Tuesday, 8 January 2019

No 12518, Tuesday 08 Jan 2019, Gridman

1   Restricted one bit to be between 50 and 500 (7) LIMITED {L}{1}{MITE}{D}
5   Thus girl expresses hesitation for salt (6) SODIUM {SO}{DI}{UM}
9   Angry and impatient G-man's risen (3,2) FED UP {FED}{UP}
10 Study kind and top comeback of alliances (9) CONSORTIA {CON}{SORT}{A1<=}
11 Provided protection to little suckers in mini-vehicle (7) POLICED {PO{LICE}D}
12 The German's returned plate that's quite crimson (7) REDDISH {DER<=}{DISH}
13 Let header go east and stand (5) EASEL (-l)EASE(+l)L
14 Less sensitive, incomplete cover for Premier's residence (6,3) NUMBER TEN {NUMBER}{TENt}
16 Always environmentalist gets laurel for one (9) EVERGREEN {EVER}{GREEN}
19 Relish development of State (5) TASTE*
21 Winning eminence is out to be nasty (7) VICIOUS VICtorIOUS
23 Coils insidiously around oversize giants (7) COLOSSI {COL{OS}SI*}
24 From here to there to here getting drinks for Fall? (5,4) ROUND TRIP {ROUND}{TRIP}
25 Quiet individual was brilliant (5) SHONE {SH}{ONE}
26 Listen, enriched no female executive head (6) ATTEND fATTENeD
27 Gently going round to catch Hindu leader is protracted (7) LENGTHY {LENGT{Hi..u}Y*}

1   Drowning figures are fewer because of them (4,10) LIFE PRESERVERS [CD]
2   Mixes up central parts I left for you (7) MUDDLES M(-i+u)UDDLES
3   Current officer ousted by unknown representative (7) TYPICAL T(-o+y)YPICAL
4   Decline of French musical beat (9) DECADENCE {DE}{CADENCE}
5   I left old Spanish gentleman (5) SENOR SENiOR
6   Desperate one that is going after retreating Dickens character (2-2-3) DO-OR-DIE {DROOD<=}{IE}
7   Take off a French character in English novel (7) UNTWIST {UN}{TWIST}
8   Ob-gyn surgeon's fee stipulation? (4,2,8) CASH ON DELIVERY [CD]
15 Civic claim in UP squashed (9) MUNICIPAL*
17 Fence with edges frayed and reddish brown? Put a coat on! (7) ENCRUST {fENCe}{RUST}
18 Expression of surprise about partially standard dialect (7) GEORDIE {GE{ORDInary}E}
19 Reveals secrets about count and child (5,2) TELLS ON {TELL}{SON}
20 Discover American in ship abroad (4,3) SUSS OUT {S{US}S}{OUT}
22 Small bit of rail in toolhouse (5) SHRED {SH{Rail}ED}



  1. 5d was an excellent.......old = senior and remove "i"........and 2d is also same definition as 5d. but, with a little addition and subtraction........have a nice day

  2. I was stumped by (what I would call) a British paper like clue- Geordie and messed up SW corner.
    I have a doubt about 11A-
    POD from mini vehicle?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Personal rapid transit (PRT), also known as pod cars or pod taxis, is a public transport system developed for travelling swiftly in congested areas.

  3. Thank you so much Gridman. It was one of my good days at solving .

  4. Gridman rereading Dickens?

    1. What the Dickens!
      My weak points- Dickens & Shakespeare (esp. names of characters etc.) I have to refer every time. Recently bought a book of Shakespeare's quotes.

    2. Drood is not one of Dickens' well known characters. The Mystery of Edwin Drood was his last,incomplete novel.

  5. Premier of UK - 10 Downing Street. There is also a premier of India and someoone else in 10, Janpath who is NOT a premier. Gridman from the colonial era & hangover .?