Saturday, 5 January 2019

No 12516, Saturday 05 Jan 2019, KrisKross


1. Cowardly person's career transformed by book (8) RECREANT {CAREER*}{NT}
5. Bill is wearing that woman's sunglasses (6) SHADES {SH{AD}E}{S}
9. Doctor therefore has to leave a plane (8) MOSQUITO {MO}{S{QUIT}O}
10. Interrogate soldier suspiciously (6) ASKANT {ASK}{ANT}
12. The mark of a legend? (9) FOOTPRINT (CD)
13. Ordered solar tests (5) ORALS {SOLAR*}
14. Rotate arms to become comfortable (4) SNUG {GUNS<=}
16. Good man, before start of elections, breaches promise and gets defeated (7) WORSTED {WOR{ST}{Elections}D}
19. Gents working to keep, say, something for a rainy day (4,3) NEST EGG {GENTS*} around {EG}
21. Cue to remove clothes for play (4) ROMP {pROMPt}
24. Dance we all love? Tango/zumba, primarily (5) WALTZ (Acrostic)

25. Without a perfect score, reportedly refuse additional time (9) EXTENSION {EX}{TEN}{~SHUN}
27. Each one is eating dessert (6) APIECE {A{PIE}CE}
28. Breaks in picture (8) SNAPSHOT {SNAPS}{HOT}
29. Say, a // landlord (6) LETTER (DD)
30. Judge's beginning to excuse a terrible sin (8) JEALOUSY {J}{Excuse}{A}{LOUSY}


1. Branch of family switching sides at war (6) RAMIFY {FAMI(-l+R)Y*}
2. Group of stars, or a single star (6) CASTOR {CAST}{OR}
3. Supply drug (crack) (5) EQUIP {E}{QUIP}
4. Love is about to be rejected by fine girl... (7) NOTHING {ON<=}{THIN}{G}
6.'s upset, got to hit a few bars! (9) HISTOGRAM {HIS}{GOT<=}{RAM}
7. Old name of city's entertainer, alias "Dancing Art" (8) DJAKARTA {DJ}{AKA}{ART*}
8. Coast around central Natal reserve (3,5) SET ASIDE {SE{naTal} ASIDE}
11. Load second tug (4) STOW {S}{TOW}
15. Chintzes designed by English philosopher (9) NIETZSCHE {CHINTZES*}{E}

17. During winter, children enjoy this // mushroom (8) SNOWBALL (DD)
18. Perhaps David's son visits a fortune-teller (8) PSALMIST {P{S}ALMIST}
20. Information about lake or valley (4) GLEN {G{L}EN}
21. Train soldiers to control rebel group (7) RETINUE {R{UNITE<=}E}
22. At heart, Ravan and Maricha possibly shun this God (6) VISHNU {raVan}{marIcha}{SHUN*}

23. Characters from Benares, not typically proud (6) SNOTTY (T)
26. North-eastern friend nation (5) NEPAL{NE}{PAL}

Reference List

Book=NT (New Testament), Bill=Ad, Doctor=MO, Soldier=Ant, Good man=St, Without=Ex, Perfect score=Ten, One=Ace, In=Hot, Judge=J
Drug=E, Girl=G, Man's=His, Entertainer=DJ, Second=S, English=E, Son=S, Information=Gen, Lake=L, Soldiers=RE, North-eastern=NE

Colour/Font Scheme

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  1. Special at 10:30 tomorrow will be the IXL-18 finals, preliminary round CW No 1

  2. Replies
    1. Not really. All the words are there and the instruction to change L to R is clearly given.

    2. Read letters for words.

  3. 1D and 2D cleverly clued. The crossers helped in finding answers but I could not parse.

  4. It's a Pangram and I winder why nobody pointed out!
    Nice enjoyable puzzle and Thank you Ramki.

  5. Excellent puzzle! Loved the smooth clues. My COD 22D. Thanks KrisKross

  6. Though I got Djakarta, I could not parse it. Neatly done. I missed the entertainer (DJ).

  7. RECREANT, ASKANT & RAMIIFY are Ramki’s askewed Creatiive thinking to make one look askance . Ramifications of a cryptic creator. Miscreant , as opposed to RECREANT is again cute. All in all, a good fare for a Saturday. Thanks, Kris Kross.