Wednesday, 9 January 2019

No 12519, Wednesday 09 Jan 2019, Gridman

1   US money in closed-up part of classical building (8) PEDIMENT {PE{DIME}NT}
5   One who is correspondingly familiar to another (3,3) PEN PAL [CD]
10 Calling bird and fish (7) TITLING {TIT}{LING}
11 Criticism of engineer’s trial print (7) REPROOF {RE}{PROOF}
12 Head for food? (6) NOODLE [DD]
13 Cast, abroad, act badly with old way of playing (8) STACCATO {CAST*}{ACT*}{O}
15 # drug (4) HASH [DD]
16 Hindi film actor without kickstart in bind needs persuasion (10) CAJOLEMENT {C{kAJOL}EMENT}
18 Shakespearean woman not right getting picture of shrub (10) POINSETTIA {POr{INSET}TIA}
20 Exercise by Left Front for money (4) PELF {PE}{LF}
23 Rewritten preface about a headland (4,4) CAPE FEAR {PREFACE}* over {A}
24 Beat article about origin of rabi she has left unfinished (6) THRESH {TH{Rabi}E}{SHe}
26 Poorly matched a Parisienne to question young boy (7) UNEQUAL {UNE}{QU}{AL}
27 Recalled a quote about animal in bizarre collection (7) EXOTICA {A}{CIT{OX}E}<=
28 Angry slater dismissed learner's last letter as 'not authentic' (6) ERSATZ {SlATER}*{Z}
29 There's a lot to be heard from the newspaper section (8) ?L?Y?I?T (Addendum - PLAYLIST [DD] - See comments)

1   Informed and given a role in film (3,2,3,7) PUT IN THE PICTURE [DD]
2   Obedient, vehemently shouted husband out for you (7) DUTEOUS S(-h+u)UOUTED*
 In essence, mother in Londonderry is disheartened (6) MAINLY {MA}{IN}{Lo...rY}
4   Knight drops knight close by (4) NIGH kNIGHt
6   Voted to replace Liberal with unknown power that's due to arrive (8) EXPECTED E(-l+x+p)XPECTED
7   Validate will in favour of graduate and retell heartily (7) PROBATE {PRO}{BA}{reTEll}
8   Missed in the legislative measure — not featured in part of play... (4,3,2,3,3) LEFT OUT OF THE ACT [DD]
9   Place to eat for artist in race with limited ration served (9) TRATTORIA {T{RA}T}{RATIOn*}
14 Fellow's ruling to you, friend; is adhering to truth (9) FACTUALLY {F}{ACT}{U}{ALLY}
17 You finally cut furs to pieces with the right to use another's property (8) USUFRUCT {yoU}{CUT+FURS}*
19 Wow one maiden with squeeze (7) IMPRESS {1}{M}{PRESS}
21 Learner exits timelier presentation of academic retirees (7) EMERITI TILElIER*
22 Being particular, poor lad leaves day school that's ill-managed (6) CHOOSY {daY+SCHOOl}*
25 Without beginning to die, stay healthy (4) WELL dWELL



  1. Replies
    1. +1
      However, not able to connect with the newspaper section!

    2. At present, we see movie listings.

    3. Being in Dec.- Jan., we get a list of music performances more than movies! Movies are also plays.

    4. I thought it was a charade play+list(a list of plays being staged in the various theatres)


  2. 29D..IT MIGHT BE ......LYRICIST

  3. Found this unusually tough for a Gridman puzzle. Difficult to work out Poinsettia, Usufruct, pediment, cajolment. But the two easy long ones helped. Thanks Gridman for the challenge.

  4. Usufruct- I was able to do this since I had learnt this term from my advocate father- usufructory mortgage is a more commonly used term.

  5. Yes, I agree with you on unusual toughness.

  6. +2 Vasant,
    I couldn't solve 18AC as I was not familiar with Shakespearean characters.

  7. Wrt a Comment by Raju yesterday on my clue for NUMBER TEN, I would like to inform him and others that sooon after Modi assumed office as Prime Minister, I had set a puzzle in which many grid entries had MODI as part of them. It was a very subtle thematic. May have been noticed by the readers here. However, I am afraid I can't trace the crossword as the letter string 'modi' returns a huge number of returns and I can't go through them all..

    1. CV Sir,
      Out of curiosity, I searched our blog for any crossword on Modi by you. Although, I did not find any on MODI, I noticed your grid on 26th May 2014 (No.11094) has several answers which contained NDA.
      Is this what in your mind?

  8. That has to be it. I don't remember any 'Modi'fied CW.

    1. I remember the Modified CW. It had a dozen or so clues with Modi in it.

    2. Read answers in place of clues

    3. A little search got me there
      It appeared on 17th May 2014, THC 11087.
      Instead of searching Modi I searched Modify.

  9. I saw the comments of Gridman on No ten. My intention was in levity. I am glad that it provoked such a lot of interest.

    Incidentally, it is Kajol, a Bengali version of kajal. Grid man has used the phonetic spelling as in cajole ? Cryptic license?

  10. In the next Gridman crossword for. tThursday, , there is this clue: He barely runs. I would like to see comments tomorrow from others.