Thursday, 26 April 2018

No 12301, Thursday 26 Apr 2018, Arden

Answer and anno for 15D left for a rookie commenter till 10AM.

1   Perhaps Laurence Olivier was a multi-faceted personality (3,2,4,5) MAN OF MANY PARTS [C&DD]
10 Redeem when it's lunch hour (5) ATONE {AT ONE}
11 Plant and animal featured in movie (9) CELANDINE {C{ELAND}INE}
Flower October 2008-1.jpg
By Alvesgaspar (talk) - Self-photographed, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link
12 Greet, enter, clear a subject (7) CHILEAN {C{HI}LEAN}
13 Sensible? Sue can't become one (7) NUTCASE* Semi&lit
14 Quickly gets hard, a few times, say (5) TRICE ThRICE Reverse deletion
16 It's a lot — not even once husband is charged (9) OCTILLION {OnCe}{TILL}{ION}
19 Clerk, writer and tout (3-6) PEN-PUSHER {PEN}{PUSHER}
20 Tree under a small enclosure (5) ASPEN {A}{S}{PEN}
22 Offend American spy, call him an old woman (7) FUSSPOT {ofF}{US}{SPOT}
25 He never won in trials or any other event (4-3) ALSO-RAN [CD] [T] See comments
27 Complaint about cooked macaroni (9) CARCINOMA {C}{MACARONI*}
28 Sea and land, ultimately there is difference (5) BRINE BRIN(-g+e)E
29 Another friend takes interest, distinctively (14) DIFFERENTIALLY {DIFFERENT}{I}{ALLY}

2   One overthrow, one bats onit is what John Brown wanted (9) ABOLITION {A}{LOB<=}{1}{T{1}ON} Not sure of anno (Addendum - {A}{LOB<=}{1}{ON+IT}* - See comments)
3   Flower grown in the valley, exotic (5) OXEYE [Y<=]
Leucanthemum vulgare 'Filigran' Flower 2200px.jpg
By Photo by and (c)2008 Derek Ramsey (Ram-Man). Co-attribution must be given to the Chanticleer Garden. - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link
4   Sheer nonsense about Charlie protecting you from rain (9) MACINTOSH {MA{C}IN}{TOSH}
5   Material to tailor — only new (5) NYLON {ONLY+N}*
6   Smoke makes one break a bone (9) PANATELLA {P{AN}ATELLA}
Image result for panatella
7   Not tense, one under strain gets something to eat (5) RAITA {tRAIT}{A}
8   Man with Bible in church, by mid evening becomes a boozer (7) SHEBEEN {S{HEB}EE}{eveNing}
9   Charm of the maiden playing Tosca (6) MASCOT {M}{COSTA*}
15 Supply with grace, overlap provides balance (9) E?U?P?I?E (Addendum -EQUIPOISE {EQUI(P)OISE} - See comments)
17 Shift manager in Times, she is terrible (9) TERMAGANT {T}{MANAGER*}{T}
18 Just average, within a limit, perhaps (9) IMPARTIAL {PAR} in {A+LIMIT}*
19 Meet in school, looking serious (2-5) PO-FACED {PO{FACE}D}
21 French city's name in the back (6) NANTES {NA{N}TES}
23 Typeface shoots up (5) SERIF<=
24 Big breakthrough, article is for them (5) THOSE {TH{OS}E}
26 Arabs free Israeli (5) SABRA*



  1. 2d bats anag indicator for on it. Def is "what JB wanted"

  2. 14a gets->kills h from a few times. Is it reverse D?

    1. Guess TRICE gets H and becomes THRICE (a few times); hence reverse deletion
      IMO the clue also has a homophone "say"; Thrice say is TRICE

    2. Say, I think, is given to indicate Thrice may be a few times(it could be twice, four times, etc)

    3. (Quite) A few//several somehow is more than two//twice. Several times Starts with thrice.

  3. 15D) Defn: balance
    supply=EQUIP; grace=POISE
    P overlaps

  4. A doubt about Macintosh- main from sheer?

  5. Thank you Arden for reminding about Laurence Olivier- what an actor! Really a man of many parts. So happy to start off with it.

  6. 2 new flowers- a little guarded if it was flower or flow-er.

  7. A lot to like about this puzzle. Very entertaining. Man Of Many Parts,Nutcase, Fusspot were favourites. Coul get Pantella as I remembered this old Rufus favourite for Patella:
    Two girls, one on each knee(7)

  8. +1
    Patella has been a favourite since then and I remember CV once gave a list of a few clues.

  9. Next week onwards I am stopping the daily feature of leaving a clue for a first-time/rookie commenter as after the initial response we have gone back to the original state. The Friday feature will however continue.

  10. Refer my earlier msg regarding a meet at Coimbatore. If it is suitable to all can we meet on Sunday 6 Apr at lunch time. If okay to all interested I will discuss with Raju and select a suitable venue

  11. Tomorrpw whole day I will be out as I am going to Kerala for an engagement function

  12. Could someone Anno 28a . I am not able to make out -g+e

    1. Oops! I should have added please. Otherwise it sounds discourteous.

    2. 'To land' is 'Bring' something. In this, you replace G with E (ultimately therE) getting Brine (sea water)

  13. The bouncer and the dancer - Part 19

    Gombu stood outside the theater. It was drizzling. He saw a man in a NYLON MACKINTOSH walking towards him.

    Oh. It must be SS the NUT CASE he thought. (And ofcourse he thought right). Nut case because SS once he has
    set himself a target he will go any extent to achive it sometimes moving away from EQUIPOISE.

    SS on the other hand knew G to be a MAN OF MANY PARTS. As they entered the theater SS told G that he wanted to recruit three dancers.

    In a TRICE the curtains went up. Four dancers were seen. Nothing obscene.

    SS becomes sort of OX EYED. The music began. AILA AILA from the movie "I".
    One lass is doe eyed. One girl is distinctively Indian. G points towards SS and says "That is KAYALVIZHI (fish eyed). Aye is she not the TERMAGANT we used to see in the SHEBEEN while we were in Nairobi?

    PO FACED G in a hush hush voice murmured: Quiet! We are being watched.
    He almost vomited the RAITA as he said that.

    What happened next?

  14. Late but kept the date- and quite interesting at that.