Tuesday, 3 May 2022

No 13546, Tuesday 03 May 2022, Dr. X

Solution to 25A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Use sexier moves to enthrall college sweetheart (8) EXERCISE {EXER{C}IS*}{swEet}
5   Ignores urges to consume heroin finally (6) SPURNS {SPUR{h...iN}S}
10 Deception to get hold of complete genetic sequence (5) CODON {CO{DO}N}
11 Centre ordered — maintain distance, showing restraint (9) RETICENCE {RET{ICE}NCE*}
12 Force returns to investigate about trouble in European city (9) MARSEILLE {RAM<=}{SE{ILL}E}
13 Posh woman in retro joint is not married (5) UNWED {U}{DE{W}N<=}
14 Fixed grimace in onset of rabid seizure (6) RICTUS {Ra..d}{ICTUS}
15 Frank in South African province, going round ancient city (7) NATURAL{NAT{UR}AL}
18 Stories of stars acting out after consuming dope (7) LEGENDS {LEa{GEN}DS}
20 Somehow stayed sober (6) STEADY*
22 High-ranking Turk’s infatuation with America (5) PASHA {PASH}{A}
24 Bill steals fancy earring, gets indicted (9) ARRAIGNED {A{EARRING*}D}
25 Bomb went off outside court — ultimately shocked (9) A?T?U?D?D (Addendum - ASTOUNDED {A}{S{c..rT}OUNDED} - See comments)
26 Creep with cold sore on left side of lip (5) CRAWL {C}{RAW}{Lip}
27 Score with woman enthralled by wine at end of party (6) TWENTY {T{W}ENT}{p..tY}
28 Confined goon smuggling kit with ecstasy (8) CLOSETED {CLO{SET}{E}D}

1   Some green campaigners settle in tents (6) ENCAMP [T]
2   Authorising to stop endless revelry involving immorality (9) ENDORSING {END}{OR{SIN}Gy}
3   Get in and naughtily discuss about grown-up who’s willing to have sex (10,5) CONSENTING ADULT {CONS{GET+IN+AND}*ULT}
 Stumped by twists and turns (7) STROLLS {ST}{ROLLS}
6   Recover from shock and take care of shattered glass (4,2,3,6) PICK UP THE PIECES [DD]
7   Rejuvenate in serene woods (5) RENEW [T]
8   Scheming to trap mysterious revolutionary on island quickly (8) SPEEDILY {S{DEEP<=}{I}LY}
9   Newts swimming across river dispersed (6) STREWN {ST{R}EWN*}
16 Sacked revolting director, stark-naked in rave (9) REDUNDANT {D}{NUDE}<= in {RANT}
17 Jumbo plane he repaired on top of tarmac (8) ELEPHANT {PLANE+HE}*{Ta...c}
19 Taste of nougat in cool drink (6) SHANDY {SHA{No...t}DY}
20 Rustled up a pastry (7) STRUDEL*
21 Cutting power, rowed at sea (6) ADDLED pADDLED
23 Learn about bug’s short bristles (5) SETAE {SE{TAp}E} 

Reference List
College = C, Posh = U, Woman = W, Acting = A, America = A, Bill = AD, Cold = C, Wine = TENT, Ecstasy = E, Stumped = ST, Island = I, River = R, Director = D, Power = P


  1. Nice start to exercise with exercise. The long ones fell easy. A few words like rictus,pasha filled , relying on thoroughness of DOC.
    But the encamp felt not upto the usual doc standard. Word starting with camp for encamp was dead give away.
    All in all good wake-up exercise for a change.

  2. 8D- Took Scheming to be the def.and got into a muddle.
    Setae for bristles was totally new and wp did not help either.
    Marseille was a little offbeat but managed to get it with a little search.

  3. 25A astounded A atomic bomb outside court ultimatley t , went off : sounded

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Where did you get A from?!

    3. There is no A in the clue!!?

    4. Bomb is clue to atomic bomb aka A-bomb. So bomb:A. Went off:sounded. A sounded over t. (a)(s(t)ounded).

  4. Srtudel looks appetizing,Col.

  5. quite tough grid Doctor. 60% completed. will finish by 10 PM. have a nice day.

  6. Finished after an hour.
    Could not parse ASTOUNDED.
    Thanx Doc.

    1. Yes Anno for ASTOUNDED not clear yet

    2. Hi Sarathi. Bomb can be A, H. (Atomic bomb, Hydrogen bomb)