Tuesday, 17 April 2018

No 12293, Tuesday 17 Apr 2018, Spinner

Spinner has spun in a topical story today.

Answer and anno of 11A left for a rookie commenter till 10 AM.

1   Man who alerts when combat claims ranger occasionally (6) WARNER {WA{RaNgEr}R}
4   They speak softly — When man’s away, they speak audibly! (8) UTTERERS mUTTERERS
10 From the same family as dead, angry on the outside (7) RELATED {RE{LATE}D}
11 Come earlier to catch and eat (7) P?E?A?E (Addendum - PREDATE [DD] - See comments)
12 Depend on pinching money, of late! (8) RECENTLY {RE{CENT}LY}
13 Endless criticism follows Spinner’s cryptic (6) MYSTIC {MY}{STICk}
15 Produced offspring with wife (4) SOWN {SO{W}N}
17 Scheme gives prize after classes (9) STRATAGEM {STRATA}{GEM}
20 Retiring one trapped in firm’s coils (9) SOLENOIDS {SOL{ONE<=}IDS}
21 Hero turning traitor after onset of scandal (4) STAR {Sc...l}{RAT<=}
24 Order head coach to quit for good measure! (6) DEGREE DE(-c+g)GREE
25 Rough patches for pair of students trapped in lawsuits (8) CALLUSES {CA{LL}USES}
28 One who causes a stir after a bit of tape ends up in pant (7) TROUSER {Tape}{ROUSER}
29 Committing crime, hiding a piece of jewellery (7) EARRING {E{A}RRING}
30 Verdict replacing captain with keeper ultimately results in mockery (8) DERISION DE(-c+r)RISION
31 Engraves note into plastic sheet (6) ETCHES {ET{C}HES*}

1   Combat gear for one watching over prisoners (8) WARDRESS {WAR}{DRESS}
2   Rice cooked with some lentils is a thing of historical significance (5) RELIC {RE{Le...s}IC*}
3   Filling oneself with ecstasy with a device when husband’s away (6) EATING {E}{A}{ThING}
5   Make use of a little earth on sticky strip (4) TAPE {TAP}{Ea..h}
6   Average person may never set! (8) EVERYMAN*
7   Approval for a cement construction on northeast borders (9) ENACTMENT {A+CEMENT}*{No...sT}
8   Foul smell from chest fluid surrounding base of nostrils (6) STENCH {STE{No...s}CH*}
9   Appreciation for mature person accepting a charge (9) ADULATION {ADUL{A}T}{ION}
14 Abrasive material appears and rightly, Australia’s leader sacked! (9) SANDPAPER {aPPEARS+AND}*
16 Grow red on turning into lawbreaker (9) WRONGDOER*
18 Misadventures of a piece of sandpaper breaking values (8) REVERSES {REVER{Sa...r}ES}
19 Foretells era taken over by media (8) PRESAGES {PRES{AGE}S}
22 Changed tendency to get upset by needs, every now and then (6) EDITED {TIDE<=}{nEeDs}
23 Scarlet liquid seen after beheading? (6) CLARET sCLARET* Semi&lit
26 Sadly, this overshadows man — one who is skilled! (5) SMITH {S{M}ITH*}
27 Thus reversed progress, partly (4) ERGO [T<=]



  1. The following may be added to the theme

  2. Super solver feeling. nice one

  3. Enjoyed the timely CW of Spinner reliving the enactment of Warner- smith enactment of their derisive stratagem.
    Thank you Spinner.

  4. 11A PREDATE (come earlier) catch and eat

  5. The whole clue of 30A nicely states the theme.

  6. The bouncer and the dancer - Part 11

    The mop up operations RECENTLY undertaken and all STENCH removed under Uncle Sam's supervision brought back the place to its old glory. ERGO the seeds of growth were once again SOWN.

    The STRATAGEM of adding a mini theatre screening movies of WARNER Brothers, Fox etc. a STAR attraction proved good earning the appreciation of EVERY MAN and woman of the hamlet.

    Things went on smoothly until the arrival of one SMITH, a MYSTIC with a
    Kadukkann (EAR RING).
    What happened next?

  7. Very few comments for a brilliant, topical puzzle.

  8. Excellent puzzle and no news (comments) is indeed VERY GOOD NEWS.

  9. Vasanth@12.02-
    Yes, disappointed. I was very excited after doing the CW and was expecting a lively discussion.

  10. I was counting the number of words that appeared both sides in the clue and answer (obv not in the same clue). Like man. How many do you count?

  11. Imaginatively compiled but simple clues like DEGREE, SOLENOIDS, SMITH etc. Enjoyed immensely. Thanks, Spinner, Srivatsan.

  12. Man man man
    Come on man
    What is ot man
    I see only man and woman
    Woe man
    The man alerts in 1 AC
    And the man is away in 4AC
    The Spinner in 13 AC is "OUR MAN"
    In 15 AC the WOMAN is a wife
    And the retiring one in 20 AC may be a MAN or a WOMAN
    The hero in 21 AC is surely a MAN.
    The coach or the captain or the keeper may be either MAN or WOMAN
    But when you go the pair of students you may get two MEN or two WOMEN or a MAN and a WOMAN!!!
    The husband is a MAN but the lawbreaker may be a MAN or a WOMAN.

    The MAN who overshadows all is EVERYMAN and besides MAN I am unable to see anyother word to Prasad's query.

  13. EAT appears in 11 across clue
    and 3 down solution (2)
    (1) is MAN

  14. (3) LATE appears in 10 across solution and 12 across clue

  15. (4) USE is seen in 28 across solution and 5 down clue

  16. (5) EVERY is seen in 6 down solution and 22 down clue

  17. Red 11 across solution and 16 down clue

  18. Sandpaper 18 across clue and 14 down solution !!!

  19. @sree_sree
    Ha ha. If this is a vision test mine could be 6/12 or even worse!!

  20. MANifold Manipulation is like MANna from aaasMAN !!

  21. Clavier, Piccolo and Record changer. Music in the air= LUFT flowing like Hansa=swan. Lufthanssa still still flies in the air.