3. me too. i just know because i tried to learn making sandwich/burger from a chef few decades back. had a good lecture when i asked him can we have cabbage as ingredient.

    4. :-)
      Certain things you learn the hard way.

  4. Enjoyed today CW from ARDEN; plenty of nice clues.
    13A) should it not be SHACKLE instead of SHACKLES in the clue?

    1. Shackle is a single ring. More than one shackle (shackles), interconnected, is a chain.

  5. Col. Thank you for the links,particularly Satyr.

  6. The bouncer and the dancer - Part 16

    It was well past twelve.

    A dozen or so persons led by the local Pastor arrived in the scene.

    The Pastor spoke: "Let us not have any ODDBALL event take place. May it remain ABSTRACT. Treat this young child as your own daughter or NIECE."

    To his CHAGRIN the mystic had to be a moot spectator.

    NAPOLEAN had said (now a PROVERB) : If you want to do a thing right, do it yourself.

    The Pastor playing an ACE OF SPADES proved this beyond doubt.

    Sunder Smith the pseudo-SHAMAN in his heart of hearts took OFFENCE to the Pastor's deed.

    What happened next?

    1. Hope all the parts are in single word document. It would be a tedeous task to copy paste after a century or so.

    2. I have all the parts written in a notebook. Shall type them in one word document soon. Thanks.

  7. Nice puzzle!Ideal for a Monday morning. Particularly liked the deletions in 1A(fACE OFf), 15A(auTHORed)& the reversals such as 9A(SA<+TYR*). Thanks Arden.

  8. 20Dn : Forces Spain to invade before attack (7) O?F?N?E ()


    Forces = F F, Spain = Espana = E, Before = Once

  9. Surprising 20D is not taken by not so regular commenters.

    1. credit to col for graduating all rookies.

    2. +1.But there still will be many. Those who read the blog but hardly or never comment.

    3. It took me almost 2 hour to solve 16 crossword..I guess I am missing some trick..What is DD by the way..

    4. DD is Double Definition. See the left hand side tab for details of all clue types

  10. Randomise from Romanised - do it any which way is a nice wordplay with anagram.

    SHAMPOOED -poo pooh ! what a shame ! cleaned up though !

    Scriptwriters = pens? all the same , this is a nice clue. Similarly.Delivered= ball?

    I liked PRO VERBS.

    A basis= abs ?

    1. A=A
      Basis for vacating
      Basis is vacated to get BS(BasiS)

    2. For->as a result (of) vacating.

  11. It's not easily explained- as per Arden.

  12. Beautiful puzzle for a Monday Morning. Love you Arden.