Sunday, 29 April 2018

The Sunday Crossword No 2993, Sunday 29 Apr 2018

1   Join together in company with drinks before church (8) COALESCE {CO}{ALES}{CE}
5   Device for calculating area covered initially in a vehicle (6) ABACUS {A}{B{A}{Co...d}US}
10 China, clear about power, ignoring France (9) PORCELAIN {P{fORCE}LAIN}
11 Car may well, at regular intervals, move slowly (5) CRAWL {CaR}{mAy}{WeLl}
12 Nobleman unknown in advance (5) EARLY {EARL}{Y}
13 Reduced number in coastal region by day (9) SHORTENED {SHOR{TEN}E}{D}
14 Easily outdo spies, sour after setback (5,5,3) KNOCK SPOTS OFF {KNOCK} {SPOTS} {OFF}
18 Ridicule inspector and anger people in quarrel (13) DISPARAGEMENT {DI}{SPA{RAGE}{MEN}T}
20 Arrogance in memo I'd amended with pen (9) IMMODESTY {MEMO+ID}*{STY}
23 Modules among best in use, on reflection (5) UNITS [T<=]
24 Unpleasant smell, not first to indicate fish (5) TENCH sTENCH
25 One delivering messages around Utah for designer (9) COUTURIER {CO{UT}URIER}
26 Bold call led by lawyer (6) DARING {DA}{RING}
27 Stealing hearts during match, especially (8) THIEVERY {T{H}IE}{VERY}

1   Element about work upset agent (6) COPPER {C}{OP}{REP<=}
2   Devices for slowing down broadcast? Pauses in speech (3,6) AIR BRAKES (~air breaks)
3   Always handy, went on working periodically (5,3,3,4) EVERY NOW AND THEN {EVER}{HANDY+WENT+ON}*
4   Outstanding lesson (5) CLASS [DD]
6   Cut rebuke of that complicated film about time travel (4,2,3,6) BACK TO THE FUTURE*
7   Tea? New range (5) CHAIN {CHAI}{N}
8   Freeze sauce to retain top condition (8) SOLIDIFY {SO{LID}{IF}Y}
9   Separate northern takeover, in principle, not right (8) UNCOUPLE {rU{N}{COUP}LE}
15 Spring up, diving into gift bag (8) KNAPSACK {KN{SPA<=}ACK}
16 Nothing pleasant about silly hint in a risky situation (2,4,3) ON THIN ICE {O}{N{HINT*}ICE}
17 Hand in a legal document, not English? It's accepted (8) ADMITTED {A}{De{MITT}ED}
19 Off course since daylight's last gleam (6) ASTRAY {AS}{d...hT}{RAY}
21 Neighbourhood style, according to report (5) MANOR (~manner}
22 Adolescent diary finally published? Hard to support that (5) YOUTH {d..rY}{OUT}{H}


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