Thursday, 3 January 2019

No 12514, Thursday 03 Jan 2019, Afterdark

1   Misrepresenting guitarist as archer (11) SAGITTARIUS*
 Friend's role? Point mistake mostly (7) PARTNER {PART}{N}{ERr}
10 After start, airplane distributes confection (7) PRALINE aIRPLANE*
11 Hotel hosts an entertainer, a person coming after pilgrimage (5) HADJI {H}{A}{DJ}{1}
12 Clive is dancing, has a ball at India perhaps; in the beginnning, subjects’ suffering was muted (9) VOICELESS {V{O}ICEL*}{E}{Su...s}{Su...g} E/India perhaps?
13 Fast bowler looking back at review (5) RECAP <=
15 Drunk soldier in debts is inclined to dispute (9) LITIGIOUS {LIT}{I{GI}OUS}
18 Herb becomes the main issue in the middle of night (9) SEASONING {SEA}{SON}{IN}{niGht}
21 Incomplete protection for loose rock at cliff (5) SCREE SCREEn
22 Israelite, perhaps meets uncle on a train surprisingly (9) SAMARITAN {SAM}{A}{TRAIN*}
24 To begin with, .net programming's unfailingly essential to information technology and data (5) INPUT {Net}{Pr...g}{Un...y} in {IT}
26 Point taken, bandages reapplied for protection, maybe (7) SANDBAG BANDAGeS
27 Agreement to scrap NEET, accepting TN's grievance finally (7) ENTENTE {NEET+TN}*{g...cE}
28 Policeman's right; wields stick, using to restrain radical against malicious actions (5,6) DIRTY TRICKS {DI}{RT}{Y}{T{R}ICKS*} Y from?

1   South Africa takes lease, very quiet about spotting source of gemstones (9) SAPPHIRES {SA}{PP}{HIRE}{Sp...g}
2   Stabbed a pig's tail, only to get embarrassed (5) GORED {piG}{O}{RED}
3   Prisonbreak by 10, with Cash perhaps (6,3) TENNIS PRO {TEN}{PRISON}*
4   Debutante gets one run against opposition (7) ARRIVAL {A}{R}{RIVAL}
5   Mark to get out, permitting reallocation... (7) IMPRINT PeRMItTINg*
6   ...of equity to his harem partly (5) SHARE [T]
7   Sid's party's choice, overwhelming patronage at the end through an alternate way (4,4) SIDE DOOR {SID}{p...gE}{DO}{OR}
8   Rates of iron at concession, essentially (4) FEES {FE}{c..cESs..n}
14 Policeman, after starting stumbles in pit (4,4) COAL MINE pOLICEMAN*
16 Workman is good when right tool is procured at source and cut short blunder (3,6) GAS FITTER {G}{AS}{FIT}{Tool}{ERr}
17 Plants are small, having small leaves perhaps, soft inside and succulent primarily (9) SWEETPEAS {S}{WEE}{T{P}EA}{Su...t}
19 Say 10 in 10 mostly good, exceptions rare at the top (7) INTEGER {IN}{TEn}{G}{Ex...s}{Rare}
20 Man having dinner after eliminating princess with the use of firearms (7) GUNNERY {GU{diNNER}Y}
22 American aboard ship is known for social astuteness (4) SUSS {S{US}S}
23 Free to arrest sailor in violent... (5) RABID {R{AB}ID}
25 ...agitation in Japan, I complied (5) PANIC [T]