Saturday, 19 January 2019

Sloggers and Bloggers (S&B) Meet, Chennai, 20 Jan 2019

Our next S&B meet is scheduled to be held in Chennai. Details as under.

Date : Sunday  20 Jan 2019
Location : Chennai
Venue ;  Coffee shop 'Splash', Presidency Club, Ethiraj Salai
Time : 1 PM
Dress code for Gents - Shirt/T-Shirt with collar, Leather footwear (No sandals)

1. Bhavan (Buzzer)
2. Bhalachandra (xChequer)
3. Rishikesh (Gridman)
4. Col Deepak Gopinath
5. Bhargav
6. Ramki (KrisKross)
7. Padmanabhan
8. Sudarsan Balaji
9. P Suresh Babu


1. Koteswar Rao

1. Kurian (Skuldugger)
2. Raju
3. Karthikeyan
4. Devanathan (Arden)
5. Ram
6. VP (Lightning)
7. Abhay
8. Sandhya
9. Richard
10. Arvind
11. Dr Gayathri (In UK now)
12. Shuchi
13. Lakshmi
14. Prasanna Rao
15. Dr Satyen Nabar (Dr. X)
16. Ajeesh
17. Kishore (Incognito)
18. Rengaswamy
19. Dr Sreenivasan
20. PrasadVDS
21. Sreeram

Anybody who is interested to attend may indicate the same in the comments section or send me an email at


  1. Replies
    1. Does that mean you have decided not to come?

    2. Hi Col,
      Just back from Chennai after a 4 day vacation. So I think I will miss this :(

  2. Definitely count me in,Col.
    I was hoping it would be in Chennai.

  3. Would love to attend, but unable to make it on 20th Col.
    My mother's monthly ceremony falls on that day.

  4. I will not be able to attend. Sorry

  5. Unfortunately won't be able to attend as I am not in Chennai. Have a great time everyone.

  6. I will not be able to attend.

  7. I am sorry to say I will have to miss it - I am travelling on work from 14-24 January. Have a great time, folks!

  8. I'd love to be a part of this!
    - The Battosai

  9. I will have to miss this, I have an overlapping travel plan in that week. Have fun all of you! I look forward to seeing the photos and hearing the stories.

    1. Shuchi you have been missing for a long time on many fora. Would love to have you active in them. Especially CU.

    2. The reason is that you have made a huge difference to many solver's ability by CU. Looking forward to an active Shuchi in 2019

  10. I won't be able to attend even this time. Sorry sir. Have a nice time .

  11. Deepk sir. Thanks for the invitation. Due to Official duty I shall go to Ahmedabad. Sorry for not participating this time.

  12. I have been just invited to a 'surprise party' by my old friend's daughter to celebrate his 70th birthday. Luckily it is on the 19th so I don't have to miss that or this.
    On this occasion, may I thank my friends who made my 70th birthday truly memorable some years ago.
    I am grateful for your friendship and kindness.

  13. I am sorry I won't be able to attend. Have a great time, folks.

  14. The figure under Attending has remained static.

    1. It appears it will remain like that. This time besides the blog post I had sent out e-mails also.

  15. Sorry DG, I will not be able to make it this time as I will be travelling to Hyderabad for the get-to-get-her meet of IIT 1973 Chemical Engineering Batch mates. This 4-day event was planned nearly 4 months ago and looking forward to meeting some of our class mates after 45 years.

  16. Tomorrow’s. Neyartha grid appeared so daunting that I closed the I pad in frustration and returned after half an hour. Once I got going with the first word fill, all others fell like ninepins ! I could complete the whole grid in less than 20 minutes ! What is the magic, I can't surmise. An unusual grid with nice clues . Thanks Neyartha. My mouth is salivating for a Neiyyappam !

  17. I am completing a book of cryptic puzzles of 400+ grids at a feverish pace. The weather here is so cold that one is compelled to sit near a heating element and do whatever one can. Thank God I have this hobby as a life saver !

  18. I wish to attend. Is it ok if I may join around 1.30pm

    1. You are welcome to join. Can we have your full name please

  19. Replies
    1. Are you on WhatsApp? If so send me your number and I will add you to the WhatsApp group for tomorrow's meet

  20. Post by Bhargav on the Saturday blog


    Ton tonna ton.
    The bell ringeth.
    Yes, it is ten years since the THCC blog first appearence in early February 2009!

    PRAISE be unto Col. Deepak Gopinath for the blog through which many a solver has come to
    understand and appreciate the VARIED clues.

    The annotations have helped many new solvers to get that extra EDGE over other new and would-be solvers - those who have not seen the THCC blog.

    And those who have diligently followed the blog have reaped rich DIVIDENDS.

    Rain or shine our Colonel will SHOOT at 0830 hours sharp!! The blog will promptly be updated
    with the day's crossword with annotated solutions.

    Solvers who LAP UP the crosswords are increasing indeed.

    Our congratulations are due to the Colonel and the other bloggers Bhavan and Ramesh.

    And not forgetting the setters of the crosswords who are quite a few and whom many of you know / will come to know.


    Solvers and setters of the crosswords meet at regular interval and one such meet is due tomorrow (20.1.19) and the details can be found in the blog. Those who are interested to meet the setters and others are most welcome.