Saturday, 21 April 2018

No 12297, Saturday 21 Apr 2018, Gridman

Answer and anno of 4d left for a first time commenter till 10 AM.


1. Lent // at a higher level (8) ADVANCED (DD)
5. Slight son leaving man with interest (6) LENDER {sLENDER}
9. Witness ace covering style (8) ONLOOKER {ON{LOOK}ER}
10. One in need or one indeed? (6) FRIEND (CD)
12. Not made up on a foundation of legality (4) REAL {RE}{A}{Legality}
13. Doesn't finish small bikini parts, and mini (5,5) STOPS SHORT {S}{TOPS} {SHORT}
15. Mouthpiece in //  Hindi or Tamil, for example (6) TONGUE (CD&D)
17. Animal near relative, we hear (5) BISON {~BY SON}
20. Ancient stockpile short and extremely rusty (5) HOARD HOARY {HOARd}{rustY} See comments
21. Everyone's satisfied about striker... (6) MALLET {M{ALL}ET}
24. ...who, because he is not working, may become one without job (10) UNEMPLOYED (DD)
27. Explain prisoners leaving in alignment (4) TRUE {consTRUE}
29. Are suffering in boring surroundings that's depressing (6) DREARY {D{ARE*}RY}
30. Acceptance of choice offered by publicity (8) ADOPTION {AD}{OPTION}
31. It may have a run in the pit or on the road (6) ROLLER (CD?)
32. Now's the result of the precipitation! (8) SNOWFALL  Rev Anag of {NOWS}


1. A number of directors on the train (6) ABOARD {A}{BOARD}
2. Common // kind of fraction (6) VULGAR (DD)
3. Reserve not big but new corner (4) NOOK {(-b+N)OOK}
4. Put forth champion, not soft at all (5) E.E.T EXERT {EXpERT} See comments
6. Gets to know Left's out but still wins (5) EARNS {lEARNS}
7. Sneaky Hyde on English river – where colour is changed (8) DYEHOUSE {HYDE*}{OUSE}
8. Again seeing // a possible requirement with a dud document (8) REDATING (DD)
11. Howzat // for charm? (6) APPEAL (DD)
14. Sanctuary announced without reservation (4) HOLY {~WHOLLY}
16. Frolic with doctor in obsolete prison (6) GAMBOL {GA{MB}OL}
17. Prepare the man to leave out ancient language (4) BREW {heBREW}
18. Undertake responsibility // for part of the road (8) SHOULDER (DD)
19. So long food's healthy (8) FAREWELL {FARE}{WELL}
22. Darn! I can do with some ointment (6) ARNICA (T)
23. Two boys face to face in doghouse (6) KENNEL {KEN}{LEN<=}
25. Soft impulse to cleanse totally (5) PURGE {P}{URGE}
26. Close with opponents after approval is put up (3,2) END ON {E}{N}{NOD<=}
28. Son on church seat to gush out (4) SPEW {S}{PEW}

Reference List
Son=S, Ace=Oner, On=Re, Small=S, Publicity=Ad
Big=B, New=N, Left=L, English River=Ouse, Doctor=MB, Man=He, Soft=P, Opponents=EN (East&North from Bridge)

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  1. 20A) should be HOARY; typo error

  2. The bouncer and the dancer - Part 15

    The team of SS, the dancer(swahili) and a few others ADVANCED into the now empty hall.

    SS was heard saying : FRIENDS, we cannot be mute ONLOOKERS to a dull and DREARY start to the New Year. Let us give a TRUE FAREWELL to the year begone with a fantastic dance performance.

    The crowd was thin. The girl took out her snake from the bag. It put out it's TONGUE and seemed to be in a mood to SPEW venom. She gently placed it on her SHOULDER. The audience withdrew to every available NOOK with A BATED breath.

    The record changer was switched on.
    The dance began but had to STOP SHORT before turning VULGAR...

    What happened next?

    An APPEAL that EARNS the TRUE appreciation of one and all.

  3. Ramesh blogging matching the CW in quality. A big 'Thank You' to both.

  4. A doubt about 2 D- Does 'Simple' also satisfy the clue? I had this in mind until I "Advanced' in 1A. Again a DD.

    1. In such cases we need to look at the crossing letters...

  5. 9 DD/CDs today without any full anagrams

  6. I liked the teasing surface of 13 A (diverting attention?)

  7. 20 A- We had a discussion here a few days ago about 'extremely'. Quite clear here.

  8. Couldn't like 14DN
    Holy = Sanctuary? Would have liked sanctified
    I felt sanctuary is noun and holy is adjective

    1. Hi KKR. Holy can be both adj and noun. From Chambers Dictionary, Holy (n) a holy object, place or (obs) person.

    2. Yes Doc. I too saw it there before writing. But not in a position to visualize or understand when you can use it as noun! We don't say "we went to holy[temple]"
      Do we?

    3. I wholly agree KKR! :) It doesn't sound natural. I guess it is in the context that CV Sir mentions (holy of holies)

    4. Interestingly, the Chambers Thesaurus did not recognize this as noun!

    5. Holy of holies is a single phrase/idiom used to refer to only one location. Holy as a noun seems to have no role outside of holy of holies. So can we pluck it out?

  9. 4dn. Put forth champion, not soft at all (5) E.E.T. EXERT {EX(-P)ERT}
    Def : Put forth

    1. My doubt- is 'at all' required?

    2. Not required for cryptic reading but makes the surface a lot better.

  10. Online Chambers is not the BRB. The latter records holy as a noun and gives meanings.