Monday, 9 May 2022

No 13551, Monday 09 May 2022, WrdPlougher

Solution to 15A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

The saga continues. Find the incorrect Nina

7   Second immature artist of Dorian, say? (5) MODAL {MO}{DALi} What is the role of Dorian? See comments
8   Basically, the forecaster finally puts on spectacles to examine this document (9) HOROSCOPE {tHe}{O{f...eR}O}{SCOPE} Basically or essentially?
10 In this case, a German woman’s in front (6) HEREIN {EIN}<=>{HER}
11 A game soldier plays, essentially in defence (8) APOLOGIA {A}{POLO}{GI}{plAys}
12 Defiling nun inside, leaving woman finally battered, disfigured (8) UGLIFIED {DEFILInG+nUn}* 
13 Skeletons excavated in old city state no longer in one piece (4) USSR {U{Sk...nS}R}
15 If you had this, Eminem wondered, you might capture it in America? (3,4) ?NS?O? {Addendum - ONE SHOT [CD] - See comments)
17 The orthodox follow these duties (7) CUSTOMS [CD]
20 Sketch model, capturing likeness, scoring oddly easy lines (4) SKIT {SIT} over {liKeness}
22 Discharged, initially careful about sickness, abandoning doctor for prayer (4,4) HAIL MARY  H{AIL}MARY Anno pending (Addendum - {cHARY} over {AILMent} -  See comments)
Hail, Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with you;
blessed are you among women,
and blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners
now and at the hour of our death.
25 Most inexperienced solver to begin grid at home (8) YOUNGEST {YOU}{N{Grid}EST} 'at home' as c/c indicator? See comments
26 Heaving, lug one, and relax (6) LOUNGE* 
27 Celebrating creamy layer, advancing 16.67% reservations, 50% jobs (9) REJOICING {ICING}<=}{REs...s}{JObs}
28 Mug made of primarily shiny metal containing last drop of wine (5) STEIN {Shiny}{T{winE}IN}

1   Engraving a number around a satellite at the launch — one might be moved by it (3,6) ION ENGINE Anno pending  (Addendum {N{ENG}INE}<=>{IO}
2   Ship, stocking canned feta, that’s supplying gun parts? (8) SAFETIES {S{FEAT*}{IE}S}
3   For hard-working student, raised yearly funding mainly to get admission (7) ?O?A?D? (Addendum - TOWARDS  {SWOT<=} over {yeARly}{funDing} - See comments)
4   Ululate “Oh no!,” spitting out brewed tea, lost in U.S tourist spot (8) HONOLULU {ULULate+OH+NO}*
5   Shoots movies with stars, say, briefly working for IFFI in the latter half (6) SCIONS {SCI(-fi+on)ONS}
6   Opening partner initially going in for break (5) SPLIT {S{Pa...r}LIT}
9   Play by Sophocles is gone after this critic... (4) ANTI ANTIgone
14 ... starts to boo rudely — obviously greatly liking it inside, I think — briefly making trouble (9) IMBROGLIO {Boo}{Ru...y}{Ob...y}{Gr...y}{Li...g}{It} in {IMO}
16 Unexpected cache uncovered for social welfare (8) OUTREACH  {OUTRE}{cACHe}
18 Oddly thin doctor riding tuk-tuk out of bounds, somewhere very far away? (8) TIMBUKTU {ThIn}{MB}{{tUKTUk}
19 Fish appendage’s injured (7) WHITING {W{HIT}ING}
21 Rather good book Indo-Fijian has penned (4,2) KIND OF [T]
23 Lied about being lazy (4) IDLE*
24 Contest rule book’s contents, taking both sides of debate (5) RODEO {R}{bO{De...tE}Ok}

Reference List
Second = MO, Spectacles = OO, A in German = EIN, Satellite = IO, Ship = SS, Rule = R


  1. Replies
    1. Explain how you get chary

    2. If so how c is deleted

    3. Discharged Initially Careful
      then CHARY = CAREFUL
      C is discharged, you get HARY
      Then sickness is AILMENT
      ENT = DOCTOR
      Abandon doctor, AILM
      Now you get the answer HAIL MARY OK

    4. Explain?? What does that mean.

    5. If you have the (proper) anno, you can post it freely. You don't have to call for an explanation from anyone.

  2. 1d eng:engravin. io moon. Nine. Io n:(eng)ine

    1. Pl give proper anno, how do you get IO, and the roll of moon in this context

    2. Pl give proper anno, how do you get IO, and the roll of moon in this context

    3. Io is a moon of Saturn.

    4. Sorry, Io is a moon of Jupiter not Saturn

    5. Ok that should have been indicated in anno

    6. moon in general will indicate moons of all planets, never specified.

  3. 3d swot<= ye(ar)ly fun(D)ing inside

  4. 7a def is "of Dorian, say" IMU. Dorian is a mode in music.

  5. Not much to do except look to the blog.

  6. 25A- probably Nest from home,which makes 'at' as containment indicator.

    1. Nope. It's stretch. "In" is used for "at home" as a phrase. Any other extension converts at to in, as paddy says.

  7. Started solving CW without any prejudice. Started getting right bottom corner of CW properly. Then tried to attempt others, but couldn't proceed further. Visited this blog. In my view, this CW given by Wrdplougher is much better than his earlier CWs, since atleast 50% of this CW seems to be OK. A good improvement.
    With regards,

  8. True, Sathia. Today's CW is much easier. I could get all except modal and Hail Mary. Some of them needed checking of options but by 9 a.m I ended my effort leaving modal and Hail Mary.

  9. @Col. For 15ac it should be ?N? S?O?
    There should be no E in the fourth place.
    The enu is only 3,4.

  10. Anyone other than Sree_Sree can try 15A.

  11. Is the Nina-
    Is this Easy enough for you HM? (can't make what HM at the end means?)
    Also, in place of I in this we have S (from Scions)
    Incorrect Nina,as per Col.

  12. One.Shot.From Eminem's song Lose yourself.

    1. That's it?
      What's the role of 'you might capture it in Anerica'?

    2. One shot is a British film, so Eminem might wonder "if you might capture(shot) in America!! "

    3. "one shot" is a NAM usage to mean "get/achieve it in one try"

    4. Whichever way you look at it it's 0oor clueing