Tuesday, 1 January 2019

No 12512, Tuesday 01 Jan 2019, Dr. X,


I wonder why so many husbands are running away on this New Years day :-)

1   Belief essentially dividing world? (8) RELIGION {RE{beLIef}GION} &lit
5   Nastier guerilla angrily dispatches note (6) UGLIER GUERILla*
10 Partly retract a booze ban (5) TABOO [T]
11 Perhaps invents a lot essentially? (9) INNOVATES {INVENTS+A+lOt}* &lit
12 Hot disagreement in row! Be more prudent (9) THRIFTIER {T{H}{RIFT}IER}
13 Chop a little radish in hut (5) SHRED {SH{Ra...h}ED}
14 Ruins man entering to criticise (6) DISHES {DIS{HE}S}
15 Involved De Niro raging about President (5,2) ROPED IN {P} in {DE+NIRO}*
18 Spread suspicion about director (7) BREADTH {BREA{D}TH}
20 Department treating herpes (6) SPHERE*
22 Helped a venomous revolutionary imprisoned to escape (5) EVADE [T<=]
24 Turn to interrupt group that’s complaining (9) WHINGEING {W{HINGE}ING}
25 Very high on ecstasy, a fellow’s completely unable to hear anything (5-4) STONE-DEAF {STONED}{E}{A}{F}
26 Member in love rushed to embrace girl (5) ORGAN {O}{R{G}AN}
27 Taunt journalist about including appalling review (6) DERIDE {E{DIRE}D}<=
28 One breaking wildly erratic rules (8) CRITERIA {1} in {ERRATIC}*

1   Treat perhaps to eat egg roll (6)  ROTATE {O} in {TREAT}*
 Playboy’s occupation — taking one to bed when husband’s away (9) LIBERTINE {L{1}{BERTh}INE}
3   What novice swimmer should not do to lose temper completely (2,3,3,4,3) GO OFF THE DEEP END [DD]
4   Retired gentleman drinks alcohol after love dawns (7) ORIGINS {O}{RI{GIN}S<=}
6   Abstains from the spirit but dies (5,2,3,5) GIVES UP THE GHOST {GIVES UP}{THE GHOST}
7   Inert sadly! Do this? (5) INTER* &lit
8   Settled rift over border (8) RESIDENT {RE{SIDE}NT}
9   One making a ruckus right through nose, perhaps with a bit of rhythm (6) SNORER {SNO{R}E*}{Rh..m}
16 Pistol given by revolutionary upset about making a mistake (9) DERRINGER {D{ERRING}ER<=}
17 Dominated and cruelly bossed around, girl abandons husband (8) OBSESSED {OB{ShE}SSED*}
19 Run after woman in depression — blunder (6) HOWLER {HO{W}LE}{R}
20 Almost break up over difference of opinion! Becoming more inflexible (7) STIFFER {TIFF} in {RESt<=}
21 Lock up thug and accomplice in African country (6) UGANDA [T]
23 Secret love affair in the morning time after husband leaves (5) AMOUR {AM}{hOUR}



  1. To answer the question posed in the preamble...
    So the wives can have a gala time.

  2. New year greetings to all.

    Nice grid as usual Satyen. 2019 THC off to a good start already.

    1. Thanks Bhavan! Have a super year :)

    2. Yes, can't think of a better way to start the New Year!

  3. Happy New Year to All.
    What a beautiful puzzle to start off the New Year! Thanks Dr. X!

  4. The next S&B meet and the first for this year will be a lunch meet on Sunday 20th Jan.
    More details tomorrow.
    Bhavan/Buzzer will be attending.

  5. Nice puzzle to solve Doc. Wishing everyone a Very Happy New Year 2019

  6. Belated New Year Wishes and a big Thank You to all those who wished.

  7. Re. Col.'s by line-
    Doc. loves the husband and one can invariably meet a few of them in almost every puzzle!

  8. 'Go off the deep end'- what a novice swimmer should or should not do?
    If you go off the deep end you go to the shallow end?

    1. If the novice swimmer goes off (as in dives off) the deep end, he/she might drown :)

      Happy new year Paddy!

  9. Nice and apt &lit about Religion,Doc.

  10. 24A- Whingeing was new to me and I did not get hinge from 'tun' either. Tried to fit in U and gave up. Blog to the rescue.

  11. Happy New Year Everyone! Wonderful start to the new year. Enjoyed todays grid and lovely clues (struggled a bit with Whingeing though). Thanks Doc!