Monday, 16 April 2018

No 12292, Monday 16 Apr 2018, Aspartame

Answer and anno for 15D left for a rookie commenter till 10 AM.

9   Fares to account for trading costs? (5,2,8) RATES OF EXCHANGE {FARES+TO}* [RA & &lit]
10 Before entering wrestling, find an authority (7) SUPREMO {SU{PRE}MO}
12 Church deity to create ceremonial chow (7) CHALLAH {CH}{ALLAH}
Challah Bread Six Braid 1.JPG
By Aviv Hod - Own work, CC BY 3.0, Link
13 Groups of thieves incite a riot (9) CONSORTIA {CONS}{A+RIOT}*
14 Take animal's head out to make a mount (5) EASEL wEASEL
15 Substitute some florist and inspector (5-2) STAND-IN [T]
18 Death of infected mice is common in a region (7) ENDEMIC {END}{MICE*}
21 Harry's friend is going back in to get amber residue (5) ROSIN {RO{IS<=}N}
23 Han girls drawing a place of peace (7-2) SHANGRI-LA {HAN+GIRLS}*{A}
25 Swap sides of glass carrier (7) TUMBREL TUMB(-l+r)RE(-r+l)L
La dernière charrette de Thermidor.jpg
By Raffet - book : "La Guillotine en 1793" ; Hector Fleischmann ; 1906, Public Domain, Link
26 Made up a story — pain and little nausea, to get rest (3,4) LIE DOWN {LIED}{OW}{Na...a}
29 Students welfare revolt troubling for companion abroad (6,9) FELLOW TRAVELLER {LL+WELFARE+REVOLT}*

1   Weaponry divisions (4) ARMS [DD]
2   A spinner is on ... (4) ATOP {A}{TOP}
3   ... large rock, tears are flowing over ODI gone bad (8) ASTERIOD {TEARS*}{ODI*}
4   American to offer shares to get out of financial difficulty (6) AFLOAT {A}{FLOAT}
5   Decry murder of retired union leader by artist (8) EXECRATE EXEC(-u+ra)RATE
6   Step right inside construction (6) PHRASE {PH{R}ASE}
7   He wants you to develop a new muscle (5,3) UNCLE SAM {A+N+MUSCLE}* Does he really?
By James Montgomery Flagg - This image is available from the United States Library of Congress's Prints and Photographs division under the digital ID ppmsca.50554. This tag does not indicate the copyright status of the attached work. A normal copyright tag is still required. See Commons:Licensing for more information. Public Domain, Link
8   This French caliph is somehow related to the head (8) CEPHALIC {CE}{CALIPH*}
11 Broadcast about military vessel (1-4) U-BOAT*
15 Saint gets thumbs up to make layers (8) S?R?T?F? (Addendum - STRATIFY {ST}{RATIFY} - See comments)
16 Build animal sign that is detailed (8) ASSEMBLE {ASS}{EMBLEm}
17 Space agency discovered youth showing abnormal voice resonance (7) NASALITY {NASA}{LIT}{Y}
19 Poetry about English lord consuming egg that's served up (8) DOGGEREL {E+LORD}* over {EGG<=}
20 Relative found in main lawn (2-3) IN-LAW [T]
22 Small passage (6) NARROW [DD]
24 Staying bright by listening to all-male song in the day (6) AGLEAM {A{GLEA}M}Anno pending (Addendum - (~glee){GLEA} in {AM} - See comments)
27 Glib leaders orate in large yacht (4) OILY Acrostic
28 Standard choice between new and medieval primarily (4) NORM {N}{OR}{Me...l}



  1. 24a a glee club is typically all male performance club

  2. 24A: GLEA ~ GLEE 2 a song with different parts for three or four unaccompanied voices, especially male voices.

    1. How come nothing shows up at the link given above?

    2. Its the link to search page (instead of home page) only col. Not to any specific search.


      You may have selected extra letters apart from the link.

    4. Dict. returned no answer for the word GLEA. How can this be valid, though glee is ok?
      And, AM stands for morning/before noon only. Not for full day!

    5. Seems to be a problem with the Chambers search site. It is giving a 'not secure' error and it does not give you the link to the word but link goes to the first page where the word has to be entered

    6. I think it has to do with separation of chambers and harrap. is better for search and posting a direct search link rather than

    7. You're right.

  3. 15D- STRATIFY Saint=ST gets (thumbs up)=agree=RATIFY (to make layers) = STRATIFY (8)

  4. 9A:I think that it is not an &Lit. Although the entire clue might define Rates of Exchange, there is no role of "account for trading costs" in word play. Perhaps semi & Lit?

    1. Don't rates of exchange account for trading costs?

    2. I actually have an exchange (foreign exchange p&l) account in my balance sheet

  5. Liked Col.'s tailpiece for Uncle Sam!

    1. 'Uncle Sam' symbol has been featured in a recruiting poster which states "I WANT YOU". Hence this clue, I presume.

    2. But the Q remains. Does he want you (THC)?

  6. Left half gave me a lot of trouble.

  7. The bouncer and the dancer - Part 10

    Thus the soldiers were EXECRATED as troublesome. They left behind OILY ARMS which were put away.
    The army officer, let us call him UNCLE SAM, took a liking to the place and wished to STAND IN with the bouncer to which he readily agreed.
    The lodge was again AGLEAM. Uncle said the lodge should have a name and suggested "SHANGRI-LA". The now empty TUMBRIL was neatly painted and placed as a relic.
    Soon Uncle Sam became the SUPREMO.
    What happened next?

  8. 29A Companion abroad or aboard?

    1. Companion aboard / companion to go abroad.
      Must be a typo.

    2. Companion abroad is correct. A fellow traveller is one who accompanies you when you travel abroad

    3. Fellow traveller can be in any mode of carriage

    4. Also means a Communist-- as they ysed to refer to Mr Karanjia of Blitz in the days of Bombay !

      CONSORTIA is a nice decoy clue ! Not necessarily a Group of thieves like the Diamondaires of PNB !

      Glib = oily= unctuous .

      Good clues from the repertoire of Aspartame !

    5. I have a lingering feeling the abroad was for US Solvers. Traveler/traveller. Companion means fellow traveller.

  9. CHALLA(H) reminded me of the song so beautifully picturised on Sadhna : Jhhumka gira re ---- Ring --- in which she teases a lot of lechs around asking for a ring ! . A Challa in Punjabi also is a maverick. a sir-phira !

    Dhoom Challe is what we have in large numbers in our politics- sycophants.

  10. I thank Aspertame for an eminently agreeable puzzle.