Wednesday, 2 January 2019

No 12513, Wednesday 02 Jan 2019, Dr. X,

1   Southern head to call for strike (8) STOPPAGE {S}{TOP}{PAGE}
5   Jerk about to operate device (6) TACTIC {T{ACT}IC}
10 Trump’s latest drivel set off demonstration (7) PROTEST {t..mP}{ROT}{SET*}
11 Crow tackled by flightless bird around shade provided by trees (7) UMBRAGE {UM{BRAG}E<=}
12 Flings are ultimately disgraceful for married characters (5) LARKS [CD] (Addendum - (-m+l)LARKS - See comments)
13 Lights up harmful explosive in America (9) ILLUMINES {ILL}{U{MINE}S}
14 Walk slowly and wearily to stall (4,4,4) DRAG ONES FEET [DD]
18 Painkillers cured nastiest ache (12) ANAESTHETICS*
21 One in recreation room playing darts mostly! Boring guy (4,5) CARD TABLE {DARTs}* in {CABLE}
23 Endless innuendo destroyed marriage (5) UNION INNUendO*
24 Grand old lady activist holds sway (7) DOWAGER {DO{WAG}ER}
25 Swimmer going west to check reverse type of current (3,4) LEE TIDE {EEL<=} {EDIT<=}
26 Serious debates about Britain exiting (6) SEDATE DEbATES*
27 Braggarts caught in indecent sites (8) EGOTISTS {E{GOT}ISTS*}

1   Food and drink on ferry (6) SUPPLY {SUP}{PLY}
2   Very upset about sour smells (6) ODOURS {SO<=} over {DOUR}
3   Reporters tackling undeniable adversities (9) PRESSURES {PRES{SURE}S}
4   Being dismissed for what one might be doing on Thanksgiving Day? (7,3,4) GETTING THE BIRD [DD]
6   Release gangster and loafer (5) ALBUM {AL}{BUM}
7   One besieged by frightfully earnest pupils (8) TRAINEES {1} in {EARNEST}*
8   Scooter working after injection of a little engine oil (8) CREOSOTE {En...e} in {SCOOTER}*
9   Calling a halt to emptying the bath? (7,3,4) PULLING THE PLUG [DD]
15 Lush to imbibe endless feni heartily in party (9) SUCCULENT {SUCk}{CUL{fENi}T}
16 Rushes from scoundrel involved in affairs (8) CASCADES {CAS{CAD}ES}
17 Harassed husband roared angrily to stifle wife (8) HARROWED {H}{ARRO{W}ED*}
19 Restrains drunk son crossing motorway (6) LIMITS {LI{MI}T}{S}
20 Ridicules nationalist interrupting wise men (6) SNEERS {S{N}EERS}
22 Girl going in to beat up a little troublesome drunk (5) TIGHT {TI{G}H<=}{Tr...e}



  1. 12a characters:marks -m +l. IMU

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  3. 24A- Isn't the def. 'Reverse type of current'?

  4. The case of the harrowed Husband continues! Only one today.

  5. Did the puzzle in fits and starts.. One of those hectic days where I couldn't give solve in one go.. Enjoyed nevertheless the high quality of the puzzle with puns and DDs characteristic of Dr. X puzzles. Thanks a lot for the enjoyment.

  6. Was busy since 1st Jan morning till now. Just got back home.
    Thanks Doc for the set of crossies. They are tough for some time.

    Happy New Year to you all, friends!

  7. Thank you KKR and same to you.

    1. Doc: I get a friendly warmth and glow when I do your crosses in this sub-zero temperate here. The DDs and CDs are cute and delectable. What’s the nuanced difference between a DD and a CD ? Enjoyed the long phrases too. Who is a harassed husband ? Not a victim of ME Too ? Haha !

    2. Glad you enjoyed Raju...stay warm :)

  8. Crosses and temperature : correction