Monday, 7 January 2019

No 12517, Monday 07 Jan 2019, Gridman

1   Prevail upon salesman to return said leather variety (8) PERSUADE {REP<=}{SUADE}(~suede)
5   Don't let footloose friend return with chicken (6) BANTAM {BAN}{MATe<=}
9   More changes around each ruler (7) EMPEROR {EM{PER}OR*}
10 To do this, one needs no invitation! (7) INTRUDE [CD]
11 Parked in wrong place, I'm clasped in a strange manner (9) MISPLACED*
12 Pertaining to birth in South African province (5) NATAL [DD]
13 German song wasn't straight (4) LIED [DD]
14 Spoken to have a cover with recipient's name on (9) ADDRESSED [DD]
17 Lay to rest religious group's split (9) INTERSECT {INTER}{SECT}
19 Chase away, snap endlessly (4) SHOO SHOOt
23 Baby bug found in circular vat (5) LARVA [T]
24 One rouser played wrong (9) ERRONEOUS*
25 It's a lot off the top when one comes out of the barber's (4,3) CREW CUT [CD]
26 In the main, America gets you finally to friend (7) USUALLY {US}{yoU}{ALLY}
27 Not a sofa for taking rest for 24 hours (3,3) DAY BED {DAY} {BED}
28 Did men leave you scented? (8) PERFUMED PERF(-or+u)MED

1   Introductory statement before leisurely walk (8) PREAMBLE {PRE}{AMBLE}
2   Rejoinder in cut poster with edges torn off (7) RIPOSTE {RIP}{pOSTEr}
3   Rude fun truly topped (6) UNRULY {fUN}{tRULY}
4   Lineage by "child" gets rare, decent credits (6,7) DIRECT DESCENT*
6   Surprise regarding shin dislocation (8) ASTONISH {AS TO}{SHIN*}
7   UT stree made legal guardian (7) TRUSTEE*
8   Muse about cover coming off dish (6) MUESLI {MUSE*}{LId}
10 Roundabout way is outre (8,5) INDIRECT ROUTE {OUTRE}* [RA]
15 Diplomatic move takes a month indeed without head of Democrats (8) DEMARCHE {DE{MARCH}Ed}
16 Squinting, chief said I should end (4-4) BOSS-EYED {BOSS}{(~i)EYE}{s...lD}
18 Consumer grabs right in New York baby's room (7) NURSERY {N{U{R}SER}Y}
20 Gangster's noise over one-third of oodles wasting away (7)  HOODLUM {H{OODLes}UM}
21 US lake is still (6) PLACID [DD]
22 Overwhelm English girl by withdrawn complaint (6) ENGULF {EN}{G}{FLU<=}



  1. A pleasant start to the week. Not too taxing. My favorites are 5A, 28A and 22D. Thanks GM.

  2. Gridman hand held us through today's puzzle- ambled along effortlessly. Could not pars Boss-eyed.
    CD's had their brand name on them!

  3. I thought Monday morning blues were in Oz only. No takers here too.

  4. It was rather easy.... Thanks Gridman...