Thursday, 10 January 2019

No 12520, Thursday 10 Jan 2019, Gridman

1   Foreign national's leading guide (4,4) POLE STAR {POLE}{STAR}
5   Seals up hundred defective soles (6) CLOSES {C}{SOLES*}
9   Ratios between small numbers create curiosity (8) NOSINESS {NO{SINES}S}
10 Steer deviously to old audio system (6) STEREO {STEER*}{O}
12 Cad leaves the fringes of circles (4) HEEL wHEELs
13 Musician who has no accompanists — a person excluded reportedly (3-3,4) ONE-MAN BAND {ONE}{MAN}{BAND}(~banned)
15 A user's beginning to stomach new fall in the US (6) AUTUMN {A}{User}{TUM}{N}
17 My absence from reassembled Red Army causes gloom (5) DREAR {RED+ARmy}*
20 Naturally bright but when Sun is out, it's dark (5) UNLIT sUNLIT
21 Wrongly blamed the noise (6) BEDLAM*
24 Not working because not in proper sequence (3,2,5) OUT OF ORDER [DD]
27 Every other such oath put down for foreign national (4) SCOT {SuCh+OaTh}
29 Hateful cricket game by old American (6) ODIOUS {ODI}{O}{US}
30 Accountant formed a mental image of one Congress leader pulled out and taken (8) CAPTURED {CA}{P1cTURED}
31 Society leader tried to change pace (6) STRIDE {So...y}{TRIED*}
32 Party pro's game over one complaint (8) POLITICO {POL{1}{TIC}O}

1   Wrap egghead taken out of dirty hencoop (6) PONCHO HeNCOOP*
2   Teaching period cut back, we're told (6) LESSEN (~lesson) Wordplay suggests LESSON as the answer
3   Dispatch regular payment without gratuity (4) SEND StipEND
4   No doubt a hot crime (5) ARSON [CD]
6   Reveal Left's revised note (3,2) LET ON {L}{NOTE*}
7   He barely runs (8) STREAKER [CD]
8   Faultfinders more raw aboard (8) SCOLDERS {S{COLDER}S}
11 Was a sign of old soldiers stripping reds (6) OMENED {O}{MEN}{rEDs}
14 Relative to stroll without a bit of jeopardy (4) AUNT jAUNT
16 Bruno and head of nurses worried — delivery awaited (6) UNBORN {BRUNO+Nu...s}*
17 Trade in timber (4) DEAL [DD]
18 We in Delhi get men to joust outside joint — that's funny (8) HUMOROUS {HUM}{OR}{jOUSt}
19 Fool that woman looking over one tailor (8) CLOTHIER {CLOT}{H{1}ER}
22 Duty of the French king after a month (6) OCTROI {OCT}{ROI}
23 Boss nears one old workroom (6) STUDIO {STUD}{1}{O}
25 Cast located (5) FOUND [DD]
26 Muse a long time about Thanjavur's top circle (5) ERATO {ERA}{Th...r}{O}
28 And in France you and I get a decorative case (4) ETUI {ET}{U}{I}



  1. Replies
    1. Filled in 'Lesson' and was suck for 'Heel'(felt like one?)

    2. This inadvertent error that escaped repeated checks, is regretted.

  2. Please see Comments yesterday on those following a Comment by Raju.

  3. Very enjoyable puzzle today.

  4. No one seems to have noticed the difference between : HE RUNS BARELY & HE BARELY RUNS ?STREAKER was the answer. Any comments ?