Saturday, 12 January 2019

No 12522, Saturday 12 Jan 2019, Arden


1. He's in low twenties, mixing drink (3,4,7) WET ONES WHISTLE {HES+LOW+TWENTIES*}
10. Lament about electronic network (5) DIRGE {E}{GRID}<=
11. A hat to wear, reckon it's for a painter (9) CATAMOUNT {C{A}{TAM}OUNT} Panther or painter? See comments
12. Country rejects custom, it goes before deluge (7) BAHRAIN {HABit<=}{RAIN}
13. Our dean composed the last movement of the sonata (7) RONDEAU {OUR+DEAN*}
14. Cat's back, goes from bottom to topchase it away (5) EVICT {(+T)CIVE(-t)<=}
16. "Aquiline feature meant none of the fellows got up" said Spooner (5,4) ROMAN NOSE {(-n+R)O MAN (+N-r)OSE}
19. Placed all in cage, looking so sweet! (9) ANGELICAL {ALL+IN+CAGE*}
20. Rock back with no book on hand (5) ELBOW {WOBbLE<=}
22. Two of them run in, say on the field (7) PRAIRIE {P{R}AIR}{IE}
25. Instill road discipline, right at the beginning (4,3) YEAR DOT {YE{ROAD*}T}
27. Warning signal as marble arch blocks everything (5,4) ALARM BELL {AL{MARBLE*}L}
28. Few people called it a battlefield (5) SOMME{ ~SOME}
29. Insist on appropriate base to house a business (4,1,4,5) TAKE A FIRM STAND {TAKE} {A FIRM} {STAND}


2. I for one, left some electrical wiring out... (9) EARTHLING {EARTH{L}ING}
3. ...only big end (5) OMEGA {O}{MEGA}
4. Confidence trick may be kind of odd (9) ECCENTRIC {KIND+ECCENTRIC*} = CONFIDENCE TRICK
5. One of the elements Tellurium used in battle (5) WATER {WA{TE}R}
6. Men came in dressed up, showing inherence (9) IMMANENCE {MEN+CAME+IN*}
7. In fact corps declare armistice (5) TRUCE {TRU{C}E}
8. Fire up then make them hire (7) ENTHUSE {THEN*}{USE}
9. Reliable, remove empty container and it can be eaten (6) EDIBLE {crEDIBLE}
15. Lie in trauma battling rabbit fever... (9) TULAREMIA  {LIE+TRAUMA*} Thanks to Google
17. ... as tongue goes up and down (9) MALAYALAM <=>
18. Doctor starts using different sample in the country, he listens to complaints... (9) OMBUDSMAN {O{MB}{Using}{Different}{Sample}MAN}
19. ...since parking will stop, it's on the road (7) ASPHALT {AS}}P}{HALT}
21. Sally, she will fade (6) WITHER {WIT}{HER}
23. One's taken so by surprise (5) ABACK (CD)
24. Gummy stuff found in diesel emissions (5) ELEMI (T)
26. What you have in the tape? (5) ASSET Anno not clear (Addendum - cASSETte - See comments)

Reference List

Electronic=E, Book=B, Run=R
Left=L, Only=O, Tellurium=Te, Corps=C, Parking=P

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  1. 11a painter is a wild american cat.

  2. Sometimes I have thought of using this device of not giving the fodder in a 'hidden' or 'telescopic' clue straightaway but like this giving a synonym for it. But I am not sure if I allowed myself to do so and get it published in THC.
    Obviously, this is possible only where the whole word required is within the hidden fodder. In which case, the clue is only 'hidden' and not 'telescopic'.
    I think we can indeed use this device occasionally to give variety to the clue-types used.
    After all, for components in clues we give a def and expect the solver to derive the correct one from out of the mind.
    What do others think?

    1. I am lost. Realise I am ignorant. Can you give an exmaple of a clue that is telescopic but not hidden?

    2. Cassette->asset: hidden, but not T is in discussion. Not the other way.

    3. Learnt something new. I understand the distinction is as to whether it is part of a single word, or got by juxtaposition of many words/word parts.

    4. I think it does give variety. Solver has to first arrive at a synonym and then find the hidden word.
      I wonder when such indirect devices are used, why we frown upon indirect anagrams?

    5. True Indirect anno's are like a math problem of n equations with n+1 unknnowns. Sometimes practice and intuition might help but its very subjective. Like a 2-part where one part is already known but the second part is indirect anno. Otherwise we have to have the answer, from intuition or crossings.

  3. 19Dn The clue for ASPHALT is lovely.

  4. I enjoyed this! The clue for 4D: eccentric, however, seemed "unfair".

    1. This type of clue (composite or compound anagram) was characteristic of advanced Cryptic like the barred grid puzzles of Azed and Mephisto till a few years ago. But now it appears regularly in daily puzzles. Both Setters and Solvers have become "advanced".

    2. of as in off has been used before if i remember correctly