Sunday, 1 April 2018

The Sunday Crossword No 2989, Sunday 01 Apr 2018

1   Court after blunder not having good influence (6) AFFECT {gAFFE}{CT}
4   Shining passion, right? Love our team (8) LUSTROUS {LUST}{R}{O}{US}
9   Attack in space seen in old-fashioned light (3,4) GAS LAMP {GA{SLAM}P}
11 Lord going round island aboard launch (7) PIONEER {P{I}{ON}EER}
12 Stand for picture (9) REPRESENT [DD]
13 Clear sound of aircraft (5) PLAIN (~plane)
14 Football club omitted radical reforms (8,6) ATLETICO MADRID*
17 Regiment's patron, old and single, in embrace? That is fine (7-2-5) COLONEL-IN-CHIEF {C{O}{LONE}LINCH}{IE}{F}
21 Artist and revolutionary son getting on (5) DEGAS {S}{AGED}<=
23 Stirred up, be cranky, dismissing a science fiction genre (9) CYBERPUNK {UP+BE+CRaNKY}*
24 Democrat in heavy defeat almost tearful (7) MAUDLIN {MAU{D}LINg}
25 Look at you, getting into European dance (7) EYEBALL {E}{YE}{BALL}
26 Portion covered by pretty small item of clothing (8) CULOTTES {CU{LOT}TE}{S}
27 Tension, some assert, still around (6) STRESS [T<=]

1   Cat shown by artist under tropical tree, miles away (6) ANGORA {mANGO}{RA}
2   Worrier in place supporting loud American (7) FUSSPOT {F}{US}{SPOT}
3   Trick involving meat and eel confused with lizard (9) CHAMELEON {C{HAM}{EEL*}ON}
5   Powerless to protect deposit? Extremely interesting (13) UNPUTDOWNABLE {UN{PUT DOWN}ABLE}
6   March broke up after time (5) TROOP {T}{POOR<=}
7   Start broadcast outside (4-3) OPEN-AIR {OPEN}-{AIR}
8   Song from Scandinavian about climbing in south-east (8) SERENADE {DANE}{RE}<=} in {SE}
10 Allowable departure from fact in Celtic epic one translated (6,7) POETIC LICENCE*
15 Born hater, unusually detestable (9) ABHORRENT*
16 Studious expert about plug and microphone (8) ACADEMIC {AC{AD}E}{MIC}
18 Joke for example with piano during interlude (3-4) LEG-PULL {L{EG}{P}ULL}
19 Bird above former rival (7) EMULATE {EMU}{LATE}
20 Gifts in first of seasonal dispatches (6) SKILLS {Se...l}{KILLS}
22 Leave rent (5) SPLIT [DD]


  1. 16D- AD from plug? (advertise?)

  2. An advt is usually inserted in a newspaper by the company concerned. Let's say a languishing magazine has no advertisers. It then enters into a deal with a company. "You place an ad in our paper and in the issue elsewhere we will write an article on your company and the product or service of yours." The advt appears in one place, say, back inner page, and an article on the company elsewhere within. This article is called a "plug" by the magazine.
    You would have seen in newspapers a quarter page of what seems to be an article with small bits about changes in company officials, opening of new branch, someone receiving a trophy for best salesmanship or some such. The items may relate to business, education, etc. These are not advts by company/people concerned. Though it is published like an advt it is not advt. It is a space given by the paper to keep their advertisers in good humour so they, happy that their name/pic has appeared in the paper, return to place advts in the paper.
    The paper does not want the thing to appear as news items with pics. What they do is collect them, place them in a box like an advt is a corner of the page where advts are placed usually..
    This was first started by upstart lower northwestern paper. The southern giant now follows it - like so many other things it goes in the footsteps of the competitor.

    1. Thank you,CV, for giving us an insight into the workings of a newspaper,be it a national daily or a tabloid/rag...

  3. In Tamil PLUG means "KUDUMI" (Tuft)!!!